A follower asked whats been happening lately since he has not seen any posts from me lately.

Here is the exchange, since he thought it was interesting I figured I would share it. Please remember these Women are very close friends and of course my sister too.

Hi ????:

I have not been posting because I think I just say the same things over and over.

Our life is pretty much living each day the same as last year’s days.

I guess the only thing out of the ordinary that has happened was I had my sister and three girl friends over and had my husband perform a piss drinking contest.

He had to take all 5 of us a few times over several hours the other night. We decided to drink as much beer as we could and make him drink each of us. The goal was to see how many seconds of peeing and swallows he had to do per Woman.

When everyone left I had him shoot his load into his mouth. He was plenty full and very horny to blow his wad. He was begging me to allow him to cum, I told him only if he can swallow it, he was so eager to do it, he was so pathetic his begging but fun.


Hi Dorinda – Thanks for responding, I love reading about your activities and what you have been up to. That got me hard reading about your recent piss drinking contest, I have never drank my wife’s piss, I am very submissive for my wife and she loves it because it’s all about her, but it sounds very arousing. Did your husband drink it from each woman’s pussy or did they piss in a glass and he drank it from a glass. How did he like the taste? Did each woman taste the same. would love to hear more. Was he naked and hard in front of the girls while drinking their piss. How did the girls agree to this? Is that picture of you peeing in the funnel, very erotic.

Hi ???:

I am glad to hear you got hard reading about it. My husband was very hard also. The girls all took turns into the funnel. He said they all tasted different. Towards the end of the evening we were peeing mostly water because of all of us drinking miller lite beer. We all agreed to drink at least three bottles each. Two of them drank a six pack or more. The first round of pee was different because they arrived and within thirty minutes they were already wanting to make him drink their pee, some very strong some watered down he said. All he said tasted like piss.

I do not think he enjoys the taste even of mine but he does it for me and it is tied to serving me so he gets aroused providing the service for me.

When he came I had him on his back with his legs up and over his head with his penis above his mouth, a few minutes with my vibrator on his sweet spot he let go many large spurts. He was very horny.

My simple piss funnel.

17 thoughts on “A Resent E-mail exchange

  1. That really really hot!!!
    He drank from all 5, that’s a lot of piss. Did you measure how much is drank? A couple gallon at least!

    Thank for sharing.

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    1. Hi Zehor:
      Thank you for finding and commenting on my blog.
      I don’t know how much he drank but he did drink a lot. He sometimes had breaks in-between each of us though so it was not all night straight piss.
      If I were really a brat I would have made him drink his own pee in front of them. He had to go a lot because he was drinking a lot.
      My friends come over I guess somewhat often. My husband always prepares food and snacks for them, gets them things to drink and has always been a hit to them for being more like what the Woman does in the household.
      It is only recently that I have started embarrassing him like this. It was a big hit so we will do it again. Maybe not a beer party but just have him be available orally when they need to relieve themselves when over for dinner or drinks. I do a lot of entertaining in the summer months.

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      1. That’s such awesome arrangement right there. Really lucky to serve that many women.
        I don’t what is it about piss drinking that attract me so much. My guess is that it about the women control over men. I always fantasies about those scenario but never actually have the courage to go through with drinking.

        I love the blog, it like the fantasy come to life in a perfect way.

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        1. Zehor
          It is absolutely all about the power. This is the one thing he completely dislikes but does it only because I demand it.
          I equate it sort of like when a man forces a woman to suck his penis and he makes Her swallow it all, no matter how much semen there is. Some men can spend huge loads or if you don’t enjoy the taste he makes you do it anyway.

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  2. Dorinda,

    You’re right. I don’t think any man actually enjoy the taste. It just the power exchange that make the blood pumping and the act of total submission is exhilarating

    After reading this and the other blog post about ‘How many of you want to cum as soon as you can?’ , I realize I am beginner is all of this. Never actually follow through. It’s like in the closet about femdom kind of way. As soon as the release, all the urge of submission is dismiss. And the urge come back again the day after

    Do you have any recommence of how once can commit to this?
    Thank Dorinda

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  3. Having a trained and subjugated husband is a real treat. I rarely if ever use the toilet in our house. A simple crook of my finger is enough to bring hubby to position, ready with his mouth wide open, neck bent at almost ninety degrees, ready to swallow my golden nectar. In fact when he is away, I pee into a bowl and store the same in our fridge. He is forbidden to drink any other fluid unless all my piss is emptied and so is my bladder. He has told me that he really does not enjoy the taste especially my pungent early morning release. Nonetheless he obediently laps it up.
    I have not yet peed into him in the presence of others. However I am slowly introducing him to lick my anus after my toilet. I tell him that I much prefer his toilet tongue to paper and he should get used to performing this service too.
    Like my pee, I have no doubt he will slowly become trained in this.
    Love Asha

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    1. I do enjoy the taste of her pee, the morning pee is most delicious. Because my Femdom is long distance and we do not get to meet very often, she fedex me her nectar in a very cute little plastic bottle similar to the one you use for eye or ear drops. I actually sprinkle it over my salad or ther dishes because I want to savor it more.
      And our maly tongues are definitely softer and more fun to you women than toilet paper. so no surprise to me.

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  4. Dorinda

    It’s good to see you posting again, and this is a very arousing post. This seems to be a big step up in terms of your sharing with other women. Of course, you’ve posted several times about your sister, and have occasionally allowed some contact with other women — doing feet, and in one case oral service — but always one at a time. You have had him kiss your feet in front of a “small party” but this is different.

    Can you tell more about the women who were there? How long have they known, and what they have done with him in the past? Can you tell anything about their different personalities — whether they were a little sheepish or embarassed, or whether they felt empowered and aggressive? Did their tone change as the evening went on, and how did your husband react the more “service” he had to provide?

    How did you feel watching so many other women use him — jealous? Queen Bee? Happy to share?



    1. Hi Michael:
      They are kinky enough to participate in a night of fun. Two have husbands that are not in to Femdom. They are 50-60 years old. This was my and our plan for coming over. We had all talked about it before it became a reality.
      There were only 4 others, as you know by reading my blog, my sister has used him for massages and foot care, one of my friends here is the one that I have let him orally satisfy wants, Her divorce is almost finalized. The two others are part of my social circle that know of his submission and are interested in it.
      We are in a sort of small community; these women have been coming over for years. We went to school together years ago. Our kids played on the same teams, etc. I have posted about them coming over for dinner or gossip hour, or school activities, when he serves all of us (drink and food, also cleanup as we women stay doing whatever we are doing). We all had a lot of fun on the pee contest night. I do not know if it will become a thing or not. We will see.
      My doctor placed me on some anti-depressants, it is called bupropion, it has made me want more sex and more appetite to dominate him. This put me over the edge with sexual excitement.

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  5. I read this earlier and did not have time to comment. Of course, it is another great post! How did this work exactly? I mean, did they go to the bathroom and use the funnel there and bring it out? Or did they use it for all to see in the room? I just can’t quite picture the mechanics of this!

    One other note: I never tire of any of your posts. Don’t worry about repetition or the mundane, they are all interesting to me!


  6. Dorinda, it is sad you think we are not interested in reading what you think is the same of all you have shared on the last year. Your blog is amazing informative and many of us live vicariously through you and your lifestyle. I just wanted to say I miss reading your blog and hearing all about you almost femdom adventures. Your husband is a very lucky man..


  7. Dorinda: Even antidepressant medication makes you more dominant ! will there be anything that makes you less sexy? your lucky man must be in heavens. Does it increase the frequency of his pee drinking?

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