It seems that a very common thread among men that claim they are submissive to a dominant Female is they really want to provide oral service to a Her pussy and/or anus. It seems mostly to Her anus..

In a nutshell this is what they want and I feel would expect if they were actually in a D/s relationship.

The problem here is they cannot expect anything; they are the sub in the relationship. They do what the D Wife tells them to do. On occasion you will provide Her oral service of Her choosing but seriously, this works out to not as much time as you think.

Also you do not get to cum unless She wants you to. Sometimes for very long lengths of time, this includes no masturbation for relief, again, unless She authorizes it.

I also NOW think most people that read my blog are men that only fantasize about being in a Femdom relationship. My last post I received over 50 comments I did not publish, most with some sort of desire for oral servitude to Her back door.

This is totally OK, it’s just that you have to earn your place in order to serve a Woman, it’s all about Her deciding, not about you reading a Femdom post and spanking your monkey.. Then you’re done.

This behavior does not work for a mature Woman. You need to earn your place with Her.

If you have a Woman now, start considering Her needs, learn how to please Her orally and then tell Her you only want Her to experience orgasm, you are fine with rubbing Her feet or legs after so She can relax. Tell Her you do not need an orgasm, its all about Her.

After you become an expert satisfying Her with no orgasm for yourself you will be surprised how much more oral sex She wants and needs from you. She will have no pressure, She can enjoy Her Power. She does not need to help you, sometimes that task is way to much work for Her.

You can help Her to become Dominant, you may need to help Her get that way, then when She is very comfortable She may allow you to service Her anus.

You need to ask Her. If She trusts that She is free from your need to orgasm, She generally will become much more receptive to your wanting to show Her how much you love Her and want Her to accept your services.. That you will do anything to make Her feel like a Woman.

Get off your ass and start doing other work She would do in your  home. The idea is to continuously make Her life easier, The more you do for Her, maybe the more She will allow you access to orally service Her.

These ideas are actually facts. Many Woman need to be helped to accept they can be a Dominant wife or Girlfriend. It makes Her life remarkably better..

If you have a Woman, Help Her…. be Her man, Her needs always come first!

The art of being a good submissive husband is accepting you do not get to release even after you are ready to explode, your semen leaking out after you spent 45 minutes between Her legs then you massaged Her feet for another half hour, your role in Her life will change to do everything possible to make Her feel good and relieve any stressors She may have.

Its not easy to be a submissive husband, you basically give up the world view of a male. In a way you take on the role of the old school housewife, She can entertain, watch TV, text, rest, whatever while you do the household choirs. You stop by on occasion and tell Her how much you love Her, How beautiful She is, is their anything She needs?

Your sexual reward from time to time is a release. The good thing is you will have earned it and it probably will be a very wet one. Your balls will ache from the big spurts. Your main reward will be serving a true Woman, that She allows you so serve Her any way She desires with no complaints from you!

Anyway here is a picture of both holes my husband orally services for me..


Both Holes you need to learn to satisfy

26 thoughts on “Submissive men want to do this!

    1. Hi Jmad:
      I do know many of you that read my posts are truly like my husband. A good man that is submissive sexually and many other ways to their Woman.
      In my opinion if you are lucky enough to have a submissive man you will be very sexually fulfilled.
      This was not directed to you type men, but to the want to be’s.
      Again, that is not all bad (being a want to be) if you can get past your fantasies and get to serving a real Woman.

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  1. I can relate and agree with all of that. I think I service my wife orally less now that I did prior to starting to server her but now it is because she asks me and I dont push it on her. I want to please her how she whats and when she wants. Hopefully, as she grows in her control she will require more from me.

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  2. I would add, if I may, to your great insights that when the man gives up dominance and embraces submission to his wife that he can experience love and closeness as never before. I’m happier than I’ve ever been in my married life because of serving my wife.

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  3. Wow, I can really relate to this. Submitting to her, trying to make her feel comfort in her dominance by giving up my male role in favor of being more like her housewife, that speaks to my reality. Doing domestic chores while she relaxes, refilling her drinks, and rubbing her feet, I love it.

    I mean, I love licking her ass as much as the next sub (especially doing so while she masturbates after I have failed to fully satisfy her with penetration). But I get less sex now than ever before, yet I only love her and respect her all the more, knowing that it’s really not about me. I’ve never been happier.

    I was disappointed on your last post to see almost exclusively responses of a purely sexual nature. I take so much pleasure in the simple acts of domestic servitude, in fact, one of my absolute favorite things to do for her is iron her clothes.

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    1. Hi Paul:
      Thankyou for reading my blog.
      Wow, I think you have been the first man to notice the basic subject in all the reply’s. But I think most followed my lead on my example.
      I have been thinking my blog is to sexual, I need to start posting about the domestic chores and tasks that he spends much more time at then between my legs. Even the between my legs stats are not accurately depicted because the ratio is probably 75% to drink my piss, 25% oral servitude.
      Btw, my husband also enjoys ironing my clothing.

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  4. Hi – My husband shared your blog with me. I enjoyed reading what you had to say. We have been in a Wife Led Marriage for about 4 years now and we do many of the things you mentioned in your blog. In many ways our roles have reversed. We only have sex now when I initiate it. And although I orgasm every time we do have sex, he only orgasms about 10% of the time – maybe less. He needs my permission to orgasm and I know what happens when he does – laziness sets in. We have also reversed roles in what we do at home. I control our finances and pay the bills. I give Peter a small allowance ($20) each week. He does nearly all of the home keeping and house cleaning, when he comes home from his job. It took me several months to train him to do his chores the way I want them done. I was surprised how little he knew about laundry, ironing, dusting. With my extra time I spend more time away from home – book and sewing clubs, out with girl friends for drinks and dinner, shopping, etc. Except for his job, Peter is now permitted to leave our home and yard without my permission. Peter is the one who asked for our wife led marriage. I couldn’t be happier – interestingly, he is happier and more content than ever too! You truly are correct – submissive men do want this. Given what has been in the news lately, maybe all men need this!

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    1. Hi Dee:
      Thank you for reading my blog.
      I do hope it is not too sexual for you.
      I don’t think submission to a Woman is for all men, for that matter many Woman do not have the personality and skill it takes ether.
      So that leaves many men and Women that could fall into the category of getting into this life style.


  5. The submissive must in time learn that you have a sex life that does not necessarily include his penis. The locking up of the penis is a starting point. We have and use sex toys in our marriage. it is the boys responsibility to clean and maintain the toys. It is also his responsibility to keep a small supply of condoms and personal lube in my night stand just in case I have a friend stay over. When the boy learns that you do not need his penis he will become much more willing to attend to your vagina and anus and he will not expect intercourse as a reward for his going down on you. Oral sex is not foreplay!

    Yesterday I had a lunch date, wet spot didn’t know who the date was with. I wore jeans, a cute top and my silver flats the boy assisted me in my dressing and wished me a nice time on my date. Now I do know he was dying to find out who I was seeing and his poor locked up penis was straining to get out. His penis was not the focus my lunch, my enjoyment was. BTW I had lunch with a girlfriend, wet spot doesn’t know that. All he knows is that his wife was out having fun while he was home doing the laundry and polishing my brown boots. He did an excellent job on the boots and I complemented him on that.

    Later that evening I pointed at my vagina and said get busy, and he did. All his frustration and desire was focused on my satisfaction in that moment. When I was complete I rubbed his head and suggested that maybe Sunday he would have a little time out of the cage. He is always eager for a few minutes free.


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  6. Hi Dorinda.

    Yes, You are right, it is exactly like that. Oh, and an excellent teaser pic as to remind us subs what/where the reward really is. I get to see a sight like this a lot (only from my Wife of course), but the actual access to the sacred Womanhood (to clean, touch, kiss, smell, lick, penetrate and ultimately to pleasure) is something completely different, I have to earn it. And BTW, I prefer licking pussy even though I very much like to do anus anytime too.

    By sexually dominating me strictly but fairly My Wife makes me crazy with lust for Her. I would never want to go back (only 4 years ago) to the times when I masturbated at least once a day and when many times She would fuck me just to make me happy even if She was not exactly in the mood (not that I would ever try to force sex on Her, never!).

    Yes, I have to earn it, in bed and outside it! My performance outside sex has a huge impact on it. On average we have far more sex and better sex now (with my penis frequently getting little or no attention and only rarely entering Her) than 4 years ago. She cums a lot more often than I do. Sex is all about pleasuring my Woman now. Not that I didn’t care about it in the “old days”, because I very much did. I have far far less orgasms now and only when I am allowed. Zero masturbation, it is easier to control the urge now, but I still fight it, especially after weeks of no release. Pleasuring my Woman, enjoying Her touch, smell, taste, moaning etc. and experiencing Her orgasms, when She’s so exhausted that She falls asleep in my arms afterwards, is my ultimate reward, far more important and longer lasting that my own orgasm. Yes, I want to cum, but I recognise all the benefits of orgasm denial even though I get really desperate sometimes. All this without being locked up.

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    1. Hi Tom:
      I see in you very much my husbands thoughts.
      I want sex much more then the old days. Also he is so content now.
      Not only sex but he does my feet and legs with of course a hard on but I can relax and fall asleep looking at his swollen manhood without worrying that he will get his feelings hurt or have to fuck me.
      I can fall asleep with a smile knowing he is loving it even more then having to release. He loves to wait while pleasing me.
      The other night he was doing my feet, we were laying head to feet. I took my foot closet to him and started pressing his balls against his body. He opened his legs to allow me full access. I pushed harder, he let out a gasp. I started putting pressure on and off. He started moaning. I wondered if he could cum with know penis stimulation. I wondered how much pressure he could stand as he was wincing and moaning. I could tell he was close, I pushed a few more times as hard as I could. He exploded with each ball crushing thrust of my foot.
      We never did that before.
      We laughed so hard together after he spent.

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      1. Hi Dorinda,
        I guese my Wife must feel the same, no pressure whatsoever to satisfy my sexual cravings, and yet She is satisfying them all the time, even though She avoids doing certain things that I would very much like Her to do to me. Isn’t it crazy? Less is more sometimes and I feel like the proverbial Pavlov’s dog whenever I get erection and precum starts flowing just because I do something very personal for Her or She acts dominantly (even over phone) and it is clear nothing sexual will come out of it.
        You know what is interesting? When I look back over the last 20 years I realize that there was actualy no drastic change. Our relationship just evolved. My Wife has always been kind of sexually agressive and demanding (one of Her attractions) even though shy on some issues and She remains so. I licked Her anus for the first time during one of our earliest intercourses, feet worhipping was there from the start, so was my desire to see Her happy in general and to pleasure Her orally and to like licking Her pussy at all times. And I always felt bad if She couldn’t reach the orgasm and whenever I ejaculated too soon. Denying me sex for days when She was mad at me was always Het method. The only apparently radical change was Her breaking my masturbation habit and lately to drastically limit my orgasms, but even Her dislike for my masturbatory practices was always there, She just put her foot firmly down on it much later.
        I wonder if other mature couples in FLR or Femdom relationship also had the dormant components of Female domination present all the time.

        I love rough testicle play, but I cannot cum from it alone. It can bring me very close to the edge, but penis must be involved to take me over it. Or maybe my Wife could learn from You 🙂

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  7. Hello maam, I am looking for some advice or insightful from a real femdom who is experienced. If i could please ask you some questions sometime? Would you mind ma’am? Thank you for your time. William


    1. Ask Away William:
      You have my e-mail address.
      Thank you for taking the time to e-mail, and read my blog.
      The deal is this only part of our relationship. It works for us, I feel we love each other more and are by far, in a much happier relationship.
      When I was young, he always wanted sex, it was tiring and sometimes felt like a choir. Now he enjoys just being horny for me, his releases are much more powerful and fuller as he is kept horny many times with no release. The thing is he knows I will allow him this prize if he paces him self and can wait.
      The essence of a FemDom relationship.


  8. Hi, anyone practices analingus after the Wife does #2? sort of like using the slave’s tongue as the toilet paper? Any thoughts on the risks? or does it not pose more risks than regular analingus ? thoughts?


    1. I enjoy analingus (giving) and so does my Wife (getting it) and even though She likes to make sure She is clean if not fresh down there before She lets me lick Her, “accidents” do happen and I can remember two instances in 20 years when She wasn’t exactly clean. In both cases I just sucked it up and did everything like always. So yeah, I know how it smells and tastes. Not something I would want to do again, but not horrible either. I made sure I didn’t touch Her pussy with that tongue and since we never kiss after oral sex, She never knew. I thoroughly washed my mouth with mouthwash afterwards. No side effects, I also did not expect them. I never told Her, She would die of shame and never let me lick and probe Her down there again if I did.
      I am sure there is some risk, but even if the rectum is thoroughly cleaned, it is still not sterile. In my case it happened with my healthy regular partner, I would never do it with anybody else.


  9. It might be worth mentioning that males have a journey to learn to be a devoted mate just as most women have much to learn about being the dominant partner in a relationship. Both have to overcome years of social and perhaps biological conditioning to be the opposite. Many of these men who emailed you that just want to submit in the way they have fantasized about are likely just at the beginning of this learning process. As one who is along this journey myself, I will confess that I started off years ago focused only on the fantasy elements of FLM. The fantasy can and will turn into a new relationship dynamic over time as long as both parties needs are well met along the way. In our case, once my wife understood that I have (something like) a battery powering a compass that will focus my devotion directly to her and it will stay there as long as the battery is charged. The battery gets charged in many ways, including oral service, but every dominant action of her part adds charge to my devotional energy. As a full climax releases most or all of this charge, ruined orgasms are usually the best I can hope for. I learned to prefer sacrificing regular orgasms in exchange for the heightened passion I feel while in energized devotion. When my battery falls to very low levels, its very hard not to be distracted by life, old habits and selfish interests.

    tl;dr If the D Wife wants the best out of her submissive mate, she needs to knows what he needs to remain focused on her, and make sure he gets enough of it to maintain his effectiveness. Only then can she be sure he will not drift too far from a life focused on her desires.


  10. We have been married 30 years. We are not quite where you two are but the transition from our early days is similar. When we were first married she often gave me oral. Now I can’t remember the last time she gave me oral. It just seems a waste to both of us – if I cum, I can’t keep it up for her, and otherwise it takes time away from being inside her. But oral for her – wow! We both enjoy it. Some of the best times are when she relaxes and finally cums and then we snuggle while she teasingly strokes me and promises she’ll take care of me with intercourse some other day. I’m in a fog of desire until that next time!

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    1. I believe older men are more into serving their wife with no sexual benefit for themselves. My husband loves doing me, any time any way I say or want. I do many times let him cum though. Like last night, I had my little vibrator on his special spot while I was on his face. Every so often I squirted a short stream of my pee in his mouth. As he neared orgasm, I can tell as he starts to swell even more, I readied my self and as he started to squirt his load I pushed mine out too. I time it so he is finished and I am only about half thru. I flood his mouth with several large swallows of my pee as a reward for him being able to cum.
      Even after all this time you need to keep him trained. For me its if he orgasms he must do something very submissive right after his release to keep his mind feeling very submissive. So he never gets to cum for free!


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