He has today off so he is home with me. I have not been feeling well lately so yesterday he pulled off the entire Thanksgiving meal and table settings all by himself.. Its no big deal except I enjoy working with him in the kitchen, I mean we are a married couple..

I have not felt like any sex because of being under the weather as explained above.

So today I had him shave me, I wanted his hands and face near my womanhood, I have posted about him taking care of my personal needs before, but today was for me mentally, I really love and needed to see him excited for me.. He came thru as usual, a raging hard-on for the entire time, with no stimulation other then him being able to service me..

He takes about 20 minutes to do it. I like hair on me so he has to do the edges and inside of my lips and of course both holes. It is so very relaxing. He does the complete job twice, including drying me twice.

When he was thru and had put everything away, I had him come over to the side of the bed where I reached out and grabbed his balls in my fist, then started slowly squeezing them until he bent over squirming then I told him to carefully open my lips and suck my clitoris.. I hoped to get horny but after a few minutes I could not get there. So I had him stop.

He dried me again and helped me into my panties.

I had him make Beth and me lunch from the left over feast he prepared last night.

After that I had him get down the Christmas things from out of the garage so I can start decorating our home..

I am considering putting him in his cock ring, a large butt plug, and a Red pair of panties and do the decorating for me. There down now ready to unpack..

We will see how I feel tomorrow.

Beth stayed over night, She was the only one, all the rest of the family went home last night.

I am in our bedroom and he is in our guest room doing her feet and toes. He started with a full body massage on Her as a gift from me. That full massage is not part of what he does every couple of weeks for Her. But today is a very lazy day for us and I was feeling generous.

I told him to spend a few hours on Her today so She should be plenty relaxed when he is completely done.


He cleans up inside around my lips. He is so very good at it

6 thoughts on “A little under the weather

  1. Hope you are feeling better,
    We had Thanksgiving at my daughters home. Lots of people, lots of food. Wet spot was delegated to work in the kitchen with the girls. I watch football, drank coffee and smoked cigars with the boys. The wet one was out of chastity for the day and was promised a blow job if he was a good boy. He looked smart in his men’s clothing of black trousers, white shirt he did have on his Nine West flat heeled ankle boots. That did cause him some worry, and wouldn’t you know it a woman there had on the same shoe and of course she noticed. From the kitchen we all heard a delighted scream ” Oh my GOD we have the same shoes, how adorable!”
    The boy was a little jealous of the time I was having with the boys. He was having a nice shoe conversation with the ladies.
    I told the boy he had been good and if he was quick I would do the much wanted blow job. In just a few minutes he was screaming like a school girl he was very quick. Well he is back in chastity with a promise of release and another blow job on New Years day

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    1. Hi Janyne:
      Thank you reading and commenting regularly on my blog
      Its interesting your relationship with wetspot. I don’t know, I totally enjoy giving my husband blowjobs. I don’t do it anymore very often because I am selfish and when I am horny I want him inside me..after a long oral session on me.
      My favorite part of the blowjob is feeling him swell up just before re releases and then feeling his powerful hot pumps of semen down my throat and in my mouth. I still love the taste of a big load.
      Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and Merry Christmas.

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      1. Wish my wife loved the taste of a big load, but she doesn’t, and she never liked giving blow jobs, but she would do what she thought was her wifely duty. I made her very happy when I told her that I did not think my dominant wife should give her submissive husband blow jobs.


  2. I enjoy your blog. Today I read it while wearing pink panties. I’m wearing them more often around my wife so she can see how more attentive I am to her n her needs.Hoping she orders me to wear panties more often.

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  3. First, beautiful picture! Second, he does a very good job! It is not that easy to do that trim so well….gald he does though!

    Thanks again for all of your updates, whcih I read religiously.

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