Some thoughts as I look down at my husband doing my toes.

To look down on this man I have molded into my submissive husband is amazing. Any thing I want or desire he provides for me. It’s like being in heaven as a Woman.

I am reclining on our couch with my feet hanging over the lower part that moves with my feet very near his face. He has sucked my toes and kissed my feet so many times he knows every inch by heart.

He is sitting on a short stool in his pink striped panties I had him put on for the occasion, sporting a raging erection. I bask in the glory of being so sexually appealing to him, at my age and being a little out of shape these days. It warms my heart.

When he brings out his kit, he also brings an extra beach towel I sit on. I always remove my panties and wear some kind of a sun dress or nightgown so as I move my legs apart he gets a look at my womanhood.. The towel is for me since I usually get wet watching him and like I said his manhood at attention over me.

This is actually my special time, here I just relax and melt from his warm skilled hands massaging my feet and calves, and then when he reapplies the polish after removing the old is so very sexual and fulfilling for me.

Today he is mine, no girlfriends or sister over to share him with. He got his fair share of  pee today, even without my sister’s contribution. I saved up a large batch and had him take it just as he started and had some more for him when he was finished. I did not have to move from the couch. As you know he gets it from me directly, he seals his lips inside my lips and sucks as I fill his mouth over and over as he gulps and swallows to keep up, until I am completely empty. Ahhh!

When I was done with him I turned on Netflix and watched a few episodes of a series I am watching. I did not allow him to release so he is nice and horny for me now. I can’t wait until I am in the fully in mood to use him and have enough energy for a long session with him.


At my Feet

8 thoughts on “I have him doing my feet right now!

    1. Hi AB:
      Thanks for reading my post and for replying.
      Its awesome I agree, at least from the receiving side. I did not mention it but he obviously cleans my feet too..
      Oddly enough I have had many conversations and photo exchanges about chastity lately. Its merits and reasons from both sides. I enjoy teasing my husband too much to cage him.. I also get a lot out of seeing him lick up and swallow his own semen.
      But one thing that interested me is a woman was telling me she has a custom cage she locks Her husband in that has spikes or something in it and when he attempts to get hard he experiences pain on the head of his penis. I would love to put this on my husband and make him hard..
      So in FLR there are many paths.

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      1. Hello Miss, I agree with your view and as you said each one has different reason for it. I am in chastity because I tend to wander off and needs to be controlled. I do like being in chastity and have been in for quite long time now. Thanks for your response.

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  1. Hi Dorinda, Loved it your husband at your feet! Wet spot will be doing a full service foot service on me today that will include all his usual things and a pedicure. I will send the boy out to buy a come fuck me red polish. On Thanksgiving the boy will be in mostly male attire but he will be doing his toes too. On Thanksgiving day he will be out of chastity but he will be in panties.

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  2. So much wonderfulness here! My wife is happy to have me do all the dishes along with other chores, but she is not into doing her toes or having me pamper her beyond a massage.
    I love the idea of kissing her feet while wearing pretty panties.
    On a few rare occasions my wife has done my toes with polish. I will be wearing panties on Thanksgiving, just as I do everyday, but red polish on my toes would be a treat!

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