Dear Loyal Readers:

I have been off line completely for a while. I checked my e-mail last night for the first time in quite a while.

I am humbled at the amount of requests to write another post and well wishes that we are OK.

Many talked about understanding that I have said everything about us as I posted a while back., but did not feel I was repeating my self, and enjoyed whatever I wrote.

The funny thing is I totally know I have no writing skills but hundreds of people liked my posts anyway.

I will think of something to post in the next few days for you.

This is just a reply I sent a follower a while back about a question he had asked about serving his wife.

This is just to put something out there for you in the meantime.

Thank you for all your emails.


Thanks for the email.

The site blog is where you got the form off of, to load more posts go to bottom of page and just click older posts, I have around 100. https://almostfemdomwife.com/

Please keep in mind I am not a writer and I do not get paid for any content, my emails and emailed pictures from followers are private and in no way for sale. The pictures of pussy, feet, cock, etc are real unless stated on picture area.

I am an older woman that has been married to the same awesome man for near 30 years, he is my partner, my support, my provider, my protector, my husband, he is a good man.

So I don’t know if I can help you but any information I can give you is free.

I think if we are going to try to talk for real about your situation I need you to let me know a little about you two, and you said you want to figure a way to meet both your needs. What are some of those needs?

One thing that helps in my opinion is that you have to keep the sexual enjoyment and drive going in your marriage to make a “femdom” wife like me fulfilled. Now FLR is different and I don’t really feel I meet that definition.

My husband does a lot of things and I need him to be macho out in public and at his employment. But anytime he is with me he is very loyal and loving. I am writing this as he is finishing up the kitchen after he cooked our dinner and worked his 9 hour shift at his job. I have a glass of red wine he opened and poured for me.

Sexually, If I wanted to orgasm right this minute he would be down between my legs bringing me to waves of orgasms, the good thing is he would not need to be relieved like most men. On the same token, if he wanted a blow job right now I would suck him off and swallow all of his sweet semen. He prefers to serve me so I don’t do to many blow jobs any more. I cant remember the last time he wanted one.

Please do respond, it will be fun to see how I can help

My new look, totally smooth, he can suck my lips better with no hair around them. This is a big change for both of us. I always enjoyed being cleaned up around down there but now a modern me.


9 thoughts on “A reply to one of my readers.

  1. I have been anticipating your post. I am in an FLR as we speak but a distant one. I only get to serve her few times a year. Give me some advice. It is true that I have to prove my self worthy of servicing her every time. But I do not think she realizes how attached I am to servicing her two holes, drinking her pee and just obeying her instructions.

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  2. I agree that your new look is fantastic. Your husband is very lucky and you do maintain a high quality standard for FLR couples. Please keep posting. It really a must read for men and women who enjoy this type of lifestyle.

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  3. I am in a long distance FLR relationship. I get to service my femdom few times a year but I am not sure she realizes how important she is to me. Any advice?


  4. So happy that you wrote again! First, I am glad you are ok! THAT is most important. Second, your pussy is as beautiful as any I have ever seen :). I can imagine why your hubby is an enthusiastic servant in all ways. Of course, the mental aspect comes first, but the physical is a great compliment as well.

    Finally, I appreciate everything you write and I know I am not the only one! I look forward to your next post and I am very happy that all is well with you!


  5. I’m fascinated by your relationship and the definition of it. I’ve never thought of myself as a dominant women, but my partner will do anything for me. I just have to ask. Hes always coming up with new ideas to please me. Hes amazing…but hes the boss! Suits me just fine. I think that’s the best. Whatever suits your relationship! Love your blog!


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