I wanted to clear up some things about my relationship with my husband.

I have been receiving a lot of e-mail thinking I have him sexually service many Women. This is not true.

He only does that for me. As far as personal service for other women, I have allowed only three other Woman his pedicure service. Along with that he has washed and massaged their feet and legs, sometimes massaging for quite a while.

My Sister has more privileges. Along with the feet and leg massages, the toe nail trimming and polish job She has also had her legs and vagina shaved by him. And of course She loves for him to drink Her pee. This is not by direct contact but by a funnel so there is space between Her and his mouth. As I have said She wants his tongue in Her but I have not allowed that..

She has also helped me to have him cum in his mouth by making him kiss and suck Her toes as I put my little vibrator on his penis, then before he climaxes I have him put his feet and legs over the top as he is on the floor on his back, this positions his penis directly over his face so his release is right in to his open mouth.. This task makes him very submissive for several days.

I guess because he has to take his full load and swallow it, he has to taste his cum full strength, this in itself is very demeaning and then he is doing it in the presence of another Woman. He becomes like a little puppy for me for a few days, then he returns to his normal soft submissive behavior I have trained him to be. It’s so funny because many Woman have told me they cage their male because after he orgasms he loses interest and is not submissive for a few days or longer. My husband is exactly the opposite of that in this scenario.

We got back from our trip so She came over the other day for Her toes and feet. It seems the longer we are away from Her the more pee she has for him when She gets here. I had him make a funnel out of a plastic two quart bottle and a rubber hose about three feet long months ago, this is what we use for her to pee into. The bottom of the bottle is cut off so it is very easy to pee into.

He was getting everything together to wash Her feet and do Her nails, when he came out I told him to lay down and get under the coffee table, I gave him the funnel hose to but in his mouth, with the 3 foot hose we could sit on the table or couch and pee in the bottle for him to drink. I had him close his eyes and told him to guess who’s pee he is drinking. He does not drink until I tell him to so we were able to mix a batch with both of us peeing in the funnel, and then one each. It’s an old Pepsi bottle so there is lots of room to fill and to make it easy to squirt in. He guessed right for both of us but the mixed funnel he thought there was a third Woman.

Besides the time with my sister we have had my girlfriends over for a small Christmas get together where he cooks the meal and serves us, this is a normal thing, the girls have been over many times for get together’s here where he has served us.

I love showing him off to my friends, I absolutely love the compliments of how I trained him well, and that he is a good husband and the feeling of envy I get from them. I have a few posts about some of them.

Remember one of these parties I posted about is where one of the Woman he does her feet became aware of the service available to Her. She was here too

Now we are mostly settling into Christmas with our family, we love the lights and the festiveness of the season.

The only other thing I can think of to update you on is its winter again and cold at night so it’s the time of the year where I have him drink me a lot more while in bed so I don’t have to get out of bed. I know, I seem lazy but I look at it as why not use the service from your husband if available.


Getting him ready to drink his load

12 thoughts on “I do not have him service every Woman I know

  1. As always, I am sure I am not alone in waiting with anticipation for your next post!

    I never had the impression that you were lending out his services to many women. I thought it was a select few and your sister, the most select, so your post only confirms this. I think those writing those emails are letting their hopes/fantasies override their reading skills!

    As for the specific practice of eating his own cum, I totally agree that this puts one in a very submissive mode….I’ll probably come back to comment on that a bit more.

    In any case, thank you for another wonderful update and I hope the Holidays are all that you want them to be!

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    1. Hi Tim:
      Thank you for replying.
      It is odd that I got several in the last few weeks with the same incorrect observation. I love my e-mail questions and comments however, so it is ok. I wanted to be sure I was not giving out the wrong impression.
      Merry Christmas to you and your wife, and hopefully a happy new year

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  2. Hi Dorinda.

    I think that anybody who follows Your blog with any regularity should be pretty clear on how You stand on this issue; some services to selected girlfriends yes, sexual contact no, with your sister having more privilliges than the others. But I am sure serving and servicing the other Girls at Your command makes Your hubby very excited. It would make me extremely horny with precum in free flow if my Wife did this to me with Her girlfriends.

    With heavy pee consumption I would probably want to be careful about the possibility of an excess uptake of sodium. Some medicaments and/or their metabolites are also removed with pee. This is not to spoil the fun, just a thought.

    Best, Tom

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  3. Eating my own cum also makes me feel very submissive, but my wife says that I get moody and lazy for a couple of days after a full blown orgasm…so I only get ruined orgasms now. I don’t mind, I love the feeling of being horny and submissive all of the time.

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  4. Fantasy’s are what you’re getting emails about. I agree with those above, it is clear you are very guarded about who sees or gets any service from your hubby. Furthermore you have always indicated no sexual service occurs. But people will have their fantasies… lol


  5. Hi Cincy34,
    I agree 100% what you wrote. It is the same with me, I enjoy the feeling of being horny.
    After orgasm, I totally lose interest in sex for awhile. My wife edges me frequently, and sometimes the stimulation goes too far and causes me to orgasm. The orgasm is as they say, a ruined one, as stimulation had ceased before the spillage.
    This type of orgasm allows me to recover my horny state quicker than a full bore orgasm.
    My wife too, sometimes feeds me some of my cum.


  6. My experience with my boy is that a regimen of strict chastity will curtail the “sub drop” post orgasm. Wet Spot stays focused on my wants and needs pre orgasm chastity keeps him in that aroused state. He is in sort of a sexual dilemma of wanting chastity wanting orgasm and not wanting orgasm. When the boy is allowed orgasm, and he is he of course must consume his product. As his sub drop has set in eating his spunk is very humiliating for him. Of course chastity in itself is humiliating, observed ejaculation is humiliating and licking up the product is. Orgasms are about 10 to 1 in my favor.


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    1. Hi Janyne,
      The dilemma Your boy is facing is my dilemma as well. Even if I am free to choose (which is exceedingly rare) I almost always prefer to have no orgasm after my Wife has been sexually satisfied. Male orgasm is a strong but pathetically short-lived pleasure that leads to energy depletion and drop in desire to serve. I don’t want that, plus I hate the recuperation period before I can perform sexually again. I learned to enjoy my Wife’s pleasure and orgasms, they fulfill me and make me perpetually horny and ready to please. Of course if She wants me to cum, then I cum.


  7. Exactly Tom. The poor submissive is torn between wanting to be a man and wanting to be a submissive male. His pleasure comes from pleasing his Mistress and he only has that pleasure in a non orgasmic state. So Tom you want to orgasm like a man but you also want to be aroused like a submissive male and it forces you to live in the dilemma.
    Ah and what a delicious dilemma it is

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    1. Oh Jayne, I very much like that description! So well said! Yes, that is it and the submissive need wins every time…though the struggle is real of course 🙂


    2. Well Janyne, You pretty much nailed it. Yes, a delicious dilemma indeed.

      Just today my Wife woke me up a little over 5 am (crazy hour for Sat. morning) by grabbing and teasing my penis. She teased me for a few minutes and brought me close to cumming, but She wouldn’t let me touch Her pussy. When I begged to be allowed to taste Her I was given a choice to either have an orgasm (She was tormenting me by jerking off slowly just the head of my drooling penis and squeezing my balls) or to pleasure Her without my penis. You can guess what I picked. There is simply nothing quite as delicious as my Wife’s pussy and ass in the morning. And Her loud and very wet orgasm was my reward, but it was quite a workout, more than usually. We slept some more and then did it again and it was so easy to make Her cum this time. She actually thanked me for it, totally unnecessary but She does that sometimes. It totally made my day and we enjoyed the rest of our day alone with me happily fulfilling Her wishes and demands (our kid was away).
      I have an erection writing this as I had it several times through the day. It’s been 10 days since my last orgasm and I have absolutely no idea when I will get my next chance. And I am hardly waiting for tomorrow morning. I still have my Wife’s shoes to clean and to wash Her bra, nylons and panties that carry Her wonderful scent (my daily routine) and to hang them to dry before bed. Life is good 🙂


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