I was waiting on a picture but he could not get one so I added one of my husband in panties.

Part 1.    My wife had prepared me to be open, not that there is a whole lot of choice as she’s open to tell anyone about it much as I would be. Except that for her it would be less humiliating thing to mention. In this case, as mentioned before, she wanted to show to her mother the power dynamic in the house hold. My MIL had already some ideas I would imagine as she’s already seen me in an apron and nothing underneath. I would be ordered to bring them drinks and not really speak. My wife would make comments about me being a good servant and that she liked me under her control. Things of that nature. My MIL would say, Well that’s good to have and tell me to pick up her glass or plate to bring back to the kitchen. So she’d give some orders already even then. She never made comments about me being naked under the apron except to sort of laugh when my wife would mention it to her. She never saw anything other than my back side. I couldn’t really get hard at this point as I’d have a device on anyway. She didn’t know about the device either as she wasn’t aware of much else.My wife was already pushing the boundaries by doing this and I think she wanted to explore her control even more. At the same time, she likes to show her mother that she’s wearing the pants so to speak. So when I was told that my MIL was going to come over tonight I was excited and nervous as to her reaction if she’d exert her power more so and what she’d be telling her.
Anyhow, my MIL had come over and it initially started as much other days. I was dressed in regular clothes at this point. Other times I’d already be in an apron and greet her that way so nothing new here. I brought her over to the living room as per usual where my wife was already waiting with a drink in hand. As my mother in law was seated I was told to wait there; her pointing in front of them. Already it was taking a slightly more authoritative tone than before. Then she told me that she wants me to change into only an apron and to bring out a drink for her mom. Off I went to change (in another room) and came out and asked her what she’d like to have. My wife had started to explain to her a bit more details of the situation at this point. She was telling her that in general she doesn’t allow her servant to wear any regular clothes in the house and sometimes I’m told to have nothing on at all. Then they were both looking at me as she paused at this. My MIL didn’t make any comments other than, oh yes and what she wanted for drinks. She told her that I am in training to be a good servant to her or to anyone else in the house. My MIL’s comment was that this is what husbands were for and that my wife should relax some times and let me take care of things. Not for her to do all the work. My wife agreed and started to list out the many tasks that I do for her. At this point she told me to kneel to the side and await for any further instructions. This is more of a thing we’ve done just the two of us so obviously she’s opening up to a more personal experience. She explained that as part of the training I would wait on her like a puppy dog as I was. Basically she’s letting her know that she’s the one with the power in the house and that i’m controlled in all aspects of regular like. That I myself like it that way. She asked me if I believe that women should be in control and I answer yes of course. She asked her mom what she thought about that and she agreed.Part 2. Continues..
  At this point it seems my wife started to take some more leaps in the conversation. She asked her mom, Usually at home I generally don’t let him wear any clothes and I’m thinking of changing that to even when there are certain guests. Would it bother you if he had nothing on? I’d like to see how he handles that.  MIL: Does he have to agree to anything you say? Wife: Ask him. MIL looks at me at this question. I tell her that I generally do, and that she’s there to teach me to behave. I’m usually okay with that even if it’s something I don’t really like. MIL: That’s good then. You aren’t going to get a lot of men to just listen to what they are told.My wife then looks at me and says, Well why don’t you take off that apron then. You’ll serve us nude from now on. She looks at her mother to see if she’s going to object or say anything but she just sat there silent. She looked at me for a moment and back to her daughter before looking back at me. I looked at them both expectantly hoping that she’s say ‘just kidding’ or something to that nature. It seems like a long pause at this point but everyone is waiting for me to go through with it. The idea of submitting to multiple women has always seemed charged but with my mother in law right in front it started to feel weird. My wife tells me to go ahead and take it off. So I start to untie the string in the back and let it fall to the side. I loop the collar over my head holding the apron in front of me for a second while I place my hands to cover myself. Then I let the apron drop. Now I’m standing right in front of both my wife and my mother in law completely nude. I have my hands covering my front and wait to see what they say at this point. My wife is smiling now and looks at her mother for a brief moment to gauge her reaction. She still doesn’t say anything. Just leans back and looks me up and down assessing me. My wife: Don’t be shy, you don’t need to cover yourself. We are all family here and you need to learn to getting used to serving us this way. So I let me hands drop to my side. I’m getting kinda nervous at this point. I’m not wearing a cage or anything at all. For the first time I’m subservient to my wife but also to her mother. I feel completely exposed while standing there with them just sitting in front of me. My Wife: There now. This is how you’ll be for us. Mom, do you want another drink? MIL: I’ll need one now! My wife: Go and bring that bottle of wine for us and refill our glass. So I went to the kitchen and paused for a bit to take in the shock of what just happened. I can hear some giggling from the other room but not sure what she had said. I come back out and fill each of their glasses. My wife: go kneel down dear and don’t try to hide anything with your legs closed. She says this pointing to the front of them just off to the side. I naturally go slightly closer to my wife to try to be somewhat out of the view. My wife: There you go. He’s proven to listen to anything I say. MIL: Indeed. My mother in law then looks at me up and down some more and starts to talk to me directly. MIL asks incredulously: So you listen to anything she asks?   ME: Yes I do. MIL: Don’t you feel embarrassed like this being naked like that? ME: Yes of course but I’m just doing as I’m told even if it means that I don’t like it. MIL: So you don’t like this? I don’t know what to say so I just shrug. The truth is that I kinda like it of course and kinda don’t. Being controlled is one aspect but another is being humiliated as I am now. MIL: Are you aroused by this? I think to myself that feel more humiliated with the questioning. Especially since I cannot hide the fact that I was. So again I simply shrug before my wife chimes in. My wife: You’ll have to answer her with words and not just shrug like that. ME: Um, yes I guess so. They both look down at me and start to laugh a little as I was starting to grow more. I started to try to cover myself but again my wife chimed in. Wife: Oh no no no. You keep you hands to your side. You see, I control every aspect of his anatomy. It’s in this way that he’s able to serve so well. The more he stays aroused the more he’ll be compliant. He likes it that way. I even control when and where he has an orgasm, and even how. MIL: Really? She says this while looking at me and seems to start enjoying this. She started to what seemed like more of an air of superiority, or I may be just imagining it. Since they kept talking about me and how I’m controlled I start to get more turned on. At this point I’m quite hard and they can both see that since I cannot hide it in any way. Wife: Stand up and come over here. She starts to feel my balls with her thumb and forefinger, and pinches my penis opening and closing her fingers repeatedly testing for hardness. She turns to her mother and tells her to check out how full his balls are and how hard he is. Go ahead and test it. I have him on a strict diet of infrequent orgasms. My MIL actually reaches out! She’s now doing the same thing with her thumb and forefinger. I can’t believe she actually does it. I’m standing here now with one of my testicles being manipulated between two fingers of my mother in law like she’s testing for some fruit. MIL: Oh yeah, I see. She says this and laughs a little. My looks at me smiling. She seems happy with this control over me, and that her mother has taken to it. Wife: He hasn’t actually had any orgasm for almost a month. Isn’t that right hunny? Me: Yes, it’s almost a month. MIL: Wow, seems like a long time. Are you able to control yourself? This seems embarrassing being asked all these questions by my mother in law. Me: I can and do. I don’t mind and kinda like that she controls this aspect for me. Wife: Sometimes I put him in a cage to make sure he doesn’t play with himself without supervision. He’s not allowed to orgasm unless I say so.MIL: Cage? Wife: Go get the cage and show her what it looks like. So I go off to the bedroom and get the cage that I something have and bring it out to them. I hand it over to my wife but she doesn’t take it. She tells me to explain to her how it works. I go through the motions of explaining each part and it’s purpose while my mother in law simply nods and makes that De Niro face with the downturned mouth while nodding that she understands. Wife: I usually have him put it on right after orgasm and lock it up. Usually the first couple of weeks he wants it again and has a harder time to control himself. Other times I don’t have it on when I’m around and like to see it hard as he’s serving me. It’s like a dog wagging his tail. I know that he’s happy this way when I can see it. MIL: It’s been almost a month is it time soon? Wife: yeah just about. Do you want to see? Actually. I’ll let you decide whether he has one or not. He can have one tonight since he’s been good about going through with this or he has to wait another week for his deadline. Oh jeez. I don’t know what to think about doing that in front of her. It’s one thing to be walking around naked but then to cum in front of her now too. MIL: No, that’s fine. Perhaps another time. (She looks up at me) I guess you’ll have to wait a little longer there dear. She says laughing at little at me. I really think she’s enjoying it. I guess like her daughter she likes this idea of power. I’m kind of relieved that I don’t have to but at the same time would have liked to as I’ve waited a few weeks already. I’m still being grilled with questions from my MIL. She seems curious about it but at the same time I feel like she’s asking because is liking making me feel embarrassed. MIL: So what does he do when he’s allowed. Just goes off to a corner and does it or what? My wife: No, when he’s allowed I have to be there to supervise. That’s part of the program. Some times I let him do it manually as in with his hands himself. Sometimes I do it myself. But always he has to clean it up by eating it. At this point she quickly looks at her mother to see her reaction to the cleaning part.MIL: He has to clean up his mess by eating it? (She make a face and looks at me). Now directing the question to me she asks, Do you enjoy eating it or something? Me: No I don’t really like it at all. MIL: But you do it anyway because that’s what you are told. Incredible. Wife: Sometimes I make him hump my leg to get off. Always I have a timer set so that he has to orgasm before that time otherwise he loses his chance. This is true. She likes to put on a timer and make it certain that I fall within a time frame. It’s her way of exerting control even when i’m getting something I want like an orgasm. All the questioning and humiliation actually makes me lose my hardness. My MIL eventually notices this and makes a comment about me not enjoying the questioning anymore? My Wife: Go ahead and bring it back up again. He needs to stay hard during the whole time. Ugh, so I start to manually make myself get hard again in front of them. My MIL just turns away not looking at me any longer and chats with my wife about other things. All this time and she doesn’t even look. I don’t know if that’s better or worse because now I feel like it’s irrelevant.  I finally let them know that i’m hard again and they both look at it and make a slight nod but continue talking. Most of the questions are asked by this point and the rest of the evening is fairly straight forward with my picking up the glasses and plates otherwise waiting to the side like a waiter with occasionally my wife nodding at me to get it hard again. One of the times my MIL actually did it. lol. She’s gotten used to it.  In the end as my MIL is to leave I have to get her coat for her and walk them to the door. She thanks my wife for an interesting evening but doesn’t say anything to me except bye. Still feel embarrassed. My wife tells me that she really liked that and that next time she’d like me to massage her feet, and maybe I would have to do her mother’s too. She laughs. 

10 thoughts on “Sams Story Part 1

  1. Hot story, but not my cup of tea. I cannot even start to imagine my Wife doing something like that to me. Nor would I enjoy it if She did it, it would be pure humiliation. With Her Girlfriends yes, but not with Her Mom, most definitely not. I would obey, though, but after the event I would be on my knees begging my Wife never to force me do it again.

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  2. Miss Dorinda, i had begged my wife to let her Mother in on the life we led but she refused. I wanted to serve her Mother with oral service, but she refused. But a day came when i was taken to see her Mothers sister and i had been to see her long before i met my wife, and i was shocked to see her again. When we walked in the house, Her Aunt V just said you know where you belong, get ready while i talk with my Niece. I knew to go down to the basement, strip and be kneeling eyes to the floor waiting for V.
    They both came down together and V started asking my Wife questions. Does her give you oral? Does he lick your ass? To this my Wife said i never asked him to, and she was told you should not have to ask, your slave hubby should do it every time with out asking. Then she asked if i drank her pee and my wife was shocked and said no that would make him sick. Her Aunt laughed and said ask your hubby if he ever drank any pee, and she asked and i told her that i had done it many times for her Aunt V and other women.
    Then her Aunt demonstrated how how make a slave make a tight seal around her vulva and drink without spilling a drop. After her Aunt gave me her drink, my wife stepped up and also gave me one and it was great. After she put on a demonstration of how to whip a slave hubby, and it was as brutal as any i had had from her in the past.
    She finally told my Wife that she had a husband with a slave mentality, use him for your pleasure, beat him when he needs a beating or just do it for your pleasure and stress relief.
    Don’t ever give in to his pleas. When he begs you to stop, just beat him harder. I know from my experience with him he can take a lot of abuse.
    Then she told my Wife that she should find a man or several men who could keep her happy with the big cocks, and could also take me in hand and abuse me too. That was the start of my complete servitude to my Wife, and to a number of her lovers. I had to always be dressed in women’s clothing, skirt, blouse. panties, bra, garter belt and stockings and mid heels. I was never passable, but it made it more humiliating for me to be seen this way by her male friends, and the men seemed to like having me on my knees being used. I sucked many men off, drank fresh pee from most of them, and was then most often beaten by them for being a faggot. These beatings were most often by belt, panties down, skirt pinned up and bent over the back of a chair or sofa.
    From that day on, my wife would also send me to see V about once a week, and she would use me for her pleasure and i was happy to be once again serving V, just like old times, and always left with a very sore, bruised and welted ass and legs. My wife did not like to beat me too hard, and V picked up the job for Her, and i loved it. I am a submissive, a slave to women and i don’t deny it or try to hide it.

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  3. Yes, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea but I think that was quite the point. It’s a strange feeling when I have to do something with my wife’s mother there in the room. It used to be simpler when I was just in an apron and it was kinda a play thing, but now as it’s gotten more intense the feeling is different. I definitely feel humiliated to say the least, but this is precisely what my wife likes to see. It’s especially embarrassing as my mother in law, while seeming interested in this arrangement, looks down on me disdainfully and even acts somewhat disgusted by me which feels more demeaning. I feel like a dog that peed on the carpet and she’s annoyed. Somewhat luckily I’m not always put in this position when she comes over. I just never know when it’s going to happen.

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  4. I’ve had a couple more sessions of this nature with my mother in law. I can write up a follow up if people are interested in hearing more.


  5. I could write a short follow up here as part of a reply or write a more fuller story and send it to Dorinda to post. After reading the latest post from Dorinda that mentions humiliation beyond what they believe they can cope with really puts it into perspective.


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