An update on my sister Beth.

BTW, I know many of you remember my sister because 30% of my emails are from men wondering if she is looking for a slave. On that note she has been looking for a year or more but has not found one yet, She is looking for a slave/husband type. She has found many men who say they want to be but for one reason or another, generally having a good paying job and are a normal man in all other respects has not been able to find him. We concluded that I am very lucky to have my man/sub. She, just like me are attracted to macho type men, but these men must submit completely and faithfully to us.

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that my sister Beth has been begging me to allow my husband to perform oral sex on her. She has always figured since I allow her to pee in his mouth and drink it that I would allow her the use of his tongue. I never allowed it to happen but last week I had heard enough from her about it.

I thought long and hard about it and how it would have to be. I talked it over with my husband several times and we came up with a plan that would be acceptable for all three of us.

Well, four of us..

I have nothing against bondage but do not normally use it for my day to day life, my husband responds on demand so we never have really practiced it. I decided though that if Beth really wanted some oral service that she would have to be tied up and have her eyes covered as well. This was my way of still controlling my husband and keeping her a little in check while she enjoys a few orgasms. She agreed to my demand.

My thoughts were to keep her arms and hands away from my husband and she would not be able to see him. The hard part was finding something to tie her to that would be comfortable for her, and keep her womanhood fully open and exposed and tilted up for easy access to her clitoris and both holes and a place for my husband to be where he could satisfy her for a long period of time. This was actually quite a challenge. I asked my husband to come up with something. He came up with a way to use one of our chairs with her partially reclined and tied into place. The chair is wood . In order for her to be secured he had to use many pieces of rope but it did keep her in place. He put two towels down for her to sit on because I knew she would be very wet after we we’re through. She was positioned with her ass hanging over a small amount from the chair seat, He had her open her legs and bend her knees so she was pretty well open and exposed. He used some soft rope fo this, so now she was ready for the blind fold.

We were talking and laughing about the whole situation, she was ready for the blind fold. On It went and some headphones to listen to some music so she could not hear what we were saying. She had been over for a few hours by now and had not been able to relieve herself in my husband yet so the first thing I had him do was lick her clitoris for a few minutes very softly, just flicking the tip. As soon as she started to moan I had him stop and move his mouth down to suck on her pee hole, I turned off the iPod and told her its time to pee, she loved pushing every ounce down his throat as she relived her self.

My only command to my husband was that he had to stay at her clitoris, he could suck, lick, bite, whatever, but no other place could he use his mouth and tongue.

I left the music off and let her command what she liked him to do to her.

This was probably one of the best day of her recent life. After he and her had it right I turned the music back up again.

I need to shift gears a little bit now, I hope you remember my post on the pee party we had a while back for my girlfriends? One of my dear friends that had participated has been wanting to thank me with an orgasm or two, she is married but has wanted to taste my pussy ever since the party. I have not taken her up on it but told her if she was serious my sister may be available to practice on.

I called her that afternoon and she came over. I invited her in and showed her Beth taped and tied to the chair. I asked her if she was still serious and she said heck yes, very much ready.

I had my husband get away from Beth and just waited for a few minutes.

My friend did not even take her shoes off, she dropped down between Beths legs and took full advantage of her wide open parts. This woman’s tongue and face was much different to Beth. This one was all over inside and out of both holes, licking and sucking her hairy lips, she was smelling and kissing Beth’s womanhood from top to bottom, I handed my friend a 8 inch flesh like dildo which she put to work right away. I thought Beth would have had enough by then but she kept saying faster, harder until her last explosion. I have no idea how long or how many orgasms she had but after her last one she needed to have her legs untied to stretch her legs.

My friend left and I took off Beth’s headphones and blindfold. She was a bit delirious and tired it looked like. My husband removed the tape and she stretched then reclined back the chair and just laid there for a while.

She stayed the night over, he made us a wonderful dinner, we had a few bottles of wine and a great dessert. My husband also had the pee duty the rest of the day and evening for both of us. But now Beth can use his mouth without a funnel.

I actually thought that would have been enough for Beth, especially after my neighbor sucked and fucked her, but She has already texted many times when is our next session. My neighbor told me she now owes me even more, she wants to find out if sisters taste and smell the same.

Beth and I have been talking about seeing if she is interested in a piss tasting contest with both of us? That way she could taste us both and see which she likes better.

My husband told me we are near the same but her clitoris is much longer then mine, he said probably twice as long, the exposed part anyway.

You may be wondering what I get out of using my husband in this way? My husband gets nothing but the smell and taste of pussy when I allow him to be shared with another woman. He knows he is being used by a woman for sex, for her to achieve orgasm or to relieve her bladder. This is very humbling to a man, he achieves an erection to the point of dripping but nothing more. I believe this is the best part of Femdom, the woman has all the power and control, to shame him with only serving her wants and desires. One of my favorite things to prove to my husband, to remind him he is my humble servant.

Beth was confined something like this!


19 thoughts on “An Update on my sister

  1. Dorinda you and your sisters use of your husband is so freaking hot that I can hardly stand it. If I was 20 years younger your sister would have her life partner.

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  2. Dear Dorinda: By far you do the most beautiful writing on female power I have ever seen. As a man, I enjoyed every sentence in this article. Your sister is learning her power quickly. I wish her well in her search. I agree that women do not know the power of their vagina. Taste, smell, softness, creaminess, little pubes.. They are all glorious, mystical, mysterious, beautiful, intriguing and almost sacred to many of us, men, all captured by the keyword here: worship. The man is to worship without much of choice. But he enjoys it a lot.
    Today I was reading an article about the power of heels. So many tools of female power. It is amazing how women have all this power but they are not aware of it, you are one of the few who harness that power and teach other women and men how to enjoy it and get overwhelmed by the pleasure of being so intimate with it.

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  3. Dear Dorinda,
    Yes, what an exciting story this is! I would love to be used in this way. I can only imagine having my wife’s sister in this position.
    I wish that my wife would share with others the joy that we have discovered in female dominance.
    My wife is very private with her sexuality and would never tell anyone else, let alone share me like this. I have told her numerous times that I would be very happy to be her humble servant, to be used for her pleasure and my torment. Who knows what may be happening in five years? I never would have thought ten years ago that we would be doing the things we are now.
    I love that photo too, as I am a great fan of breast bondage.


  4. I stopped checking this blog due to, sadly, zero trafic and when I drop by again , what do I see? This bomb/gem of a post!

    Dorinda, You are incredible, kudos to you for your courage and adventurous mind. Honestly, I didn’t expect you to make this step. But you did it and with style. Your hubby is a truly lucky man and your sis a VEEERY lucky woman.

    Needless to say that reading this post aroused me. My Wife will sadly never share my oral or other services with Her close girlfriends (I mean the two who are single) but this is of course Her prerogative and I am not complaining.

    I need to make this comment: you say that being used for sex and pee drinking and getting only a dripping erection in return is humbling for the sub man. ONLY? I am willing to bet that he was in heaven! I know I would be! To smell, taste, drink another Woman with his Wife’s approval and to even be allowed to make Her cum?! What more could a sub hubby wish for? I think he should thank you many times for this privillige.

    Now, don’t get me started on my thoughts on your naughty friend and what the three of you are up to… So lovely, so hot… 😂

    Dorinda, please don’t stop posting. You have been missed. 😘

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  5. What a glorious development! I will need to read this several more times. It is one of my favorite posts of all time, and not just on your blog! This is a perfect illustration of the preprogrammed use of power of the Feminine. You are the sun around which all four of you rotate….I absolutely marvel at your approach and your discipline. Perfect Dorinda, just perfect!


  6. Dear Dorinda,
    What an erotic post! Just amazing ! I wish your sister all the luck in the world, as she searches for that perfect man. Someone just like your husband.

    All the best !

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  7. I’m single and actively looking to be a slave for a dominant wife. Your sister’s story gives me hope that there are women who are as interested in the lifestyle as I am. I just have to be optimistic that there is someone here in the Houston area. Thank you for your blog!

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  8. Dear Dorina,

    This is so exicting, it seem that every single aspect is controlled by you, which made this scenerio extremely hot. I love the pee duty, just don’t know how is it in real life
    Thank you for the post.


  9. I agree that your husband provides you with immense happiness and delight. I think you should also remember that you are providing the same for him. What you describe in this post is what most submissive men can only only dream about and may never experience once in a lifetime. You two have built together an absolutely delicious life filled with experiences that are at the apex of satisfaction and quite frankly, nearly every man’s fantasy, from this male’s perspective.


  10. Hi, i just love reading your awesome sexcapeds. I should introduce my wife to your blog. For awhile she was letting me drink her sweet nectar but its been awhile, i sure miss it. One thing that i finally got to do after talking about it for ever was to eat her clean after i cum in her.Typical man i would chicken out after cumming, to tell you the truth what i longed was having her tell me to do it. Finally the other nite while she had me in pink panties i fucked her hard and did not hesitate to lick her clean aftr cumming in her n having her orgasm again. Yes it was totally awesome. I asked her if she liked it and she most definately did, My thought was great she will just order me to do it from now on. Wrong,,, when i asked her about it the next time we was fulling around she did say she likes it but doesn’t what to talk about it before hand and for me to just do it. It’s a win win for both of us, except i don’t get to hear her tell me to do it. While writing this i just realize that her hearing me telling her that her life can be so much more if she took over, but i think her hearing it from me she may think that im being selfish and its about my wants. If she would hear/read it from a womans view i sure think it would help her to see it in a different/better way. I realize one can not pressure or coerce someone to do things, i will go slow and let her embrace it in her own way/time. Dorinda what do you think.


  11. Dear Dorina,

    I have just started my female led marriage, though we have been together for 15 years so far in a very loving partnership. He recently confessed to me that he wanted me to be more dominant. I stumbled across your blog while doing some research, and it has awoken me to what could be. So far everything has been FANTASTIC but we are trying to take it slow and do have a few issues. My problem right now is that my husband does not like the taste of my pee at all, and certainly can not “take my load”. I was thinking of trying to “edge” him while i put a funnel in his mouth and put some frozen pee cubes in it to melt. I got this idea from mistress Scarlett’s blog. This way he associates my flavor with pleasure. What are your thoughts?

    Kindest Regards,


    1. Hi
      It sounds like you are on the right track with the ice cubes. I also agree you need to sort of use the carrot on the string process. I was successful because I used his male desires against him and did what you are doing, After a while I made him beg me to give it to him. I would start the flow before he was beyond the point of him holding back from orgasm, then as I watched him pump out his load I pushed it full flow, he had to swallow all of it.
      I hope you find a way to train him, to this day it is very satisfying to have him consume me. It is defiantly a very submissive task for him to do for me and I feel very strong as I watch and hear him swallow my load.


    2. Hi Samantha. I hope You don’t mind another sumissive husband to add to what Dorinda said.
      If Your husband is anything like me, he will respond excellently to tease and denial of sexual release or even sex as such (no pussy for him). Believe me, a couple of weeks of no orgasm (ruined or otherwise) while I am constantly reminded of my Wife’s sexuality in many ways (including pleasuring Her without my penis while She completely ignores my dripping member) makes me ready and willing to do anything She asks. Of course I am also strictly forbidden to masturbate (and I submit to this rule without exception), otherwise it wouldn’t be so effective. Enforced and strict chastity really works.


  12. Dorinda:
    Since you did not blog for a while, I wonder whether there are any plans to offer your husbands service to your sister or anyone else. I thought you may have felt a little bit possessive or that your feelings towards sharing him have changed.
    I know I would feel lucky if I was in his place. Did he talk about it since then? Did you get a since that he likes to eat and drink nobody by you? Would you feel bad if the husband says that he enjoys others’ taste and smell? just wondering.


  13. You’ve awakened a sleeping tiger. I’m sure she was very sated for 24 hours or so, but the hunger is not so easily satisfied. Once you have experienced that kind of pleasure it’s only natural to for one’s body to ask the brain when it might happen again.

    We will look forward to updates.


  14. As a relatively new sub, this blog site is refreshing. This helps me understand the dominant woman’s thought process, thank you. My girlfriend has started preparing me for when she wants to share my service with her friends (female and males). I feel it may be getting close. The thought plays with my emotions, insecurities, etc but at this point my willingness to do as she wants to please her and make her happy is quite strong. Your blog helps me put things into perspective and really reminds me that this is not about what I want, it’s about what she wants.


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