I was thinking about how my husband’s balls are mostly tucked up or at least not hanging down very far when he is aroused. If you have read my blog for any length of time you would know that is a state I like him to be in.

The problem is that I enjoy doing a little cbt to him from time to time. I enjoy being able to reach over and grasp both balls in my hand a squeeze them until I get the results I need from him. I grab them and pull them down, this works the best for immediate control.

I would like to add an inch or two to his sack so they are always available for me

Do any of you have any experience with doing this, (testicle stretching). There are several devises out on the market, I like these things that look like stainless steel weight that clamp above the balls and are to be worn all day?

Or anyone like the parachute leather and chain setup?

Do they actually work? if so how many months does it take?


Found this picture on the Web, owner unknown!

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    1. Hi Jason:
      How long have you been reading my blog?
      You could have Her e-mail me after reading my blog from the beginning, read the comments others have left. There is great dialog and experience in the reply’s and I feel may be helpful to both of you. My entire story is posted, what happened, how I trained him, what he does for me and some close girl friends.

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  1. Honestly, I would be cautious on extended wear and not sure it would work well in any case. Even extended cage wear can sometimes cuase problems, which no one ever talks about in fantasy-land. (!)

    Yes, I have worn cages and yes, I have worn various ball weights and I endorse both! Lol. But I would be cautious on weights over a long period of time.

    Why not try the old parachute device? This could be a part fo his service to you and extend his balls prior to your grabbing them, as is your right! I’ll see if I can find a link to send. I have used those as well.

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    1. We have used the ball weights from time to time. They are ok to wear and go about your daily business. In fact they are a constant reminder of who my balls belong too. They’d work if worn for prolonged periods and if the weight was increased over time. The most success we’ve had in stretching my balls is from my mistress/partner pulling at them over the years. This has definitely made them longer. It was painful at first but actually over time you get used to it. For it to be painful now she would near have to pull them off. A good idea we’ve found for a bit of play is if you tie his balls off to something behind him while he goes down on you. While you stay back far enough where he has to stretch his balls to get to you. He will of course, and stay there until completion no matter how painful it is. Or if your on the bed or couch you can hang a weight off them over the side while he goes down on you. Over time you’ll be able to up the weight also. His balls will surprisingly take alot.

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  2. Personally, I don’t think those weights work well. To be effective I think they have to weigh and swing freely and unsupported to stretch the skin and underlying tissue and they wouldn’t with pants or underwear. If the hubby was naked all day i suppose they’d work but be awkward, though amusing! 😉 I think it’d be more effective to work routine stretching into your cbt session. Sustained, prolonged stretching with increasing weight, tension and time added each session. This will work and can be done safely without effecting function. Well stretched balls still do try to draw up when close to orgasm, so you can play with them later like a yo-yo during tease and denial 🙂 The weights in your picture do look cool and sexy though!

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    1. Hi betasteve:
      Thank you very much for commenting on my blog. I hope you get a chance to see a few of the other posts and you find something interesting.
      I was sort of hoping for an easy fix, something like he wears them to work and as time goes on we add more pieces. So that it would not only be during an evening or two a week.
      How much extra have you gained with your methods? Will he feel the unpleasant stomach pain as he wears the parachute if I hang enough weight on it? I would like that! (is this what you are referring too)

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  3. They do work to a certain extent. It is not a lasting thing and all that is being stretched is skin on the scrotum. I had to stretch wet spot’s to properly fit him for his chastity device because he is “high and tight”. Start small and work up. The boy is going to bitch about it after a few minutes so be prepared to give him a swat or two to shut him up.

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    1. Hi Janine:
      Why will he bitch do you think? The pain? He enjoys me squeezing and slapping his balls, and when I bare foot kick his balls from behind, I have dropped him a few times but he always tells me he loves me and has never said stop.

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  4. I have no experience with continued scrotum stretching but I was at a fet night once that was private and allowed full nudity as well as sexual play. I met a dude who had a metal stretcher on. It was about 1inch deep. While we didn’t speak much, I did ask about the device and he told me he wore it regularly (though not all the time). According to him he was starting to see results. But maybe he was just telling me a tale…


  5. Hi Dorinda, I think it is the constant pulling and the weight. And you know how boys are they want constant access to their play parts.


  6. I love your comment about liking it when he gets stomach pain from hanging weights from the parachute. Sounding quite sadistic and just the thought of being SUBjected to that is very arousing to me.
    I have one of the steel weight rings, probably the thinnest one in the photo, got to start somewhere. It is hinged and can be rather ouchy to put on as it pinches the skin repeatedly, so some guys may wimp out of that. I have worn it for as much as 36 hours. It does stretch the scrotum out to the point where the skin becomes shiny and red. That is the greatest part of the discomfort for me. I don’t know that I have had any lasting “improvement”, see more results based upon the temperature.
    I also have a leather strap harness that I have hung weights from. That can be fun as I have used it to hang a full soda bottle while on my knees scrubbing the floor or hung a basket from it to go naked to the chicken coop and collect eggs, as many as 9 at once. That really stretches things out and causes some good internal aching.
    I am looking forward to hearing more about your “improvement” project and use of cbt on your loving subject.


  7. D,
    I got into ball weights 5 years ago and used them regularly for about 3 years. They do work. Do your research because you want to start with something light and use it only half a day at a time. every week or two you can add a few oz. As I recall, you need to get up to about 30 oz for it to really be effective and it takes about 3 months to get there. At that point you are stretching the internal parts and strengthening them to be able to carry the weight.
    Sleeping nude helps keep to pull on them and I wore them commando so my sac could hang down one pant leg.
    I love the feeling of the weight on my balls. We also enjoy sex with them as the make it harder to cum but when I do it was over top.
    If I can find the web site I used to reference and online chat, I will send it to you. I still use the weights but my challenge with them is that I am nude many times around the house and although are children are accustom to that, I dont want them seeing ball weights. The other problem is that there are times when the boys just want to hide… cold or pre-bowel movement and it takes effort to work through that.. to keep them loose. (or remove the weights for a bit)


  8. I started out with a very tight scrotum. The parachute device was the only way to get started. I added weights to it, but eventually experienced ball pull through and that was not a good sensation. I have been at it for 4 tears now and have gone from very tight to a 2.5 inch stretch, under weight. Manual stretching is a must to make this work. Study up on male anatomy to fully understand this can be done safely if you are careful. It takes time and the scrotum will shrink back some, so make it a good habit to manually stretch. For a FLR, I think a ball weight would make an appropriate wedding ring, reminding the male of his commitment. Like a real wedding ring, there are times when they are not safe to wear. Wearing them in bed will not promote stretching, but the feeling is divine.

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    1. Hi. I have a tight scrotum too. My Wife sometimes likes to play with my nuts (gently and also not so gently and I like the feeling of total submission and surrender it induces, even when my balls remain tenderized for a while afterwards). What exactly do you mean by manual stretching being a must for ball weights to work?


      1. Ball weights can only be worn for so long, at least when first starting. Manual stretching pulls in many directions and is more effective than just weights alone. Use a good shea butter lotion, one that promotes smoothing of stretched skin. Depending on your circumstances at home, manual stretching can be done day or night, but scrotums are temperature sensitive so the best stretching is done in a warm room or under the covers. You are not just stretching scrotal skin, but eventually all connective muscles, tubes and blood vessels. Go easy and avoid pain which may be a sign of going to fast and creating scar tissue. Ignore all the femdom ball kicking porn. That can lead to severe injury and swelling. However, a well trained scrotum can take quite a bit of pulling, twisting, and stretching. My goal is to be able to stand up straight wearing a humbler. A weight pulling contest, for the enjoyment of women would be an honor to participate in.

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        1. Thanks for clarifying Tightstart. It sounds like a lot of work. I would be more than willing to do it if my Wife required it, but without Her command or permission I am not allowed to touch my (well, Her) genitals much.
          As it is, She sometimes likes to play with my nuts and drives me crazy with sweet tease-torture. She pulls, tugs, squeezes, scratches, kicks, slaps, even bites on them. Not very hard, but hard enough to cause some pain and the tenderness in my nuts can last a few hours. My favorite (although really painful) is when She grabs my genitals from behind and pulls them roughly back between my legs and then I have to close my legs to trap them with my thighs right below my ass. I have to bend over a lot for this due to my rather small genitals. The alternative position in when I am bent over a pile of pillows. Then She proceeds to tap lightly on my tightly packed balls and penis head, with Her fingers or a hairbrush. It is a very light spanking, a single slap doesn’t really hurt, but after a series of spanks the dull ache in the balls develops and gradually spreads. I start to moan and beg and sooner or later I drop to my knees or open my legs. This makes me feel completely owned and submissive, even though I may lose erection for awhile. If I am really lucky I get to lick my Wife’s pussy to orgasm afterwards (She is already very wet after a session like this) and I am left with full aching balls and my hard little dick dripping precum. I wish this was on the menu more often.


  9. Hi new here I/we have been interested in the FLR for years although my wife is not a natural leader but regarding ball stretching I have been practicing this for a number of years off and on with good results from a steel weight, steel weighs give the best feeling but leather stretchers work too, when you reach the stage where you have a fair amount of weight on and your balls still swing freely it’s the best 😋 the only problem is once you take the weights off your balls always retract back, although it is easier for my wife to stretch them for a bit of teasing making them bounce freely for a handjob which she always enjoys, maybe have a look at a site called secret leather.

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