The last year or so I have been trying to understand the whole Femdom scene. What are most of us doing in our daily routines and life’s. For this post I am purposely leaving out the term FLR.

They are sometimes considered the same but in my opinion as someone that practices both they are different.

If you would, Please comment with your role (D/s) and your favorite and second most favorite routine, duty, or act you like or that gets you excited the most in your routine.

I’ll start. Dom, pissing a full bladder in my husbands mouth as he drinks it all. Secondly I enjoy him providing feet worship to me or whoever I choose.

Notice nothing I mentioned gave me an orgasm. The question was not what kink do you like to cum with. It could be, these are only my favorite activity because orgasm for me is a given when ever I want one or many.

Hopefully everyone will participate so we can learn more about the different personalities that make up our small WordPress world.

There is no wrong answer!


subs, performing oral service to their Dom, by far, is the leader or most sought after task. This is great to see you leaving feedback. Because I wrote a post regarding spanking a while back ( my most viewed post ever) I figured it would lead the respondents first or second choices. It has not as of yet.

A reminder, their is no right or wrong answer. Thank you for your time responding..


Well this is odd, I have been overwhelmed by comments that are way off base by boys that have a femdom fantasy. (I have not posted them).

Please only comment if you are a FemDom Dom or sub in or have been in a true relationship.

My Friend Jaynne has made several comments I really feel She is so on point.

True anal worship is one of the things that separates the men from the boys. Sort of like self semen consumption and cleanup duties.

Regarding anal service I have my husband perform it every so often. For me, I like to be clean when I have him perform it on me, although there are times when I am in the right mood after an orgasm via his tongue I push him down to service my anus. I sometimes will use my vibrator on my clit with him tongue fucking me as deep as he can penetrate me there.

The reason I mention this is because many men seem to have this fantasy to service a woman in this manner.

So I have changed the Picture for the 3rd time.


After many Orgasms
Laying in bed after I used his tongue!

38 thoughts on “Please participate (Update 2)

  1. closet submissive – I don’t have an opportunity to fulfill this need but the idea of being a naked housemaid for a Domme is something I fantasize about regularly.

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    1. Butwhatami,
      I hope you will soon find a Woman that will let you fulfill your (and above all Her) wishes and desires.

      Just a comment; when we are alone at home (or on holiday) I sometimes go around naked (or wearing only a butt plug and/or a balls and cock ring) while doing housework etc. I totally like the feeling of submissiveness in CFNM scenarios. But my Wife, even though She enjoys seeing me naked, exposed and aroused, is not too happy because I leak precum so much. I must always carry a towel with me to sit on and to wipe.

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  2. I am my MASTER’s sub. Her control and dominance is what led us into this lifestyle and is what turns me on the most. The more control more becoming the BITCH she wants to become and that I need her to become is the psychological control that makes this LS perfect for us. I am a type A+ sub I do not need to be led but I willing submit to her alone. Hopefully she will find a permanent bull that can give her multiple orgasms that I am not equipped to do. My only goal in life is to insure my MASTER is health happy HORNEY and wet (H3W).

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  3. A sub here.
    1. Giving my Wife a nice, slow, long oral service in the morning, before getting out of bed and before She takes a shower. I get “into the Zone” by tasting, smelling, feeling, hearing Her responses. I never tire of doing it, it is perfect sex for me, my own orgasm pales in comparison…

    2. Anything about Her feet. For example worshipping and pampering my Wife’s tired feet at the end of the long day (starting with taking Her shoes off and kissing Her feet). It is a profoundly sexual event for me (not to Her, but She likes it – which Woman wouldn’t – and sometimes it does lead to sex). Unfortunately it doesn’t happen very often because I work longer hours. So I massage and worship Her feet later.

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  4. That’s easy, it’s the first and second thing we do every morning, after she wakes up. First it’s our tease and deny session. I lick her pussy and ass, then rub little willy on her pussy and ass. I continue back and forth, generating loads of pre cum, and when I’m on the edge of an orgasm, she tells me to stop. After I cool down, it almost feels like I had and orgasm, only better, because I’m still so very, very horny.
    Second, she tells me that she has to pee, so I get out my toys. I pull out my Porta Potty from under the bed, lay down a towel at the foot of the bed, and a roll up towel for under my head. I lay down on the towel, and put the rolled up towel under my head, and pull the Porta Potty over my head. When she sits down, my lips form a tight seal around her pussy. After she has finished I always thank her and tell her how good it was.
    After all of that, you know it’s going to be one hell of a good day.

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  5. Aw!! Only two??? (Said in my best whine). I love being made to perform orally on my Queen. I love being asked to lick her ass while she uses a vibrator! I love…
    Actually anytime she demands something of me turns me on!
    My Queen loves being in control. She is getting better at it too. Baby steps!!

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  6. One of my favorite things is while cuddling my Baroness in the morning she tells me to “get down there and worship my feet and give me 5” or whatever number of times she wishes me to edge myself. Sometimes I will leak all over and lick it off her feet. This morning she did something new and said I wasn’t worthy to lick or touch and could only look at her feet while I edged myself several times. She teased me mercilessly bringing them close to my face but never allowed me to touch. Staying with the foot worship and piss theme that seems so prevalent- I also enjoy when out of nowhere she tells me to strip and lay on the floor while she stands over and drenches me. Sometimes she will come out of the bathroom with a glassful and order me to drink or like last night add it to my cocktail.

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    1. Hi JMAD456. My Wife does that to me with Her pussy and ass; I kneel between Her legs, with my nose and mouth only inches away from Her moist and seducing womanhood and I can only watch and smell, no touching it or myself because I didn’t deserve it. It is a form of torture, like not letting a thirsty person drink… 😉

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  7. Re: Update 1
    Wow is that Your pic Dorinda? Nice to see You, kudos for being so brave.

    I think that most of us subs enjoy pleasuring and serving our Women first. And You said two items only, so don’t be surprised that spanking hasn’t made it to the top. On my list it would be around place 5. 🙂

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    1. Hi Tom:
      I changed it to him drinking my piss..
      My picture has been up since I built my blog site.
      I see it every time I look at my blog, I guess its under my information. You cant see it? Its more of a profile of me?
      Anyway this is me in bed. I doubt anyone here in my town reads my Blog anyway. I am careful to not ever display both face and sex to always have plausible deniability, and if Women in town read this maybe they will call and want to know about the lifestyle.
      Well now you see then why I am very grateful my husband picked me, I know I am plain Jane always have worn glasses and not the greatest body but he loves every inch of me.

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    2. I never saw that pic from yesterday before. Too bad You took it down :). Not that I don’t like the new one, it reminds me of my favorite position between my Wife’s legs, minus golden nectar drinking (which I would love to have, but She wouldn’t let me). I see Your avatar photo next to every post (the one that is currently at the top of the About page – the About page doesn’t show up on my mobile, only on the computer.
      It doesn’t matter, the important think is that You shouldn’t be too hard on Your looks, You look absolutely fine and sexy to me. In some parallel universe I would love to serve You 🙂

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  8. I have been seeing a distinction between the terms femdom and FLR also. It appears that you can have a FLR without practicing femdom, although as with any thing it is a matter of degrees. I love it all! I am totally submissive. If considering femdom to be more a physical act then I love to be spanked, whipped, caned, flogged, strapped by my wife. After she whips my ass I am left in a state of incredible submissive love and adoration for her.
    I also enjoy being made to suffer in pain and bondage while she brings herself to an orgasm and I am denied.

    I do wish that we had a FLR with more rituals, but I do kneel and dry her feet after her shower, then kiss her feet, legs and knees.
    The other “routine” is that I do all the dishwashing and I always “dress” for dishes. This means placing some sort of device on my genitals, this could be one or several brass rings that I place my parts through, or a torture device or harness. I must then present myself for inspection, dropping my pants to show her what I am wearing, then after he approval I proceed with the dishes. Often times I will wear yoga pants, etc. for this task.

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  9. Male Submissive, Congrats on blogging for a year. 1. Oral service, giving Her an organism. 2. If I am allowed a release, drinking our sexual cocktail straight from the vagina. 3. Wearing chastity device and being denied. I could go on!

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  10. My kink has actually come true over the past year. When I come home from work I am required to insert a butt plug which I wear until bedtime, put on a pair of panties, and then begin my household chores. These include making dinner nightly, cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, and my regular household chores (bathrooms, vacuuming, ironing, weeding, etc.), and of course giving her nightly foot massages. If my wife is upset with me or my performance she requires that I wear a larger plug. I am only permitted one orgasm a month, and it is only if I perform up to her expectations. She normally has a dozen or more orgasms each month — usually with me performing oral on her, or she uses her wand while I stand in the corner and listen to her pleasure herself. Life is good.

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    1. This sounds great to me! I also do the chores. I wear panties at all times now, my choice, although I wish my wife was requiring it.
      My wife has much less interest in femdom than I do, I would do anything for her.
      Therefore I often self dominate including wearing a butt plug, nipple clamps, whipping myself. Not to say she never whips me, but not as frequently as I need.
      I only orgasm when given permission which is about once a month. She has as many as she wants, which is maybe six a month. I also enjoy listening to her use her wand while I am denied pleasure, this could be while in bondage in the bed next to her, tied up to the bathroom door in the hotel room, or kneeling on the floor by the bed with my cock and balls covered in clothes pins. Of course those are rare special occasions, not like we do that every week!

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  11. We started our femdom relationship 3 years ago. Never been happier though it’s been baby steps. I would love to give her oral but she refuses. I’m not sure why but my guess is it’s related to a bad childhood experience with her brother in law, who I hope burns in hell. I don’t ask her why she doesn’t want oral but I let her know if she ever changes her mind…..
    But she did buy me a butt plug and is experimenting with that. She makes me tell her where I’m going any time I leave the room and ask permission if I want to drive off on an errand. She tells me when to go to bed and most times gives me a big tease before rolling over. I do all the housework except cooking cause she likes to cook especially when there’s no clean up for her. We are really in love.


  12. If I may step in here with an observation based on experience and conversation with my boy and others. Having a sub preform oral attention to his Mistress is the overwhelming favorite activity of the submissive male. My experience tells me that regardless of the activity the hope of orgasm is what is really the motivation for what ever act is preformed, from licking to cleaning the bathroom. My experience also tells me that when the boy has an orgasm his enthusiasm drops and takes a while to build back up. Male chastity will keep any man focused on the task at hand and will prevent those pesky orgasms from dampening his attention to duty. The promise of release keeps the boy in service. In past posts here I mentioned that my boy, wet spot was, at first not a willing participant in giving me the ass licking I desired. By using chastity and denial of vaginal licking I had the boy asking to lick back there. Low and behold today ass licking is one of his favorite activities. His skill and desire to do that is a topic of discussion with my friends. Obviously a pet would rather clean your pussy than your bathroom but with his orgasm denied and in your control he will be as eager to grab that toilet brush as he is to put his face between your legs.


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    1. True enough Janyne. But please note that not all subs need to be locked up to keep them motivated. My penis is not caged, not that I would object in the slightewt to it if my Wife wanted it (She rejects the idea) yet my orgasms are now fully controlled by Her. And I genuinly enjoy licking and eating my Wife’s ass, this goes back to our early days, 20 years ago, far before any Femdom… I did it, at first She was shocked/surprised but liked it, the rest is history. Of course I prefer Her pussy…

      Yes, my desire for Female domination is sexually based all the way, but my major motivation is access to pussy, ass, feet, boobs,… of my Wife and the privilege to kiss, smell, taste, touch them and above all to make Her cum. My own orgasms are secondary now. I need/crave them but if given a choice between enjoying Her body and making Her cum (with my tongue, fingers, dildo or my dick) or ejaculating I pick the first choice 9 times out of 10 (or more). I used to cum daily just 4 years ago, now I get 1-2 orgasms per month, I would never go back. Too frequent orgasms make me weaker in bed and who wants that? Neither me nor my Wife.

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    2. Hi Janyne:
      You are exactly right with your experience with men. I really like that you have trained wet spot to service your ass.
      I so much agree with your methods, this exact methodology and male mind set is exactly what I used in the beginning to train my husband to swallow full loads of semen, and drink and swallow my piss on command.


    3. Janyne, quite interesting that wet spot was not keen on ass licking initially. As a sub, that is such a holy act and much sought after by me. I crave it. IMHO, that act more than any other accentuates my submission to my dom.

      Curious what you and your friends discuss about his ass licking? the level of his skill? and how good is he? how often do you send him down there to service you?


  13. Hello

    My wife and I have been married for 16 years and we have three children. I have had submissive fantasies since I was an adolescent but it has been difficult to persuade my wife to become dominant. It is partly due to our south asian culture and due to our religion, we are Muslim. I have often tried to give her the mantle of leadership and to worship her but in her mind, the norm is for the man to be the dominant one.

    I would love to submit to her, to be pegged, dress in women’s clothing, drink her piss and worship her body.

    I have pleased her anus with my tongue several times, but I initiated this, when the feeling of depravity and submission became too much to bear. Pulling down her underwear and licking her crack until I reach her asshole, I kiss it, rim it and finally french kiss it and tongue her hole. The joy i feel of having my mouth there, at het asshole is indescribable.

    The only thibg that would be greqter is if she squqtted on my face and pissed into my mouth

    My dream is to serve her entirely, for her to cuckold me, dominate me.

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    1. Hi WordMoonBlog. My enthusiasm for worshiping my Wife’s beautiful bottom is similar to yours. I do what you do and can be totally aroused by doing just that (especially when I am denied access to Her wonderful vagina). I like doing Her pussy better though (and so does She), but Her anus is a close second spot for my devotion and attention. I also fantasize about cuckolding, but I think in reality it is best left a fantasy. However, if my Wife found my sex services inadequate or if She wanted to spice the sex up, I would not hesitate to agree to another male (preferably a much better endowed one) or a couple in our sex life as long as it was not behind my back and if (hopefully) I could be included in it somehow, even with no sex for me. And my Wife knows about this. She teases me with it, making up stories, but She rejects the idea of actually trying it with another guy, but not nearly as firmly as the idea of letting another female in… 🙂

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      1. I know what you mean, my wife’s perfect anus is made to be tongue worshipped. There’s been times I’ve been doing her doggystyle and had to pull out and plant a kiss on it because it looks so amazing, puckered up and ready for my tongue.

        It would be amazing to have another female there, who looked at and treated that way too, with my wife’s blessing. I don’t think it could ever be her sister, although I wish that it could.

        I would like my wife to cuckold me, in reality. Its mainly because I feel that she deserves excellent lovemaking, but also, she’s only been with me, no one else. I would love for her to have that confidence to take control of her sexual desires and break free from the shackles of religion and culture.

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  14. D,
    As a submissive male, my favorite routine is when my wife calls me to submit to her while she is laying down. I position myself on my hands and knees over her straddling one leg. This gives her assess to grab a hold of my genitals. Then she whispers in my ear how I am hers to control and my orgasms are hers to dispense. I get so hard when she has me like that and she usually uses it when she is going to send me away to do a task for her. My second favorite is massaging her feet and back because I know she loves it so much.

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  15. Once more my experience with men and submissive men is the excitement of preforming an act is not the same as doing it. Many men are excited by the thought of being spanked but an actual spanking can hurt like hell. The public service to a woman’s foot is exciting being asked to give a foot rub in public can be frightening to a boy. Now to the topic of service to the female ass, all men want to do that but when presented with a nice ass to lick many will shy away from the actual task, oh they flirt around with it, they use a finger, they kiss the cheeks or the small of the back. But when you say to the boy spread it and lick he has crossed over into a new dimension of service.

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    1. Every true submissive male has tasted ass. Truly dined upon the divine derrierre of a goddess. You must begin at her crack and lick downwards, savouring the taste and the scent. Upon reaching her hole, kiss it, let your lips embrace her wrinkled hole. Then french kiss it, your tongue must penetrate inside and taste her. Remind yourself where you are, what you and the honour and privilege you are being blessed with, that your tongue is allowed inside her asshole.

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  16. I was a slave to a former GF for about sic months. My favorite thing was worshipping her pussy. I’d wake her every morning by massaging her feet, with a fresh cup of coffee on the night stand waiting for her. And then wait – kneeling naked on the floor – to learn if she wanted to use my mouth and tongue for pleasure. In the evening I’d often offer to massage her feet, ad this often led to pussy worship, too. Her sitting on the couch, me kneeling on the floor. I loved the selfless devotion to her that I felt while licking her pussy. I would’ve loved to perform anal worship for her, but she would not allow it.

    My second favorite thing was kneeling behind her in the bathroom in the morning. At my request, she remained naked while she brushed her teeth, did her hair, and put on her make-up. I’d kneel behind her, kissing her ass cheeks and the back of her thighs, and running my hands softly up and down her ass and thighs. It felt so right to be on my knees behind her, worshipping her perfect ass.

    On other event of note: One Saturday night I gave her three orgasms with my tongue, Then she wanted me inside of her, so I began fucking her. She orgasmed fairly easily during intercourse, and she had two more orgasms that way. And then… she placed her hand on my chest, pushed gently, and said “Go to sleep.” Until then, I had always been allowed to cum during our sessions. But not that night. I laid in bed next to her with an erection for a good half hour, incredibly horny and incredibly frustrated. And incredibly grateful to her for understanding my need for her to have power over me, and for her to use that power, regardless of whether or not I got to cum. I was never more in love with her than in that moment.

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    1. Hi Tom:
      Thank you replying to this very interest post.
      For me I am not generally horny in the morning. He does spend time inside my lips some mornings when I feel like having him drink my pee if I do not feel like getting out of bed for any number of reasons.
      OMG, him too, before I retired, exactly as you commented he would kneel behind me as I got ready for work too. Many a morning his tongue found pay dirt.


  17. D, you should create an entry on just anal worship. Your audience seems to crave it.

    My wife/owner and I have been practicing it even before ramping up our FLR intensity in the past few years. I have crossed over the new dimension of service, as Janyne has said, well before becoming totally owned by her. Even when we were vanilla, (i.e, when I was getting blow jobs and equal quantity of orgasms) I was licking her anus. Of course that was one of the acts that she never reciprocated. Over time, as we embarked on FLR, the frequency of analingus by me has increased exponentially along with other acts of adoration and submission. And the ratio of my orgasms to hers is approaching zero asymptotically.

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    1. Hi Bryan:
      Good point.
      I probably should, I have many pictures of mine up close and personal. I had him take many over time. I text them to him every so often and let him know where I need his tongue when he comes home.
      It is much more in demand from you subs then I ever thought.


      1. Thanks D. Looking forward to your analingus focused blog entry.

        By the way, why do you prefer to be clean before having your sub worship your anus? is it for sanitary reasons or being self conscious?


        1. Hi Bryan:
          Thanks for reading my blog and these comments and reply’s.
          I just like to be clean down there. Its not a sanitary thing considering he drinks my pee often.
          I guess you could say a self conscious think, also maybe its because if I get super horny while he is tonging me, there is a good chance I will want him to make love to me which means french kissing.
          Odd though, I am not concerned about kissing him after I have peed in his mouth.

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  18. Sub, licking and kissing her sweet vagina. I fantasize about drinking her urine and licking her ass. We have been together for over 40 years. I pleaded with her to allow me to drink from her 40 years ago and got a flat refusal. Same thing 40 years later. A few times she gave me her ass but I guess she just doesn’t care for that either.

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    1. Hi Mrfelix:
      Thanks for reading my blog and for your feedback..
      As a man that wants to be in submissive relationship you just need to let Her know how you wold love to help Her. It is up to Her to allow it.
      Many Woman are not sexually dominant in a FLR, the y just enjoy your doing things for Her. My suggestion is to not bother Her with requests you know She is not into.
      We want our man to do what we need and desire with no getting anything in return.
      I am apparently very different in my desires to force my husband to drink my pee fairly often. A lot of women e-mail me to discuss there husbands and their FLR, most do not pee in or on their husbands, most cage their penis and rarely allow their man to orgasm..
      The point is we Woman are very different in our personalities and desires.


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