As I wait this morning for our house to get super busy I wanted to let you all know I am thinking of you all.

I love you all and love that so many of you men are actually very submissive to your wonderful wife’s. I have learned a lot from you all…

Treat your wife today as if your life depends on her having anAwesome time. Be sure to do more then ever as a Christmas gift to her, your everything.

I tried to find an image that depicts my relationship with my Awesome husband sub.


30 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Mistress Dorinda the info you provide is essential to both DOMS and subs. I share all of your info with my QUEEN who has climbed the mountain to becoming the QUEEN/BITCH she wants and I need her to be. Please continue to do what you are doing. A very Merry Christmas to you and your hubby/sub.

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  2. As always, you know the perfect message and picture. I hope you and your husband have a great Christmas and enjoy each other as you both so richly deserve!

    Candid recitations of mundane daily life would be equally interesting!

    Have a fine evening Dorinda!

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  3. That’s an image I plan to copy in about an hour, when she wakes up. My wife takes on more than she can handle during the holiday season, because she wants to please everyone. She thanked me yesterday for doing all the housework and taking care of her.

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  4. Dorinda,
    I’ve been terrible at commenting, though I have checked in at your blog. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I wanted to mention that the sentiment you expressed was so nice. I treated Ma’am extra special all day. When we exchanged gifts she really loved my mine and she gave me some awesome ones. We enjoyed family and friends but will be away starting this afternoon for a week in the mountains. I have some awesome dinners and events planned for Ma’am. She nicely warned me that “we’re going to end the old year and start the new year like a proper D/s couple should”, and I hope your holiday season is as nice.

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      1. Dorinda,
        Happy New Year to you and your family.

        Yes, I’ve been submitting and serving and have no regrets. Here we are in our 50s and our marriage is alive and vibrant. The closest I can say it was to the way it is now is when we were first married. Honeymoon periods end though. While no relationship is 100 percent perfect, it’s amazing how good things are and how happy we are. And, I say that while being an occasional wearer of a metal chastity cage (which came off for this whole week), and by being groomed with a bald head regularly shaved because Ma’am prefers it. It’s a little visual reminder to me of who’s in charge and I don’t mind.

        I hope you continue to blog in 2020 and beyond.


  5. Although we have been somewhat “playing” at a femdom relationship, my craving for it to be the permanent basis of our marriage has been building for me.
    My loving wife gave me the greatest Christmas gift when she acknowledged my submission and sexual slavery to her. She had me take a viagra in the morning so that she could keep me hard through endless teasing and torment. I did greatly enjoy giving her the pleasure shown in your photo.
    We have an old cistern under our kitchen, accessed by a trap door in the floor. We have joked for years about it being a dungeon. For a Christmas gift she took me to the dungeon naked, tied my hands up overhead, paddled my ass and left me there to ponder my submission to her as she went back up to the kitchen and peeled potatoes.
    Later on she instructed me to water the Christmas tree, then while I was lying on the floor she told me to roll on to my back. She then gave me delightful torment by stepping on my cock and balls.
    Of course I was at her beck and call all day as we prepared the house for holiday guests.
    I bought her a new laptop for Christmas and hope to introduce her to your wonderful blog.

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    1. It sounds like progress is happening for you! May 2020 be the year she takes the leap! And may you enjoy her dominance!
      To you Dorinda I wish the best. You are one of my favourite bloggers because you are a dominant female. I often find your posts arousing—and despite his cage, Angus does try to erect! lol


    2. Hi MrBill:
Happy Holidays my friend.
Well, it sounds wonderful that you have finally come out of the closet with your perfect Wife.
Be careful what you wish for, if She gets into my blog the tables may turn for you.
Lol, that sounds like a good thing

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  6. Hi Dorinda.I used to constantly read ur posts Nd that inspires me to follow ur lifestyle.being a submissive male I proposed my wife to my dom.initially she was bit hesitant but now she has accepted it.and on our 4th anniversary last week we hv formally converted our relationship to female led by doing a proper ceremony.Thanks and god bless.

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  7. Dorinda,
    Happy Holidays.
    I’ve been poor at commenting and was going to comment on your earlier post. I hope you will continue your blog. So much on the Internet about wife led marriage and relationships is so extreme and some even seems cruel. My wife and I could have used your site as a good resource for information if we knew about it a little over six years ago, when we began to discuss a fundamental shift in our marriage to my wife being in charge. We are both off until the new year and my wife says she will be reinforcing our D/s while we are together up in the mountains. Yikes! We had an awesome holiday and hope you did too. I hope you continue to share.

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  8. Dorinda you’re an inspiration! I’ve been reading your blog for ages now and I admire the way you and your husband live. You bring hope and inspiration to many and you need applauding for that. Submissiveness takes time to learn but your website is like a Haynes manual of how to be submissive perfectly! You and many women out there deserve all the benefits of an flr relationship. Love your pics by the way, you’re a beautiful precious woman and I’m glad your hubby sees it that way.

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    1. Hi Green:
      Wow, this really makes me feel great, thank you for the comments.
      About my pics, It seems the only other blogger that posts pics is Michael, I think it is an important part of the post. I do need to take some new pictures most of mine have been published at least once. My girlfriends do not want any pictures posted unless they have been completely sanitized with no visual que as to clothing or anything that can identify them. I am working on that.
      Anyway showing the service is important to me.


      1. And I’m great full for your beautiful and informative blog. You’re a very beautiful lady and your hubby is very lucky to have you (but you already know that🤣) Just one question. Don’t you ever worry that you maybe turning other guys on? You’re a submissive mans dream and your no holds barred content may send some guys through the roof! Imagine a guy like me who doesn’t have a dominant wife but wants one, then reads your post just to see what it’s like on the other side of the fence! You’re influence is very infectious (in a nice way) and I admire the way you guys live your lives. Happy new year to you both and your loyal fans. There may be a hole in the blogging scene without you around 🙂

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    1. Hi DR:
      Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog.
      Beth is doing well. She works and lives on the coast and comes out to our place every week of two for Her pedicure and just plain visit the family. She still enjoys and seems to want to feed him Her pee when she is over so I allow it. My husband can do a pedicure just as good or better than a woman at a shop. He even has a lamp to harden and dry the polish.


  9. Hi Dorinda. I am late to this blog entry because I now come to your blog only sporadically (and I understand why your posts became so rare). I value your blog, it has been an ispiration for me and for the growing FLR I am in. I wish you and your hubby a happy and prosperous New Year.
    Best, Tom


  10. Dear Dorinda,
    First, thank you again for your excellent blog and commentary. It, and you, are truly one of a kind.

    I thought I would give some more detailed ideas of what I woukd fine interesting. This is NOT meant as some kind of demand list or even a preference, but so many say that we would appreciate whatever you write and leave it to you to guess what that might be. Also, you seem to think that we would find what you write boring if it is not laced with pictures and sexual content. Of course we all appreciate that content, but we would also enjoy just your musings on domestic life and your day to day. I don’t really know how to describe this, but any real peek into your life is interesting on its own merits.

    So what I specifically mean by this are some following ideas:

    -any and all pictures of your feet. With or without shoes.
    -any pictures of you (no face) in any clothes or pjs
    -same for hubby
    -domestic chore pictures. Yes. Vacuuming or cleaning etc, by hubby

    Obviously care must be taken to not reveal any personal details/location. But all of this and little daily updates would, be great! You can think of it as a daily diary….we don’t care, it is all a great and interesting insight for us.

    I don’t think I am alone in this….

    Have a great week!
    Tom Bow

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  11. Just wanted to tell you that your blog is the best blog ever, it changed my life, I’m grateful to you, more than what you could ever imagine!


  12. Dorinda, Happy new year.
    You have tons of fans
    I am appealing for you to continue, like everyone else.
    And a big thank you for the new updates


  13. Hi Dorinda,

    I’m happily in a long term WLM. I love reading your blog and look forward to new posts.




  14. As we close out January, I want to wish you a great remainder of 2020. This goes especially so for Dorinda and her husband, but also for all of her fans in our small community. I think we must allow Dorinda a return to her life of local guidance.

    Thank you again Dorinda for a wonderful education.
    Tom Bow

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