Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope you all have a Good Valentine’s Day.

I know tonight when he comes home he will be even more loving and sweet to me than usual. He is a romantic and love’s to do sweet things for me. He will want to do all he can so he can prove how much me wants me, his devotion for me, his must please me mindset.

Do you have this kind of relationship? Whichever side you play?

If you’re interested leave a comment for all of us about what you are doing for your valentine?

It’s always nice to be extra pampered.

Here he is in his valentine day red panties for you to see.


His Valentine day panty’s

18 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

    1. Thank You Herwish:
      I sort of figured you and a few of the other exceptional men that follow this blog would comment something similar. We (me and your wife) already have everything just having a man eager to be our submissive.
      As a good man She is already generally treated like a queen by you.
      I know you are wanting to be special to Her, I know it about mine too. Its the thought that counts I feel I would probably be hurt if he did not try to let me know today how special I am to him.

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      1. Thanks D.
        She baked mini lava cakes for desert and had hers with ice cream while she made me masturbate and cum over my serving before eating it. This is the type of thing my last few blogs have been about. She is really enjoying it.

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  1. I spoiled pet a day early by sending him some baby plants for his new apartment. He has been especially sweet and loving today.
    Funny enough I’m the one cooking for everyone tonight. 🤷‍♀️

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    1. Hi J:
      Thank you for commenting on my post:
      I bet you enjoy doing this for your loved ones, so it is Awesome. Valentines does go both ways. I think as the Dom in my relationship I expect him to do everything. That’s not fair though, I will show him somehow he is my love and my everything.
      He does all the domestic stuff anyway, I feel he would be hurt if I did not allow him the honor for me, especially tonight.
      I love your blog, thank you for being a part of our small WordPress Femdom/FLR community

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      1. Thank you for the compliment D! I do enjoy baking, not so much the cooking but it is a crazy day with day to day commitments, so I’m doing my part. I’ll get spoiled this weekend 😋
        I truly enjoy being a part of this little community so thank you again.

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  2. For us the day was nothing spectacular; cuddling in the morning (no sex), exchange of small presents (a bit of jewlery for Her, a couple of pairs of socks with a big “already taken” inscription for me), followed by a regular day, early dinner (we both cooked) and some more cuddling in front of TV. She’s asleep now, but She promissed that I will eat Her out first thing in the morning, before She takes the shower. Yummy… 🙂 I love my Wife.

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    1. Hi Tom:
      Thank you for your response.
      That is very nice you got Her something, I bet She loved it. You are a good man..
      Its funny, my husband has no problem with going down on me if I haven’t showered ether. I used to think it was gross to not be clean for him. Don’t get me wrong, being clean is important. I believe now that the submissive mind space a male goes into is much deeper if he is smelling a strong female scent.
      I know for us anyway I smell of a much stronger pee smell too. I think for many men the used smell and pee smell is repulsive even as a sub. So forcing them to smell you and what ever else you want helps them to feel more submissive and maybe even ashamed. This is a good thing.

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      1. Hi Dorinda. I have always enjoyed the powerful womanly scent. Not just my Wife’s. It is the single most arousing sex stimulus for me. Of all the senses smell seems to be the most important one for me in sex. I am not sure this has anything to do with my submissiveness to my Wife. I absolutely don’t feel any shame when going down on Her when She’s not fresh. I am in heaven then. I don’t mean really dirty pussy or anus, just not freshly washed. Like in the morning… It will be a special treat for me. Sometimes I just like to be with my face between Her thighs and inhale Her wonderful healthy aroma, it’s intoxicating…. I am fully aroused just writing this.

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  3. I spent the day with a nice gentleman I did some business with a while back. The boy was home fixing dinner. He made me seared tuna and a cucumber and tomato salad. I will have a long foot rub and an even longer pussy lick. While the boy is licking I will tell him about my day with the gentleman. Nothing happened but the boy doesn’t know that.

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  4. Hi Tom Oh he knows, but with my freedom and his chastity things could change. It’s the edging that keeps it interesting. He does know there have been a couple of guys I really did like.

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    1. Hi Janyne. Sweet torture of not knowing for sure and being perpetually horny and unable to do anything about it… It would be interesting to hear from him about it. Would You allow him? I saw his post on the previous thread.

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  5. Hello Tom wet spot here responding to your post. I am in a extra small pink silicon chastity device Janyne calls it pinky. Your observations are correct I am constantly aroused I am not allowed to say horny. I am released for sex about once a month. It is not vaginal intercourse I get a foot job , hand job and if she feels like it oral sex sometimes I do what she calls a sissy that’s an observed masturbation that may include a dance or a little song very humiliating. If you can imagine I spend an hour or so rubbing her beautiful feet and kissing and licking her magnificent vagina for another hour then told “good girl” and sent away. She has many men friends and she talks about them. She has a male friend that takes her out to dinner and dancing. She comes home wet and I lick her to a completion.
    I love my life

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    1. Hi wet spot. Thank you (and Janyne) for your response.

      I think you are very lucky to be married to this wonderful Woman who fulfills your fantasies and cravings by letting you serve and obey Her. I believe you that you like your life and that you are constantly aroused and desperate for sex and orgasm. As a fellow subby I know very well how this feels. Janyne is clearly more demanding and strict than my Wife, but there are many similarities between your and my situation. I am not caged but my orgasms are strictly controlled and also rare (only two in 2019 so far, none from vaginal intercourse – I really feel desperate here) and even entering my Wife’s gorgeous vagina with my penis became a real rarity, it happens only when She wants to orgasm from it. But She teases me a lot by letting me enter Her just for a couple of thrusts or not even that and then making me withdraw. I have not been allowed vaginal sex since December. She prefers to be licked, pussy and anus – I love to pleasure her orally, I can never have enough of pussy and ass – and/or penetrated with her favorite large vibrating dildo. She loves foot massages just like Janyne (I love Female feet…).

      I am curious about your cage; How tight is it, can you have erections in it and how do you maintain the hygiene if you are locked up all the time? Who decided about the type of the cage you are wearing? You see, I am not allowed to masturbate (unless my Wife wants me to) or to even fondle myself. My Wife is super strict about this, She forced me to drop masturbation four years ago. I don’t ejaculate without permission anymore, but I am still tempted to jerk off and I touch myself too much (I cannot drop the habit and I get punished when caught). Maybe I could drop it if I couldn’t touch myself for a few months. However, My Wife is not enthusiastic about cock cages, too much work and too kinky She says. If I could choose I would prefer a metal cage, the kind that gives the “locked behind bars” looks. I would want it to be tight enough to make erection uncomfortable but not impossible.

      How do you feel about Janyne dating other men? I can imagine it must be an emotional roller coaster, but it does excite you, doesn’t it? I must admit that the fantasy of my Wife cuckolding me with a much better endowed lover is very exciting (also scary) but I think it is best that it remains a fantasy. My Wife knows about these fantasies and scolds me for entertaining the idea. She is smarter than me in this regard, I think too much with my dick.

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  6. Hello Dorinda
    Valentines Day was extremely busy. We’ve hadn’t lot of snow this week. And while I would normally cook dinner, because of work, I didn’t get home till 8:00 pm. The house was empty so I phoned my Queen to find out where she and my son were. My son has 9 customers he shovels snow for. No fancy machines just straight out grunt work. This was the third day straight he was shovelling and my Queen had gone to help him. She sounded exhausted so I went to where they were. She was so glad to see me and she went home. I stayed and shovelled with my son till he was finished. Man he does some huge driveways!!! At any rate by the time we arrived home, my Queen was sleeping. She hadn’t even opened any of my cards—I typically buy more than one! So I didn’t really see her on Valentines Day. But yesterday and today was far more pleasant! lol


    1. Hi Michael:
      Family is what is important in my opinion. It sounds like you guys worked together.
      I am sure She will love your cars when She gets a chance to open them.
      It does not show here but it is grey and dismal, It saps my energy and will be happy when spring comes. I love living each wonderful day between now and then though. It is hailing right now here.

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