This is the time of year around here where I get sort of withdrawn from life. Its grey outside, the days are short, its always cold outside and inside too.

It happens to me every year. I have not had my friends over since the holidays last year. I miss them. I see them in town of course, sometimes I stop by the coffee shop and visit, and we do keep up with texts and calls.

I do look forward to spring, its warmer and brighter outside. I have my small set of close girlfriends over often for lunch or dinner.

He does such a great job of cooking for us, he serves us dutifully our drinks, wine, food and desserts. I miss showing him off to them I guess.

Thinking about it, I do try always to let my friends see I control him. I never really thought about my motivation until now. I guess I love their comments about him. This close group got to see him kiss my feet last year, if you remember I posted about it. It brought a few of them together for a more detailed explanation of my marriage and my Dominance of him after that.

My last post was about one of those Women.

I have been trying to diet and use our home gym as much as possible during this time to keep me going. Its raining again this morning here.

He is still my strong loving man, and a very obedient submissive. I have him more to my self in the winter and continue to train him is the art of serving a mature woman. All men get rusty if not kept reminded of their place in a marriage. I don’t know, maybe its just me but every so often I retrain him about there is never a free orgasm for him. We all know how men’s behavior changes immediately after they spend their load so I keep him remembering thats not allowed in our marriage. This totally works for ours.

Since his initial male re-training in the beginning of our FLR he has never ever let me down.

This amounts to a very simple process, after he cums he swallows all of his semen, and/or drinks my pee. What I feel it does is make him super submissive, with no hesitation he does these things for me. A sort of remedial training I do (and have done many times the last few weeks) is have him put a rubber on, I sit on his face with his mouth sucking my pee hole, I hold a vibrator on him until he cums completely, then I let my full bladder release until I am fully drained. As he is drinking he is smelling my scent. When I am thru I get off and remove the rubber from his limp dick,I cut most of the rubber away from the filled up tip and pour it into his mouth to taste and swallow. This takes 5-10 minutes. Not much time out of my day to insure his submissiveness. He also spends a lot of time sucking my feet and toes. This he does at will for me

If he will do it post orgasm he will do anything pre.


14 thoughts on “Why I have not been posting lately

    1. Awe, thank you Slave c:
      I hope to snap out of it as the sun starts to come out. My husband wants me to go on a walk in a little while to get me outside.
      My sex drive has increased a little since posting again. I could see the look in his eyes this morning so I let him take me. He was so excited to explode inside of me. I felt so very close to him afterwards.
      Thanks for the reply.

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  1. I love reading about your life with your submissive husband, although I am more than a little envious of your husband. I especially love how you use hike for drinking your liquid gift. I had the same gift for a good many years and loved it, but time and health made it only a memory.
    Please keep on writing your posts, and let me live the memories through your writings.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts.
      We actually do try to be careful with the pee. I sound more cavalier then I really am. I don’t take any medication yet nor him. We both drink at least three liters of water each day. And it’s not generally each day he gets a drink. There are days too he gets several.
      Like you I very much love doing it.

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    1. Hi Michael:
      I did not know you had any involvement with this topic. Many of my followers do not. Which is fine, serving your wife in any way is a good thing for both. Its just one of the ways a Woman can know what it feels like to Dominate, and for him to feel completely submissive to Her. Its for sure one of the things that defines if you are playing FemDom or are actually practicing it.
      Just my opinion.

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  2. It is nice to see you are back. I have posted a couple of things but they didn’t show up. I was thinking your blog was dead.
    I have a girlfriend names Marta, she has a husband named Scott. I showed her wet spots chastity device and she now has poor Scott in one. At the showing I saw Scott’s equipment. My GOD Dorinda what a magnificent cock it’s at least twice the size of my boy’s even in the device. Marta and I are playing around with the nude male fully clothed female game and the boys are participants even if not willing. I have had my boy study Scott’s cock so he could describe it to me while he is worshiping me. It seems to embarrass him to describe another man’s cock while he is licking but gosh it feels good.
    wetspot will be writing you using my email but his name, if that is OK with you


    1. Hi Janyne:
      I hope you are doing well. As I said I have not been on WordPress for a while now.
      Your settings have not changed, you should be able to post any thing.
      Who does not like a huge cock, how fun wet spot is looking at it close up and personal. I do understand your thoughts here. If I had another man to play with I think I would have both suck each other off while I watched the semen spurt out of the swollen head into the open mouth of the other.
      It sounds reasonable right?

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