My girl friend last night, we were at Her house for Her feet and toes.

One of the things I really get off on is watching both Her and my husband during Her service.

Before he did Her toes, he washed Her feet as she sat in Her living room talking with me. Her husband is out of town and it was only the three of us there.

I could see it in Her face, and her body language as She relaxed and somewhat melted into Her chair. As he washes her feet he is also massaging them, they are slippery with the glycerin soap and water he has applied. He has a large bowel with warm water and a few towels at Her feet.

He takes both hands around Her foot, starting at Her heel, squeezing and pushing his thumbs into the bottom of Her feet sliding his hands up to Her toes. I watched Her eyes roll back into her head and Her arms drop to Her sides.

After a long cleaning he drys them then starts on Her legs massaging Her as he works his way up to Her thighs. After both legs he uses a hair dryer on Her feet to take any remaining moisture off Her toe nails so he can apply polish.

Mentally what I get out of sharing my husband in this way is She enjoys something She can not have anything more than this, He has to do this to Her as a total submissive, on his knees before another mature Woman, he gets nothing more ether. This whole thing is only a mind game for both of us.

Remember he is a man, so being at another Woman’s feet at Her house with only a pair of sheer panties on, his manhood viewable under the silk, the panties are tight. If he gets hard we both can see it. He gets to feel a ashamed as a male, being used for a service as we talk about him and what ever else we like.

This is the third time I have done this for Her. This all came about because I had Her and some other close friends over one night, I told them about our FLR, She was very interested and this is what became of it. Friends Over, time to let a little of our secret out.



19 thoughts on “Getting ready for my friends pedicure and leg massage

    1. Hi jmad
      This is my same friend he has been doing in town now for a few months. He only does Her and my sister and of course me. The other girl was a one time thing so far, we were there for a wedding, She is an old childhood Friend.
      He only does their toes, ( he is just as good as any pro pedicure girl) and massages their feel and legs.
      Sister gets a little more, but thats it..

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        1. Hi Jamal:
          I am really not in to feminizing my husband as some Women are. I enjoy seeing him as a man. A man still turns me on, I just want to control him a little.
          Anyway on some occasions I do have him wear panties. Yes this is one of them. The occasions are almost always when he will be displayed to other women.
          When he does their services, he only has on panties and a cockring. Its embarising for him. If he gets hard everyone see’s it. Its only a mind thing to make him feel a little humility.
          We knew we had to go by Her place to do Her so i had him put on a pair before we left.


  1. very visual description of your husbands work on your friends feet. I can only imagine how he felt serving at that level. My own hubby has given a few foot rubs to women friends of mine he also was required to give a foot cleaning and a long rub to a male friend of mine. He seemed to hate that, he is so silly, I told him a foot is a foot, shut up and massage. My boy likes feet and shoes and they excite him considerably but as he is in chastity his level of frustration builds as he handles a women’s foot. I only allow him to touch another women’s foot if he is in chastity.


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    1. Hi Janye:
      Thank you for reading my posts and commenting. I feel many of the submissive men really enjoy your commenting. As another Dom so to speak, it is very refreshing to read about your views..
      I have not caged my husband as I have mentioned before. I have been receiving many emails from other Women in FLR. It seems I am the odd one with not caging my husband.
      I am thinking about it but I so enjoy seeing his semi or full erection while doing things for me.
      I feel you can be a firm Dom and still enjoy your mans penis.
      Like I said, I enjoy embarising/humiliating him and seeing his reaction to it. I also enjoy the way my friend looks at him while he is down in front of Her in his panties. We laugh about him being hard while at Her feet.
      He has not done a man yet, but I do not have any in my FLR kink circle of friends.


    2. Hi Janyne, what did you male friend think of your boy massaging his feet? did he feel uncomfortable or was he happy to get a foot massage?


  2. Hi Bryan, Both wet spot and my male friend were a little embarrassed about the male to male contact. Even though it was just a foot rub. Wet spot is turned on by humiliation and he felt it was humiliating to massage a man’s feet. This particular guy has massive feet and I reminded the boy about what they say about big feet on men as well as reminding him of how small his own feet are


    1. Thx Janyne. I am curious how did you bring this up to your male friend? Why would he agree to this, unless he is also submissive to you as well?


  3. Bryan, If anything my friend is somewhat dominant. On that Sunday afternoon I had invited Karl for a swim and spa. In the spa I ordered wet spot to serve my feet I then suggested to my boy and Karl that a foot rub would be good for Karl. Wet spot was reluctant but willing. Karl is a good friend and I think he is hopeful for some benefits . I may have to give him something.

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    1. Janyne, as hard as it is to believe, your life may just be more interesting than Dorinda’s. Sounds like you are cuckholding wet spot already? when he was serving your feet in front of him, was he giving you a foot rub or also foot to mouth worship? What kind of benefits was Karl expecting? I am, and I am pretty sure many readers of this blog, are interested in following your life. So thanks in advance for sharing!


  4. LOL at this point I am not cuckolding my husband. That doesn’t mean I haven’t and it doesn’t mean I won’t. But in a female led relationship cuckolding is always a possibility and it is something the male needs to be aware of and accepting of it.
    I like men and have many men friends. I enjoy lunch dates and dinners with men. I am a woman who enjoys pleasing a man. Karl knows wet spot is in chastity Karl also knows how much I enjoy giving a nice blow job to an appreciative man I have the feeling that Karl would like a Blow Job. I have talked this over with my boy. It is an uncomfortable subject for him. On Friday Karl wants to take me shoe shopping. After spending a good amount of money on shoes for me is a blow job a reasonable expectation or not?


  5. Janyne,

    Interesting. Sounds like not right now but you have in the past cuckholded wet spot? Where you are right now, such as sharing with Karl that wet spot is in chastity or showing Karl your dominance over wet spot through serving your feet and obliging on Karl’s foot rub, is signaling imminent cuckholding? Wet spot likes humiliation, so is that part of your motivation of carrying out these acts? Or are you strictly motivated by your own enjoyments and knowing that you have the power to force onto him as you see fit? Curious also whether if you have ever given wet spot a blow job?

    As to whether Karl deserves a blow job after buying you a pair of shoes, only you are qualified to answer that. I prefer to watch your life passively without injecting any input. But do let us know 😊


  6. Bryan you ask such interesting questions, I am blushing a little as we talk. let’s see Karl does know about my boy’s chastity and I did offer the boy’s oral foot service to Karl but he declined. The boy’s pleasure is a very important part of his treatment. Wet spot hates the idea of past and future cuckolding. Yes I have and do give wet spot blow jobs. He has the cutest little penis you ever saw. It try’s to stand tall and studly but is alas very small. I do love to put it in my mouth and feel it try to reach an acceptable size. Oh wet spot really likes a blow job now and then.
    As I mentioned in a past post intercourse is painful for me and poor wet spot does not get it. He understands this and understood it from the beginning. He did think that giving and receiving would be more equal than the current 50 or so to 1 ratio I now use.
    I have decided on shopping for ankle boots and a combat style lace up but with a side zip, so cute. Poor Karl will have to wait for his blow job but poor wet spot won’t know that.



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