My new haircut.

I never liked being completely shaved in the past but I have been enjoying him sucking on my lips a lot lately. Its much better like this for that purpose.

When he is down there, remember he does it sideways so he can tongue fuck me while I use my vibrator directly on my clitoris from above, the combination is earth shaking.

Anyway, I seem to be enjoying him sucking my full lips and the rest of my woman parts, bringing them into his mouth with varying pressure while I just relax and enjoy. I am getting much more relaxed with sex as our FLR goes on. There has been no pressure to orgasm since we started it. First went the pressure of having to please him during sex, this made it tiresome and made it feel a little like a choir. Then later I felt since I have the power and used it regularly I needed to orgasm.

Now I can if I want or not. It feels completely different with him sucking me everywhere down there. Like a massage.. I do mostly orgasm though, but I can have the massage as long as I want before, during, and after my explosions.


11 thoughts on “My new look

      1. I have always loved shaved women. My Queen generally kept a small triangle of hair because she didn’t like smooth. However she surprised me with her smoothness a few months ago and I love it. I don’t know how long she’ll leave it this way so I’m just enjoying the look, feel and taste! 😜


  1. Looks very nice Dorinda. Was it waxing or a shave? I used to prefer my Wife’s crotch area completely bald, but now my preference is a dense trimmed bush with short hair elsewhere or completely bald (waxed) lips and around anus. Not too short, mind, with my Wife’s very strong hair the stubble makes oral sex difficult for me, especially when She sits on my face and grinds away…


    1. Hi Tom:
      Thank you for reading my post.
      My husband shaved me. He has been doing this ritual for a long time, It is very relaxing to have this very personal service performed by him a few times a month. The only thing new is taking all the hair from down there.

      I very rarely sit on his face, it is actually a lot of work to stay up there while I build up to an orgasm. I enjoy being on my back. The same as when I have him make love to me, he does ALL the work. I read that many Dom women enjoy topping so they feel the power. What ever works for them is Awesome.

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      1. Thanks for responding Dorinda.

        Unlike You my Wife derinitely prefers to be on top when fucking. Even if we switch positions, we finish with Her on top maybe 95% of the time. She likes to take full control in the end and pin me down with my wrists above my head and ride me roughly to Her orgasm. And guess what, it has been like this from the beginning 20 years ago. Before we had the first sex She told me up front that that was the only way She could cum and that She really needed to feel the cock hard and deep inside Her cunt (causing me some severe initial anxiety with my little insecure penis…). Later She discovered with me that She can have orgasms in other ways too, I couldn’t believe that She had the first orgasm from pussy eating with me 🙂 even though She was far more sexually experienced than me. But being on top remained Her favorite fucking position to reach orgasm.

        These days She prefers oral sex combined with penetration with a large vibrating dildo. Vaginal sex remains on the menu but is far less frequent, as are my orgasms, ruined or regular ones.

        Sitting on my face: with Her on top of me, as in the 69 position, She grinds Her pussy on my face to Her orgasm in the end, not unlike how She does it with my penis inside Her. I do most of the work before, but in the end She totally smothers me and literally fucks my face and drenches me with Her juices. It makes it very difficult for me to breath inside Her ass and I sometimes feel dizzy. I must say it is my favorite submissive position.


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    1. Hi Munky:
      Thanks for reading and replying.
      I agree, but I think we are sort of trained to put our selves under that pressure with movies, tv, and peer pressure.
      Its a natural act that is wonderful, It took me a long time to be comfortable and free with it. To not feel used, but to feel loved and cherished. Its wonderful.


  2. My wife is shaved as well and I find it much more enjoyable to have my mouth on bare skin. I also stimulate her from the side while she is using a vibrator. It seems to really add to her pleasure.

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    1. Hi Herwish:
      Thank you for reading my post.
      I know right, it is the best position for a man to be in, he has to be in good enough shape to get his mouth basically inside me with one of my legs over his shoulder. It really stretches his neck muscles.
      But after you cum that way with complete control of your vibrator on your clitoris and if needed verbally controlling his tongue inside me. He can and does massage my g-spot with it. He can go very deep. Anyway you never will go back to basic oral sex, at lest if you want to orgasm.

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