I have been out of the country with my husband for the last several weeks so have not been attending to my blog

I have been attending to my e-mails so I have been staying in touch with my e-mail FLR, subs and Doms.

I am still planning on writing part 2 of How to find a FemDom Woman for a 24/7 Relationship when I get some time here before our next trip in a few weeks.

Obviously this is a benefit of having a hardworking submissive husband, that is, if I want to go I have the opportunity for a lot of travel.

I love going with him because I have him all to myself before and after he is done with his daily business. This and our next trip are for business purposes.

On this trip, every single morning I had him drink my first morning piss just before he walked out of the hotel room for work, this is one of my favorite Dominant thing I do to him.

While we were gone my sister has bugged me continually about Her toes and feet need his attention and now because we have been gone so long she wants to punish his balls with Her bare feet in anger!! She has been coming over about every two weeks for Her service. If you remember he is also doing a girlfriends of mine here in town too, I am sure She is looking forward to his Services as well.

She will be over today I am sure for Her service.

I am thinking of having him open his legs wide and hold him from the front while She kicks up from behind him. We have done this before but it is actually harder then it looks to land a good shot. He has explained to me that a good shot doubles him over and shoots pain thru his groin and stomach area. A good one makes the pain stay for awhile.

After he told me that a few years ago I use this knowledge to keep him very submissive from time to time when he needs it.

If its ball busting time, if I feel like allowing him to orgasm, I make him hard enough to cum and tell him he better pump out a big release to clean up, but it seems difficult for him to release with aching balls, I think the male body is not meant to orgasm with pain in their balls like this but I have made him achieve this many times.

Its funny, I have not thought about this in a long time but when I was first training him to be my sexual submissive I used to wack his balls with a wooden cooking spoon. I used to keep two different sizes in the night stand. If you want to train a man to be submissive, the wooden spoon works wonderfully.

This is a picture from our trip.( its uncanny that I was busting his balls earlier this week at the hotel, and then my sister brings it up too)

After a few days I allowed him to release his load. It was hard to get a good picture of me punishing his balls,  this is me crushing his balls up against his pelvis. I enjoy allowing him to orgasm while having severe testicle pain sometimes.

It goes back to the beginning, where I trained him a this for that. If you cum you somehow pay for it. This one he was begging for a release (which he knows not to do) so as he was cumming he got to experience severe pain before, during, and after. After he came in his hand I made him lick it up ( that’s a given, he always cleans up from inside me or outside of me) as I squeezed his swollen ball sack making sure he was thanking me for allowing him to orgasm.

We go in and out of this kind of FemDom relationship. Its been a while since I have punished his balls. I feel you need to change it up with your sub, nothing really shows the trust a sub has in his Dom like allowing your Woman to induce  testicle pain with out any disagreement.

I like that he keeps his legs wide open and his balls available for kicking, squeezing, or punching. That is a good husband..


Smashed balls
Him about to cum with sore balls. Look how excited he was!


19 thoughts on “I just got back..

    1. Hi Michael:
      We are both and our family all good..
      Thanks for the reply.. I do love this time of year, the soon to come holiday season.
      Like I mentioned, we leave again in less that a week on another trip and one more trip in December.
      I hope you and Queen are doing well, and even know the holidays are a few months away, I hope it will be a wonderful time of the year for you two..
      Lol, I dont have any idea why the holidays are on my mind.

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  1. My wife does not read any kinky posts except yours. She thinks that you are a great writer. I know what she means…you get straight to the point, and are very understandable She thinks that she can learn a lot about being dominant from you. I don’t think I want her to read this post. Ouch!!


    1. Hi Cincy:
      Thank you for responding..
      I know it sounds bad but its not that bad I hope. Whaat I have learned about my husband is if he gets an erection about something, he gets enjoyment from it.
      I would obviously never harm him..
      The tell tale sign is if I can get him to drip some precum during some activity. This one does that for me.
      This is one of the dominant acts a woman can do to Her husband for mental pleasure because you can look into his eyes and see the fear, the trust, you can even see when the strike is hard enough, Then the bonding and healing part between the couple is helping him to or allowing him to orgasm.
      He opens his legs in trust, knowing he is going to feel pain, then sometime later those same aching balls bump out a soothing load. She landed 4 or 5 dusies last night. He told me thankyou with some tears of pain and joy coming down his cheeks. Beth said She has been practicing while we were gone.


  2. Glad to have you back. Oh I can’t stand the wooden spoon smacks to my balls and now my wife does it even more. It is her favorite go to if I misbehave in the slightest. Punishment while cumming is often too but it is normally done when she has me edge myself. She slaps my balls with her hand progressively harder until I get close. Then I have to start over again. Usually 5-10 times in the morning.


    1. Hi Jmad:
      Thank you for responding.
      Awesome, not all men are equipped for ball busting in any form. I just so love giving my husband pain there. I dont know why honestly except that I think it makes me feel powerful, sometimes in bed I tell him to spread his legs wide and pull his underwear up tight. I am on my side and I make a fist and punch his balls as hard as I can. I can definitely tell when I am on target. The tighter he has his underwear the better. This pulls his penis out of the way and spreads his balls apart and up against his body so when my fist strikes there is no where for his balls to go but to only absorb the energy..
      This is with no sex, just so when he kisses me goodnight he drifts off to sleep with a deep ache for me.


      1. Yes there is rarely sex for me when it comes to ball busting. In fact that’s all she’s done in the past few hours. She keeps calling me over and having me spread my legs. I don’t think you could take her hardest punch but then what does my opinion matter?


        1. Hi Jmad:
          Thanks for the update. It is actually amazing how much abuse his balls can take. I also think the more we give our man pain there the more they can take and actually sort of enjoy it.
          When I do that in bed to him, he holds me very tight and I feel very secure, funny how mentally Dominance and submission work.
          I think everyone would be surprised if the saw both of us together, and that he is so submissive to me. The power of the Female!!


          1. I completely understand. The more she hurts me the more I want to caress her. I love kissing her hand after a horrible smack or scratch.


  3. So glad you are back! And what an interesting entry to return to! I am not at all sure what I think about it, but I totally understand the concept behind it. Thank you again for posting an update, I look forward to every one.


  4. Oh! Thanks Dorinda! I did not find it hard to follow at all. I think it flowed very naturally. Of course, I await Part 2, but any update on any topic is appreciated.

    I do believe in punishment/pain as an aspect of Dominance and Submission. I was just not sure about the ball busting part. lol. Understandably, I had a personal reaction….wincing. Not being critical at all, just was processing it.

    I think the training is important. And, I think your approach is very good! It is very interesting and instructive to learn how you think about it all.
    Thank you again!.


  5. Welcome back! It’s always great to hear what you are up to.
    It’s fascinating to me to read about your sister and her interest in punishing your husband’s balls for not being there to service her.

    There is something so erotic about consensual ball busting. The balls are considered to be so delicate, “don’t hit my balls!”, therefore to allow, even clearly desire, to have your balls abused is very exciting.
    As the replies above indicate, many men are afraid of having their balls hurt. Through training and experience, they can take a lot of abuse! Like you said, the more pain you give them, the more they can take and actually learn to get pleasure from it.

    When my wife allows me to cum, I feel that I should “pay” for that gift by suffering in pain. I guess I am just a masochist, but I also enjoy being made to suffer with clothespins on my cock and balls while my wife brings herself to orgasm with her vibrator.

    I have developed a “thing” of pressing my balls against my wife’s knees when we first get in bed. I get excited thinking about her kicking me with her knees then. I have told her outright that I welcome her kicking me in the balls, she has surprised me a few times with a moderate kick. I then grind my balls against her knees, often quite hard. My heavy breathing actually helps my wife settle in to sleep. She may be snoring lightly as I am groaning in self induced pain. I have learned to equate this pain in the nuts to be pleasure.

    Finally, I love my wife the most intensely after she has whipped my ass, brought me to a rock hard erection and left me denied of release.


    1. Hi Mr Bill:
      Nice to hear from you.
      Its funny, my husband enjoys the ball pain too. I posted about it here but it is something we do not do regularly.. We seem to go in and out of sexual things or methods.
      Sometimes I dont feel like doing anything, including orgasming. The last few years he has just settled down into my sub. Meaning it all natural now, he seems to really enjoy doing his services each day. I am happy we finally made it here. The only thing he needs is motivation from time to time. The motivation are words about telling him why he is doing them, a reminder i am his Dom, he is my sub, maybe I have him drop to his knees and kiss my feet or the likes. He is happy it seems just being mine. A big also, I am very lucky I am his wife


  6. Hello Dorinda,

    I have been following your blog for a few months now and have to say I really enjoy it. Too much info I find online is simply sub male fantasy porn written for guys, often by guys. I appreciate that Your writtings are from an actual dominate female’s point of view.

    Your post about ball busting reasonated with me. As a male I can attest to the pain associated with being hit in that ultra sensitive area. Never from ball busting; I have never done this with a woman. But I have experienced this through physical contact while playing sports. The pain is so intense that to me, letting a dominate female kick a sub in the balls, and then him opening his legs in anticipation of another kick or punch, because she ordered him to, is the ultimate symbol of trust, love and submission. This is no easy feat, as the man’s natural reaction is to protect himself in this situation. Congratulations to You on Your ability to train Your husband so well in order to provide You with enjoyment!

    I do have a question for You. I love the way You make your husband serve Your sister and Your friend. Have the attitude of these women towards your husband changed at all since he began serving them? I amI am wondering if they think less of him or treat him with contempt now? In regards to Your sister, would You say that Your relationship with her has improved now that she dominates Your husband?

    Thank You for reading this and for all of Your Posts and pictures.




    1. Hi Strathmoor:
      Thank you for reading my blog.
      The other Women, there have been only 3 total, my sister and one other use him often. The others do not live near us.
      I do believe they do look at him differently, but not in a bad way I don’t think. They know him, what he does for a living, his other life if you will, and I think they respect him.
      I do think they would love to have him full time.
      Remember, the Women don’t get any sexual gratification; He is not allowed to touch or lick them. My sister is the only one that makes him drink Her pee. This is from a funnel so there is no contact.
      He does their feet and toes, he has shaved their legs, done many a leg and foot massage for them but that’s it.
      My Sister and I have about the same relationship as before, She is just here more now. She does treat him differently though. She treats him like he is her foot and pee sub, She really gets off on it..


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