Today I put myself in my friend’s shoes. I wondered what it would be like to come over to a friend’s house and get a pedicure, foot and leg massage, and lay back and have Her man lick and suck me off, use his tongue to explore sensitive places my ex never did, and not be pressured or bothered to satisfy him, until I was spent and ready to end it, not him?

Sandy was over this morning, She wanted to talk about things, She wanted to talk about us, our relationship, Her relationship with my husband, She was worried about the whole thing.

We are very old friends so we can talk honestly about it all. We started the foot leg thing it seems like last summer; the oral thing has on been five or six weeks now. We talked about it casually for a good two months before doing it.

Anyway She would like to keep doing it if we can, She is only separated from Her husband and he has started divorce proceedings with Her. She is firmly against wanting to date at this time in Her life. She has Her vibrator for penetration and my husband’s oral service for Her lust and satisfaction. She is very busy here in town with Her business, Her Grand children and at Her home, plus She is part of a tight group of us women that grew up here in this small town.

I feel very good about providing my husband to service Her. Putting myself in Her shoes, It is hard for me to imagine a husband that is afraid to use his tongue in me and would not service my anus with it. I have had mine service all my needs for so long I guess I am out of touch.

It feels good to see Her get pleasure after so many years, It feels very powerful to command my husband to give Her a pedicure after serving Her coffee while we talk like we would being at the salon or café.

I love to see Her when She is through with him, that She does not need to run off like a cheep date. She is so relaxed and apparently satisfied. I hope She is anyway. Only we know about it. So Far, Each time my husband stays in with us as we sort of decompress. Today he gave me a foot massage while we were talking afterward. We are lucky friends.


At my Feet

10 thoughts on “I put myself in Sandy’s Shoes

  1. I think You are handling the situation admirably, to everybody’s satisfaction and benefit. All of you (You, Sandy and your husband) strike me as responsible and level-headed individuals who just happen to be more sexually open and adventurous than is the norm in the general population. I am glad for all of you. and envious… 🙂

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    1. Hi Tom:
      Thanks for commenting.
      I know, When you read a blog post of mine I feel many people think we do this all day long.
      The things I post about are a few hours of our life each week. We have family, friends, children, grandchildren, work, friends, home maintenance, etc.
      We are comfortable right now in our lives. Thank you.


  2. Dear Dorinda,
    I am called wet spot, I am married to mistress Janyne. I am called wet spot because of an unfortunate accident in tan dockers back in our dating days. Mistress has given me permission to write you, well it was an order.
    I introduced chastity to Janyne and she was then noncommittal about it. Mostly because my rather small penis looked even smaller in the device and seemed to be too small to be effective. When I found the extra small device I am now in she perked up about it.
    Chastity gives Janyne a freedom she had never experienced. With me locked up she can control all our sexual activities and have male friendships with unlocked men. Something she enjoys.
    Recently our friends Marta and Scott entered a female led dynamic that includes his chastity. Mistress Janyne has really taken to Scott’s penis and she talks about it all the time. She has instructed me to admire his penis “called his cock” mine is penis. I am to memorized the dimensions, color and smell so that I can tell her about it. She told me she is thinking of asking Marta if her and I can suck it. I don’t want ether of us to do that.
    Dorinda, or your readers, is this too much to ask?
    wet spot

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    1. Hi wetspot:
      I have heard a lot about you. Thank you for replying.
      When it comes to following your Doms requests or orders, there is really nothing to far. Unless of course it’s dangerous or unsafe or it’s just something against your will.
      But being a submissive looking at another penis or vagina for your Dom is not out of bounds at all.
      I hope if She allows you to, you could come back, and let us hear your description of his large penis. Also let us know how he tastes, especially if you get the opportunity to taste his semen.


  3. Dorinda, I really admire your approach to this lifestyle and this especially applies to the help you are giving your friend. Very few women have the luxury of not having to worry about pleasing a man, both outside a sexual relationship and in it. You are giving her a great gift and i really admire your confidence in doing so. Who knows, maybe she will eventually find this same thing in a partner.

    As to Wet Spot: Yes. You are the submissive in all things. If Jayne requires it, stop being hesitant and just do it.

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  4. Hi Janyne’s boy. I am submissive to my Wife even though our Femdom and FLR dynamics are not as intense as yours. Just like you I have a rather small penis and my Wife fully controls me sexually.
    Unless it is a health issue I don’t think you really have a choice. You asked for it, didn’t you and you are in it voluntarily. If your Wife wants it you should do it. I cannot place myself in your position but if my Wife wanted it, I would even suck a superior cock. I am sure I wouldn’t like the smell and taste though.


  5. What a great post and a great relationship. My wife and I have discussed it but we are not that far along. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle.


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