Here are a series of photos from my husband kissing my feet. I hope you enjoy them.

Serving me with his tongue is only a power play, I do not get any sexual pleasures having him at my feet, I get a mental power rush seeing his attention to detail with his sucking and kissing my feet, he is ether on his knees or laying Benito my feet..


11 thoughts on “My husband at my feet

  1. Dorinda

    Thanks, as always for your post. It helps clarify my own feelings.

    I had a freind over today whom I serve sometimes. Today, as most times, it was mainly oral service, a couple of hours of my putting my head between her legs and pleasing her. Mostly licking her, but periods of worshipping her thighs, body, etc. before going “down” again.

    I have worshipped her feet before and would gladly do so again. You’re right in that it is not strictly sexual but is part of the power dynamic. I don’t blame you for feeling powerful watching him perform this act. My friend gets a charge of seeing my face between her legs — even before the sexual charge.

    Does your sister like attention to her feet? 😉

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    1. Merry Xmass!

      I love this post , and i just want to share with everybody one experience that i had with my Wife. A couple of days ago just before xmass eve, we came home around 15 00 and our child was just taking the afternoon nap, so our nanny left. My Wife went to our living room still dressed from our choires and told me to get her a book , it was the biography of michelle obama and prepare the usual tea and coffe . After i had prepared both i broght them to her and then sat on the couch next to her(she was lying on her back , i was sitting up straight, so her feet were near my crouch), while reading she started massaging my thigh with her feet , so i asked her if she needs some massages, and of course she said yes so i started rubbing her feet , and then of course i started to get aroused as the idea creeped in that it would be hot to leak her feet etc, and after about 10 minutes of rubbing her feet , i asked her if she would like for me to kiss her feet whilst being naked and on my knees and if i could masturbate and cum on her feet. She said yeah do that. So i than proceed to get naked , i was already fully erect and ready to explode , so now i am on my knees naked with my Wifes left foot deep in my mouth and with her righ foot right at my crouch , i came like in 5 minutes al over her right foot , i was thinking to leak all the mess up from her feet after cumming , but after i came i just did want to …it is like after i come i find it hard to do it. Anyway she said it is ok to just wipe her feet and i did that. How can i clean her up after i had cummed ?

      Thank you for reading

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      1. Hi Mario:
        Thank you for your reply.
        My husband has cum on my feet many times before, I let him just so he can have a controlled release if I am not interested in an orgasm or two my self.
        He does however lick and suck up his semen from my feet and toes. You ask how do you do this, I believe when a sub can prove his desire to submit, he will be on his way to really serving his Dom. It took me a while to train my husband to consume his spunk. He cleans up for me all the time now. I can sense and feel his desire to please me.


  2. Dear Dorinda,
    I came back to enjoy these pictures and concepts again. You have such a perfect understanding of male obedience. So few women are able or willing to exercise their innate power….a real mystery there.
    Thank you again.


  3. Dorinda. You mentioned something that I do not think is true.
    You think that men lose interest in FLR as soon as their desire is satisfied.
    I know my self and many your readers will agree with me.
    I will continue to eagerly await your next blogs.


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