He has been doing a close friends feet and toes for several months now, maybe even near a year. She comes over every few weeks for her treatment, I have posted about her a few times before. She is the one that had a husband that is not very attentive to her sexual needs. He is a great provider and still friends but they separated a while ago.

She is a very nice woman, she really enjoys my husbands attention when She come over. As time has gone on we have become much closer, all three of us.

When She would be here for Her toes, if she wore pants or slacks She would take them off to be more comfortable. I noticed during one of these times She has a very full bush peaking out of Her panties.

As time goes on we talked a little about it. She said She never really shaved much down there except to clean up during swimsuit weather. I started thinking about what it would be like forcing my husbands face and mouth in to it. I was thinking about it often. As you know and have seen pictures of me before and after he cleans me up down there I just do not have a supper hairy patch like She does even when I let it grow.

We decided it would be exciting to have him take care of Her orally , to as many orgasms as She could stand next time She came over for Her feet and toes.

We talked about it in length, we wondered if it would damage my husband and my relationship or hers and ours. She was wanting his lips and tongue so bad, She had never ever had a man serving Her, to be able to just relax and orgasm if She could. To use his mouth for only Her pleasure, to be done with him after She was through.

I wanted it for me, to force him again to submit to my craziness again. This time no piss yet, only oral satisfaction for her. I could not sleep thinking about his lips in her womanhood, so much hair, a full on hairy, woman’s pussy. I told Her not to shower that morning, I wanted him to smell Her full scent.

So it happened, When she was done with Her pedicure and feet and calf massages, I told him what he was going to do for Her. He was to follow Her exact instructions and not to stop until She ordered it.

I left the room to give her some privacy with him. They were in there for over an hour. I could hear her whimpering as he was working on Her.

We talked afterward for a long while about the feelings she was having working up to an orgasm after not having an oral one for years. She was in tears thanking me for his service, I was in tears too just looking at how thankful She was as we hugged each other in front of him. It is hard for me to see Women that have not been treated well by their husband. Don’t worry, I am not out to save the world with my husbands tongue.

Its different for me to share his mouth with Her, I still have not allowed my sister to have him.

Now every time she comes over She has him orally. Three times now in total, She is working up to more then one orgasm per session.

I am totally good with it, It makes me feel very powerful. We are working very slowly with her peeing in him, she is able to do it only if she is on top, we are working on her doing it while she is sitting getting Her feet done.


26 thoughts on “Finally something to post about

          1. How nice it is for You to like it. Thanks for Your kind words. A dear friend introduced me to the flavour of fresh, sweet saucy pussy years ago. Cock just doesn’t interest me anymore. I would like to submit to You just as Your beautiful husband does. I am blessed with a wonderful Woman whom I’m delighted and privileged to serve. It’s a treat knowing how a strong Woman makes Her power felt. Best of fortune, Marsha

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            1. Hi Marsha:
              Thank you for your comment.
              Submitting to me means a lot of oral time between my legs and being able to do much more then oral while down there. Most could not do my deeds.
              Be careful what you wish for. I am very open minded


            2. Hi Dorinda,

              My poor phrasing gave my note an unintended slant. I would never jeopardize the wonderful love Madame and I share. Submitting to you would be a fascinating adventure, especially with your fertile imagination. It’s only a tantalizing fantasy that we could come together. But what a mental distraction it is…

              Thanks for your splendid column. You will always have a faithful reader.

              Best of fortune,


              On Thu, Feb 14, 2019, 00:05 A Femdom Wife’s Life Dorinda a Femdom Wife commented: “Hi Marsha: Thank you for your comment. > Submitting to me means a lot of oral time between my legs and being able to > do much more then oral while down there. Most could not do my deeds. Be > careful what you wish for. I am very open minded D” >


  1. Hello Dorinda. That’s wonderful and also not very surprising, given Your previous thoughts on letting Your husband serving other Women sexually (at Your command and not for His pleasure). I remember You didn’t negate the possibility of it happening. I think it is a logical step forward in Your Femdom relationship.

    It’s nice to hear from You again. Can You reveal to us what You felt when You heared your friend’s voices of sexual pleasure? Were You tempted to be there to observe it? It was a generous gesture to let them have the privacy though.

    I am sure Your hubby enjoyed the experience. I know I would if I had a chance to serve my Wife’s friends like this, but I know it will never happen.

    Regards, Tom

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    1. Hi Tom:
      Thank you for following me.
      When I heard Her moans, I knew they were coming from deep inside Her. I felt love for Her. We talked a lot about it, She was worried about me. I felt so strong that my husband was between her legs. She said it took her a long time to get there, She has not ever had a man only pleasing Her. She had him start very slow and as she started loosening up had him suck her clit hard but then could not hold back her orgasm.
      I did not want to go in to watch, I am Ok with them alone. He was wearing all his clothes.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Thank you for replying Dorinda. I think I can understand Your feelings towards Your friend especially given Her circumstances. I sympathize with Her, it is outrageous that Her ex wouldn’t cater to Her sexual needs. What kind of a man does that to his Woman?? It is very generous of You to be able to share Your hubby’s oral services with Her with no regrets. I cannot really say how exactly I would feel in his shoes pleasuring another Woman (aroused for sure but probably also grateful to both my Wife and Her friend for the wonderful experience) but I am certain that my devotion to my Wife wouldn’t be compromised. Oh, and I am sure I would also be very nervous about my performance.
        Could You describe Your husband’s feelings?

        Liked by 2 people

        1. We talked about it before and after at length.
          He did get an erection each time. I enjoy that very much. I enjoy stimulating his male ego, but I do not allow any relief that day for him.
          His very deep thoughts are wanting to make her explode now. Learning her vagina and its secrets. He says her clitoris is much larger and longer then mine when excited. He is learning to suck it and lick her at the same time he says. She is starting to warm up to his tongue inside her to. Its a different machine than mine, his goal is to learn it. He knows every inch of mine and exactly what to do with it and how I enjoy building up to many orgasms, maybe in time She will to

          Liked by 3 people

          1. Thank You so much for letting us know this.

            I can totally understand his desire to learn the secrets of Your friend’s vagina and Her sex with the sole purpose of providing the maximum pleasure for Her. You Women are so much more complex and diverse sexually than us men. After more than 20 years I must still humbly admit that I am still learning my Wife’s sexual body and spirit. We have had sex thousands of times, yet She may still surprise me. And the real learning started only four years ago when She took control of my masturbation. Before that I was taking sex for granted, my own orgasms were a priority for me even though I always cared about Hers as well. Not any more, Her orgasms and pleasure are everything to me now.
            The most important lesson that I fully appreciate now is that my Wife’s satisfaction in sex does not depend only on what and how I do to Her body and pussy during sex or my sexual service but equally importantly on how She feels outside bed.

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  2. It is an incredibly powerful statement to be loaned out for one’s services, and for something as personal as oral service it must be a much deeper trip down ones psyche. As one that has orally serviced a woman with a lot of hair I must admit I much prefer shaven or at least tightly trimmed.

    Thank you for posting this.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I didn’t realize that I missed your blog so much until I received this one. What a great blog! You are amazing! Your husband is a very lucky man. I can’t wait until your friend feels comfortable enough to just stop by for a quick orgasm and pee. With your permission of course. Please let us know about future encounters.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Wow. Did your husband have any idea the session would be more that just feet? What was his feelings about it afterword? I love how controlling you are. Good to read a new post from you.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This was a very exciting post. It made Angus feel very cramped! lol. It’s right in line with some of my fantasies—did you read my CFnm series? It included you.
    At any rate it’s nice to see you post. I’m glad things are going well for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Michael:
      Thanks for reading my post, I have not been posting as you know, this took place a while ago, I figure I have told all about us including about my friend, this was just a new twist.
      I have not read any posts as I have been away but look forward to reading yours, I’ll do that.

      Liked by 2 people

  6. Hi Dorinda,

    Finally a post from you after ages. Can’t tell how much you were missed.

    Don’t you think its time for you to cuckold him? I think that’s the only thing left.

    Also, when he can get physical with many women (with your approval ofcourse), what is holding you back?

    As an outside observer, I can surely say he is having time of his life just being submissive. So why not you? What is the harm in trying?

    Are you worried that he will be offended because the last time you had sex outside marriage, he was offended for sure.

    I think its time to take a leap and cuckold. I am sure he will approve it now and will be a good supportive husband. If you are worried try taking his permission before to take this further.

    This would also tell you who is the boss, because I feel he is still the boss somewhere even though he likes being submissive.

    What do you think?

    Will wait for your revert.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Radhika:
      Thank you for commenting and following my blog.
      Cuckolding is not for me. I want nothing to do with another man. My husband is my dream man, he is all I need and especially so sexually.
      I make him use his nose to smell other woman, his tongue to please them and his mouth to drink their nectar.
      His cock and love are for me only. My demands of him are for my power trip, to use him for my friends pleasure is very powerful.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Anon:
      Thank you for replying on this post.
      I have gotten many e-mails from followers with this exact question. Its a fair question.
      But no, I don’t think so. I have fun two ways with him and Sis. He performs a very submissive act for me serving Her, and She wants him but I wont allow it.
      I am Dominant over both, this strokes my ego.

      I think now more then ever the answer is no. After seeing the emotional state my friend was in afterwards, the gratitude and love that flowed from Her being I don’t want my sister to experience that from my husband. Call it sibling rivalry. It feels very good to have something She can not.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Missed you so much! Glad to have a post back and what a return! I enjoy the humiliation and compliance parts of this….he is in YOUR service for whatever you might decide…

    Liked by 2 people

  8. That’s a very erotic text. It’s great to hear about your love for your husband. It’s great to have such an intense relationship. You are lucky woman. ❤️


    Liked by 1 person

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