I get many questions on whether I cuckold my husband, if not, why not, do I want too, etc.

I was reading another blog, the writer whom is the leader in Her FLR thought it is completely up to Her, She is the one in complete control of Her relationship, if She chooses to, he would have to accept it by definition of FLR. I tend to side with Her 100 percent on the issue.

She discusses things affecting their relationship and wants to have unity with him, and She loves him, but in the end it is Her control, Her decision.

I am very happy and fulfilled with only my husband in my life as far as men go. I have to admit I have day dreamed about it a few times over the last few years when I read blog posts about the topic. I feel he is under my complete control as it is, I believe my blog testimony’s prove it, but sometimes feel I would like to see if it included fucking another man.

If I ever decided to go down that road it would be with my husband watching us, no date, just using the man’s penis inside me. I would want my husband to watch me orgasm. I would want him to cum a large load in me,then have my husband clean me and suck me clean of his oozing semen from me.

Another thing I have thought about would be for my husband to suck him off and have him cum directly in his mouth for me, then wash it down with a long and large piss. I believe these would be the true test of his submission. Cum and pee from another man..

This activity would be very difficult to ever put together. Some of the things that would have to happen is he would have to be larger than my husband, clean, in good shape, attractive, and desire me, and be able to cope with the dynamics of this scenario, to allow another man to suck his penis and drink his pee.

The good thing is these are only thoughts, even if I had an interest to fulfill these thoughts; it is a one in many million to come across a male willing to fill the requirements. But, it is OK to think; we are all human and have thoughts, Right? I am only sharing them with you!

He is getting practice just in case,

no actually from way back, he is sucking it before a strap-on session.


I have him sucking my strapon
Nice full load, one like I would want him to clean up from another man inside me

34 thoughts on “Questions about Cuckolding Him

  1. Another great post!
    I absolutely love your control.
    Just the fantasy of cuckolding is enough to fire up your husbands already super charged libedo.
    Keep writing.
    I would like to hear more about you sharing him with whomever and whenever. What a lucky man

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      1. Dorinda,
        I’ve been serving my dominant wife for the last 15 years and will continue for the rest of my life. I’ve read most of your blog over the last year and just wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.
        Best wishes and warm thoughts from an avid fan in NJ.

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  2. My husband, wet spot is very afraid of being cuckolded. However he is very turned on by the thought and threat of it. In our relationship I have the right to cuckold the boy should I choose to. I do like the company of men. I enjoy dancing, conversation, a cigar and a brandy with a nice intelligent man and I do have men friends. I talk to the boy about fucking them and how much I would enjoy going down on them. My boy goes into an erotic head space and is driven by desire, fear and angst. As I have mentioned in the past my boy is in chastity and some of the time dressed enfeme. I can only imagine what goes through his head when I go dancing with a young man and the boy waits at home with a list of chores to do.

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    1. Hi Janyne:
      Thank you for always commenting on my posts. You have quite a large following here now.
      LOL, this is quite the topic I see. Who knew what kind of power we (well I) would have over a good man, and he will always stay and try even harder to please me no matter what.
      I could have another lover with no problem, I know that, I just am not in the mood to go find one.

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    2. Thanks for sharing, Janyne. It’s understandable that your husband is afraid of being cucked. So was my husband.

      We’re both very happy and excited that my husband has become a full-fledged cuckold. It has definitely enhanced our marriage, and I get a lot more attention from my husband nowadays. He simply loves me even more.

      Cuckold angst is completely normal. Every single cuckold has suffered from cuckold angst. But don’t be afraid, it won’t kill him 😘

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    1. Hi Michael:
      Thank you for being a loyal reader of my blog.
      Exactly, maybe one day. Its one of those things that would be fun but a lot of work to do. We are fine the way we are right now. Sometimes I think I want to see just how far he will go for me. The problem really is I know he would do anything including this activity. I dont know if all you men are like this? If you are there are or should be many happy wife’s out here.

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  3. Ma,am speaking for myself, I have sucked a man off, swallowed his load, and have taken his full bladder of piss in my mouth and swallowed it all down and thanked him for allowing me to serve him, all at the order of my Mistress. And I can not believe any true submissive would hesitate to obey his Mistress if ordered to perform such for her pleasure. And there are men out there who are not shy about sticking there penis in an other mans mouth to satisfy the desire of the woman that he has fucked in the presence of her submissive husband.

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    1. Hi Slave:
      Thank you for commenting. I agree 100% that if the dominant orders a sub to partake in something, he needs to respond with a smile and do what was ordered.
      I know from reading Femdom blogs, you need to define a hard limit somewhere along the way in your relationship. My husband and I have never done that. He seems to be open and extremely eager to do anything I ask or demand. I guess I just assume now he would do this if I ordered him to.
      I feel I am his only excitement and challenge anymore in his life.

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  4. I have fantasies nearly identical to what You’re proposing Dorinda. Except for consuming his pee, I don’t think I could do that unless I was forced to. The rest I would do if my Wife wanted it. I even brought the subject up in the context of my erection problems and my strong belief that She is entitled to the best sex. My Wife said I was crazy. But then She played along with the fantasy and suggested that She was properly satisfied She would ask Her lover not only to make me suck him off and swallow his load but also to fuck me in the ass hard and deep (in response to my wish to be strap-oned by Her).
    Rationally I know my Wife is right and it is best it remains a wild fantasy and not to play with fire.

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    1. Hi Tom:
      Thank you for reading my post.
      I know the pee thing is off base, but as you stated, forcing him to do it. My husband would not want me being entered by another, or to suck a man off. But if I am going to fantasize I figure go big or go home!

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  5. Loved the fantasy D! I know for a fact that pet would be more than happy to suck another man off, only issue is the watersport. Not a big deal for us as neither of us care for it. My fantasy is pet watching another man pleasure me then he uses pet. 😉

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    1. Hi J:
      Thank you for reading my post;
      It does sound exciting I agree. I understand the pee thing is not for everybody. When I started dominating my husband I had to think of something sexual I can force him to do. He was always a very good lover and oral provider. This is what I came up with and fell in love with the intoxicating feel I get each time, even still.

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  6. I just love the way you think DORINDA, last nite my sweet wife had me wear panties and stocking and while she had me watch shemale porn she was fucking my ass with a dildo, i sense her having me suck cock is nearing or i may be just imagining it.

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  7. Cockolding is not a fantasy for me. I have been in a relationship with a few affirmative women and only one of them entertained that idea. She never had any intention of making it real, as far as I can tell but she was talking about it. She was not sky about voicing her attraction to nice guys. The idea in itself made me feel insecure. It is not so much the sex that makes me feel uncomfortable but a fear of loosing value in her eyes.

    Being submissive to a woman is not a fantasy. It is a primary feeling. You can accept it or try to suppress it. If you acknowledge having this primary feeling then you have to align your behavior accordingly and let the relationship unfold. It doesn’t mean there is no bumps or discomfort from time to time. It certainly asks for a lot of dialogue. It is a learning process for me. And it means I should become more and more supportive.

    In the end, this relationship changed my approach to intimacy, even if no cockolding happen. I understood, at a deeper level that it is not my place to dictate her sexuality. Instead, I should be a good supportive compagnon and let her wear the pants.

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  8. Hi Dorinda,
    I love this post, not so much for the particular scenario, but because it shows the basis for complete control. The mindset, your mindset, is clearly that your husband is your slave and servant and should you require it, he will comply. Wonderful stuff.


  9. Last night the boy and I went to a blues club and I was moving to the music. A man asked me to dance. We danced more than a few numbers. I had the boy hold my purse. He stood there in chastity holding my cute bag watching me dance and talk and lightly kiss. When I got back to my boy I told him about the huge clock I could feel and that him and I would be going dancing some time. Wet spot and I got home and I put the boy’s mouth to work between my legs. I didn’t cuckold the boy but he suffered and enjoyed all the emotions and angst of the cuckold.

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  10. Hi. I think you should cuckold your husband, but start off slowly. Have him watch you being kissed by another man. His hands fondling you. Then the next ‘date’ he sees the man giving you oral perhaps. If you find one clean lover it would soon develop into regular lovemaking for you and hubby fluffing your lover woukd become a natural part of this scenario.

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  11. Excellent post, Dorinda. ❤️

    I love this part:

    “If I ever decided to go down that road it would be with my husband watching us, no date, just using the man’s penis inside me. I would want my husband to watch me orgasm. I would want him to cum a large load in me,then have my husband clean me and suck me clean of his oozing semen from me.”

    This is how we do it. My husband is always present when I am intimate with my black boyfriend.

    My husband always eats me out when my boyfriend has ejaculated in me. This is my husband’s way of reclaiming me.

    We always tell each other how much we love each other while my husband performs oral sex on me. It’s intimate and beautiful beyond belief.


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    1. Hi Interrasial:
      Thank you for all your comments.
      I do fantasize about my husband cleaning up after another man filled me up. Its funny though, When I do I see a very large load dripping and flowing from me as he sucks his home clean, I always have one more orgasm when he is tonging and sucking my hole.
      I love a male ejaculating, the bigger the load the better, I see it as his opportunity to prove his love and obedience to me. I feel every woman should challenge their husband to clean his load from her to show his love.

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      1. I absolutely agree. My husband hated it in the beginning when I ordered him to eat Michael’s sperm from my pussy.

        Now he loves it. It’s something that we both look forward to. I love my husband’s submission. He’s a cute little cuck ❤️🔥😍


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