The basics.

If you are like my husband your woman’s feet probably give you an erection. To this day if I look down at my feet while talking to him he will get down on his knees and worship them by kissing and sucking on them.

I have wondered many times why he is so excited with them? All I know is that he is very excited with mine and my friends so I keep them in his daily life to keep him excited. I really enjoy how the more excited he is the meeker and more openly loving he stays towards me and them for that matter. This is the zone I like keeping him in.

For the Women that is considering this life style it takes a while to accept how much power you have over him with your feet. You should embrace it, its not that hard to have him spend a few minutes or hours just being down with his face around your feet, it is his place for submission.

It helps both of us to remember our roles in our relationship.

My husband has many female feet to deal with, as you know I have him do my sisters and a few of my friends feet to, our nails and keeping them clean and soft with lotion and massages.

What do you think about foot worship, do you do it for your wife? Does it get you horny?


My foot he sucks and kisses
Suck them good!
Would you worship mine?

23 thoughts on “Some basic submissive routines

    1. Hi Michael:
      Thank you for reading and commenting. I am very lucky it is so easy to keep my husbands mind occupied with female anatomy.
      A big part of our relationship now days is for him to just be horny, an aggravation a bit for him but I enjoy the power my feet have over him. Also it would not be any fun if my girl friends feet did not keep him frustrated as well.

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  1. I love my wife’s beautiful size 11 feet. On my face, in my mouth, rubbing and masturbating her cock. If we are having sex and she puts them in my face – I have to stop myself from cumming almost immediately. Most mornings while we are still in bed she has me worship her feet while I edge myself. She simply instructs me to “give me 7” or however many and I put my head at her feet and begin. She is usually on her phone or just doing nothing ignoring me which puts me in my place even more. One foot is in my mouth and the other is pressing hard into her balls/cock. Once I get close and stop I usually leak precum all over her foot on my cock. Then she switches them and I lick it clean of my mess. This repeats until I reach the number. I’m rarely allowed to have an actual orgasm this way.
    I have a shoe fetish also and am responsible for keeping all her shoes spotless. Even cleaning the soles and getting every piece of dirt out which I like because she’ll have me lick them clean if I don’t. My favorite is a pair of boots and sometimes she’ll just have me worship them alone while she is out or in front of her while she watches. With one in my mouth and cumming on the sole of the other before licking it clean. I seem to cum a whole lot more when feet or shoes are involved so there is usually a huge mess to swallow. Small price to pay though.

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    1. Hi Jmad:
      Thank you for commenting. You are a man after my own heart. I cannot tell how many times my husband has cum on my feet for him to clean up.
      My favorite way I feed him semen though is to be on top letting the blobs drip down into his mouth.

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  2. Hi, I have to say I love (and envy a bit) your lifestyle. My wife and I have played some kinky in bed but never managed to get a full D/s relationship. For some time I was responsible for her pedicure, shaving and bath, plus most of the house chores. We even agreed upon some sort of slave contract. However, she doesn’t enjoy spanking and the whole roleplay, then we are now in a ‘foot care only’ status. Whenever our working hours allow, I may take her shoes off, kiss and give her a nice foot massage after serving some wine, but nothing involving kinky or orders, just as flows. I’m also always eager to please her orally, which apparently she enjoys a lot…and of course I’m proud of my ‘skills’.
    Regarding your feet, of course I’d worship them. If allowed by my wife and you.
    All the best and please keep posting!!!

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  3. Hi Dorinda — love your blog.

    I am totally not a foot guy in that feet don’t get me particularly aroused. Yet I love kissing my goddess’ feet and sucking Her toes. It’s all about the subservience for me. If you’re kissing someone’s feet (or licking their ass or drinking their piss) it’s a constant and delicious reminder of the power dynamic. At least for me. I also find it very intimate and love lying together on the couch with her feet in my face looking “down” on me sucking her toes.

    But that’s just how I view it.

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  4. I have done foot worship and other service. I enjoy giving a foot massage though that is often just sensual if it is not paired with dominance. Some women are naturally “in charge” and you can be with her one day and not feel it and another day feel it radiating off of her. It’s what is in her mind and mood.

    When I am kneeling and she is feeling “that way” I can feel it, and it triggers my submissive side. It’s like a feedback loop, as I tend to her, she feels powerful looking down on me, and I accept the dynamic and sink deeper into it.

    If that dynamic is happening, I can certainly get an erection, just from being down there. But feet don’t turn me on as a rule, not by themselves. It has to be part of a power exchange.

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  5. Would I worship your feet? Is that even a question? Lol. I’d be on them th moment you allowed it!

    Yes, I find foot worship VERY important and arousing. It seems a natural form of submission. What could more easily signify a serving and submissive position than being at your owner’s feet and licking them clean? Nothing I think! The perfect place to be!

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  6. Oh Dorinda, everything You said about your hubby is true for me.

    Foot fetish is my oldest kink, it goes back to my early teenage years when I secretly sniffed snickers of a couple of Girls I was infatuated with. I simply adore Female feet. Whenever I am attracted to a Woman, I wish I could worship, kiss, smell, pamper Her feet. Just observing a pair of beautiful and shapely naked feet of a random Woman and fantasizing about them can cause erection and precum in me. Summer time is veeeery tough for me 😂. Of course I control my urges, but my Wife knows everything about my fetish and embraces it. She caters to it when She thinks I deserve it, even in public if it is not obvious.

    I worship and take care of my Wife’s feet daily. Not allowing me to do it is very common micro punishment for me when She’s angry. One of my favorite activities is to have my Wife sit down at the end of the day and just relax while I take down Her shoes and first indulge all my senses in Her feet. To me Her feet cannot stink, no matter how sweaty, the scent of Her feet always turns me on (as would the scent of any Woman that I find attractive, this is not exclusive to my Wife). And then I give Her a nice, long foot massage. Worshipping my Wife’s feet is an act of sex for me. I used to cum beteeen or on Her feet, but since my orgasms are now severely limited, it hasn’t happened recently.
    I regularly wash and pedicure my Wife’s feet (I would gladly also do this for some of Her girlfriends, but She’s too shy to ask them), I do Her toenails, shave Her legs, handwash Her pantyhose and other nylons everyday, buy them and shoes for Her and clean Her shoes and boots. I don’t have a shoe fetish, but the smell of the inside of some of Her shoes can turn me on instantly. All these acts are erotic and cause arousal with erections coming and going.

    Your feet Dorinda? They are lovely, of course I would worship them, if given your and my Wife’s permission. I totally understand your man’s reactions, in this we are equally lucky.


    1. Dear Dorinda:
      Please don’t stop posting. You are actually building a community of people interested in giving women the place they deserve in this world: goddesses.
      I mean it women are so beautiful and deserve to be worshipped. And we can help by giving you ideas or tell you our stories. I did. And will continue. Write about how to worship asses. Feet. Armpits. Legs. Shoes. Heels. Everything in you and in my girlfriend is so worshippable.

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  7. My girlfriend was the one who wanted and initiated the dom/sub dynamic in our relationship. We had a typical relationship and I was really not feeling it, but she deep down is a very dominant woman and has always viewed men in a somewhat demeaning manner. She eventually started slowly withholding intimacy. This bothered me alot and she knew it. Then she started coming up with basic choirs for me to do, with the promise of sex once completed (laundry, dishes, etc) I didn’t think much about this, but then I noticed she would start checking on me while doing these choirs, making comments, taunting me, etc. She had an excitement that seemed a bit new. It made me uncomfortable but I wanted to make her excited and happy, and I desperately wanted to be intimate with her. She knew this as well and took full advantage of it. When I would complete the list of choirs, she would then add something else to it, keeping me wanting more and making even more effort to please her. Before I knew what was taking place, she had pulled me in and had me right where she wanted. She made it unpredictable when I would be rewarded with intimacy, and when I was finally rewarded it was definitely around me performing and pleasuring her. I started figuring out this was all an effort to strip me down and build me back up as the submissive partner she wanted. It worked. It was incredibly effective. We have now been in this type of relationship for a little over a year. It’s scary at times, but I’ve been conditioned to strive for her satisfaction, her acceptance.

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      1. Hi Dorinda, it’s hard to articulate because at times it’s still very difficult but in the same breath, very rewarding. We are definitely more intimate now, MUCH more. It’s very much driven and controlled by her but it’s very nurturing and rewarding to know that I’m pleasing her and making her happy.

        She has also made this where she can see other people if she wants to. This is still very difficult for me. She knows this as well and will give me choirs and assignments around this that she knows I’m very uncomfortable with, but willing to do for her/us (i.e., go buy him a gift, go buy her a sexy outfit, clean home before he comes over, etc). She is always very good at recognizing when I seem to be at a breaking point, or low point, and nurturing me to make sure I still understand how much she cares and loves me.

        Thank you

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  8. Thank you, Dorinda for this forum and your love provoking, sexually charged experiences in this blog. of course, I would worship your feet anytime. You are a true Goddess. But I tell you have to have permission from my beloved girlfriend – unlikely.
    I can see from different comments that the aspect that makes foot service more sexy to many men is really that the command to worship comes from the lady in the relationship, with complete sternness and a strong touch of superiority and confidence. I saw that a couple of male commentators seemed disappointed when they had to ask to worship and pamper the ladies’ feet. That has been my experience too. I almost want to communicate in the strongest possible way to my girlfriend that to order me to kneel on the ground and kiss her gorgeous feet, would make my day, or month since we do not see each other often.. she did not seem interested at all when I mentioned it first. I had to remind her several times that I kissed her feet last time. After a while, she started to ask me what would I like her to do or wear on the phone before we met, since we are long distance and only meet infrequently, So I ask her to do a pedicure, to wear an anklet, and/or to use pink or velvet colors on her sexy toes, and her sexy soft hands too. She says her daughter would do her toes and I wish that I be the one to do that please, God… She says and thinks her foot is ugly, which is the total opposite of what I think. I dream of waking her up by planting soft kisses on her toes – and that she is feeling my hot breath next to her feet.I think about how her feet smells so sweet, her toes so cute and the veins of her foot so sexy. The fact that such a somewhat larger BBW body has such cute little ankle and tiny small size feet with gorgeous long colored toes is such a turn on. She is most attractive when she wears sandals with her toes begging to be cleaned up using my drooling mouth. I am almost certain that she does not enjoy me kissing and servicing her as much as i do physically, but that she would have me do it to feel attractive and desired and in control. I tell her that the sexiest part of her body is her lips and her feet, absolutely. Am I crazy? does anyone feel the same way. How can I persuade her that her command to me to take off the sandals or socks off, clean her feet, worship them, pamper them is the greatest pleasure for me while in the same time keeping her knowing that her satisfaction is my first and utmost priority? any advice?

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  9. Hello Dorinda, it has been a while since I posted anything but seeing as you are talking about feet I had to put a toe in the water.
    My boy loves my feet, always has, and since he is denied penetrative sex and is in chastity any stimulation of his rather small member is mush appreciated and sought after. So the boy just loves a foot job. I have size 10 feet so a long stroke of the little member is possible.
    When it happens, and it doesn’t happen often. After much personal service I may say to the boy “you have been very good, would you like to love my feet?” The boy goes nuts. I release the tube and the boy lays at my feet. just the touch of my feet on his tiny symbol of his supposed to be manhood. The boy will howl at the moon for my feet. he of course will be obligated to lick them clean.

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    1. Hi Janyne. I would be willing to bet that most if not all subs are crazy about their Female partner’s feet. Both the penetrative sex and the footjob are rare and special treats for me, but I spend time with my Wife’s feet daily (unless I am being punished by withdrawal of all sexual contacts) and enjoy it immensely.


  10. It’s very interesting how a womans foot is so symbolic of power, control, beauty, authority, etc. As I find myself settling deeper and deeper into my role, I am now starting to realize how certain things growing up as a kid have helped form who I am today. As a child, when a boy sees a woman, or a mother figure, with beautifully polished nails or some sexy high heel shoes and this same woman is punishing him for bad behavior, bad grades, getting in trouble, etc it really plants the seed at a young age for this dominant/sub dynamic. I think that’s where I also developed such a strong desire to please as well. I never wanted to let my mother down, and always sought her approval to make her happy and proud. Now, my girlfriend is reaping the rewards from that and continuing my development. Quite interesting how that has manifested it’s way into my current life as a submissive male.

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    1. Hi Obedientboy. I have no recollection of experiences you are describing. My mother was a kind and loving Woman, not a strict disciplinarian at all. But I was not causing serious problems either and my parents were fairly permissive in my upbringing. I guess everybody is different. I do remember my desire to please girls from my very early age and my fetish for sexy girls’ feet started in my early puberty.

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  11. Dear Dorinda:
    Please don’t stop posting. You are actually building a community of people interested in giving women the place they deserve in this world: goddesses.
    I mean it women are so beautiful and deserve to be worshipped. And we can help by giving you ideas or tell you our stories. I did. And will continue. Write about how to worship asses. Feet. Armpits. Legs. Shoes. Heels. Everything in you and in my girlfriend is so worshippable.


  12. OMG YES Ma’am, I have had a love of feet and toes and heels for so many years! I was JUST thinking today about the sound of heels on a hard surface and the immediate effects it has on me.

    I have always offered to rub and massage feet, and happily do so when asked/required/instructed.


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