My last post was about making my husband very attentive during an out of town event we attended.

A tease keeps him very interested

It went very well and was so much fun to see old friends and show off my husband. It was especially rewarding considering many of my friends husbands were not attentive at all to them. Some were actually somewhat rude and demanding, the more men drink, the more their true personality’s come out.

This is just one example why I believe it is important to obtain a husband in need of domination.  I know it’s not the society norm but it so stupid that it is not. Everyone wins in this type of relationship.

We were there for three days so I had a lot of time with old friends and family.

Yes, of course the questions came up from some of my friends what is up with my husband’s constant attention and queen like treatment of me. I brushed it off as long as I could, remember, this was my goal, I wanted them to see he is my complete submissive.

My husband was told how to behave and the fact that he was so horny for me he could not help himself anyway. When he is on fire with lust for me, he is completely predictable and reliable.

One of my friends staying at our hotel was invited in to our room. She left Her husband passed out or asleep in their room. She stopped in for a few hours. I had been talking to Her at the event but She wanted more information about Femdom marriages. I think She is strong enough to see how far She can go with him now.

She was immediately ready for some service. She was so very thankful to have him service Her. She does have panties on in the picture. I had him do Her feet, a long massage and apply toenail polish on Her beautiful toes as we continued to talk about his routine duties. Also how it was before the change and how it is now.

The lighting is bad in this hotel room so the pictures are not to good, but they agreed as long as their faces are not shown.

So this is the fourth Woman he has serviced their feet for me.

I love it, I know it makes him feel a little ashamed but at the same time he gets very horny while doing it, I get a feeling of overwhelming superiority over him. He can look up and see her womanhood ether exposed like in my Sister’s case or behind a pair of panties like my friend here. He cannot touch, only look and serve Her at my command.

Your guess is as good as mine on why I get off so much doing this to him, but I do.

Next my crazy sister in the next picture pointing Her foot up near his face to remove Her socks so he can do Her feet again.

He is very good at it; He has not had any official training but uses the clippers and tools like a professional. He also removes the old polish and applies the new polish better than the oriental Gals at our local pedicure shop. He also applies clear coat hardener. The only thing he does not have is an ultra violet light to quickly dry and harden the polish. He uses a hair dryer on low heat instead.

She is taunting him with no panties on but he does not get close, I think She is more frustrated then he is. She wants his tongue directly on and inside Her. She was pretty liquored up here but did get the full treatment before he was thru.

So I still have not given him a release yet since the original tease before we left on the trip. I think today is day 6.. Soon I will allow it.



25 thoughts on “My Reunion was a sucess!

  1. Hi Michael:
    Thank you for reading my post.
    Its crazy, but it was very fun for me. Nether of them got any sexual gratification from him, but he had to serve them in a submissive manner.
    I think it has been time for a while to let more close friends know. When they find out most are very interested. I dont know, maybe just to see if I am serious. I feel the power they have though. Another woman’s man doing your personal feet work on you with his wife in the same room..
    I hope more come forward and get interested in this lifestyle.

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      1. Hi Michael:
        Thank you for your kind words. Well if we are telling our secrets, I also have fantasized over you and your beautiful penis. TMI but I have been following you for at least a year and you seem like a great man, better yet a submissive man.
        These things I post seem like such a big deal when you read them but they don’t happen very often and they really are quite tame comparatively too other FemDom tasks.
        I get so aroused over it when the time permits itself, I need to be carful and am about it.

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  2. Thanks for sharing! They both look very sexy.
    Looking at it from my perspective – lucky husband! I would love to be in a situation like this, with other Women witnessing and taking advantage of my submissiveness. I am probably not as versed in taking care of my Wife’s feet as Your hubby is Dorinda, but I do it about twice a month (more often in summer) and enjoy it every time. I just adore Women’s feet.
    Was he naked displaying his horniness to Your friend?

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    1. Hi Tom:
      Thank you for replying.
      He is also a foot man, I knew this way before our switch in our Marriage.
      Feet can be used in many ways as a Dom. I can use them only for his sexual stimulation to tease him as in when I have him kiss and suck them. I dont get any real sexual pleasure, only mental in that control and power over him.

      They can be used in pleasure, receiving a massage, getting toes done, applying lotion and sanding heels. This does sometimes make me horny, but also has a Dominate/submissive effect. Especially having him do this for select others.

      He was not naked for my friend, I had him put on a pair of my panties. She could see his hardness in them though. This was not about sex as it may seem, it was about Her receiving from a man in a submissive way, Her feet being worked on.
      The panties were to only show Her how submissive he is for me and how fast he listens to and carries out my orders.
      In the morning I checked inside his panties and there were many smear marks of dried white substance on the red silk fabric. He was dripping semen and precum while doing it and probably while he was holding me in bed.


      1. Thanks for further comments.
        Feet are such a lovely, sexy part of Female anatomy. They can be a source of desire, pleasure, arousal, domination but also excuisite pain and punishment. I know about them all.
        Servicing feet is relatively tame and innocent, but it is impossible to remove the eroticism from such an event for the male involved. I cannot say about the Ladies though, but seeing an erect penis, even if half hidden by the panties, don’t You think it was erotic for Your sister and Your friend too?

        We have recently added cleaning Her shoes to my daily personal services. Another non-sexual act that will be erotic for me because it is about Her feet…

        My Wife teases me by letting me wearing Her well worn (dirty) panties sometimes (I am wearing a pair right now), especially when I am being denied orgasms (it’s been more than a month right now, it is driving me crazy!!). There will be a lot of evidence of my arousal in there at the end of the day, I cannot help it. I am thinking about Her and Her pussy all the time…


        1. Hi Tom:
          Great and very accurate description of the acts (eroticism).
          A month, wow, but here is the thing. I and apparently your wife look for the same results from pushing our husbands.
          For me as I get older, fatter, more wrinkled, etc. It keeps me feeling younger with my husband discharging his desire for me in his panties. To make an older man that horny that often is a testament to her domination abilities I think.
          I dont have him wear panties to much but when he does the girls feet he always has on a pair. Part of the excitement is to tell him in front of her to put them on.


          1. Thank You Dorinda. You are spot on. And it had been more than a month. To be fair, I had three frustrating ruined orgasms, but they just increased my desperation and horniness. She is quite open about how much She likes making me behave like a pubescent idiot. She is playing with me, testing me. It started as a three weeks punishment for my sloppiness, now it is for Her fun… At my expense. Right now I am not fond of it, even though it turns me on, it is crazy and I am hard again!

            My Wife is not getting any younger either (and neither are Your husband and I), but like I said in one of my previous posts – there is so much history (mostly good) behind us that other Women cannot compete with my Wife for my devotion. Even though I may find them hot, sexy, nice etc. and I like being in their company. In reality, I love, fuck, cherish and serve only my Wife.


          2. She finally took mercy on me yesterday evening, after a long teasing session with some CBT, and masturbated me to a full blown orgasm. A supernova! 🙂 I was certain She would leave me crying for the release. But She said She really enjoyed my behavior over the last weeks. She wouldn’t let me touch Her though, it was a pure CFNM situation. I made it up to Her this morning with my tongue. Life is good, but I am so horny again…
            Such long abstinence periods are too much for me, I hope She doesn’t make it a routine.


    1. Hi Cincy:
      Lol, I see what you are saying but because She is fairly thin is not all a man looks at. She has some mental issues in my opinion.
      She is playing the field and has two men She is seeing. She has never been in a long term relationship.
      We are close and my husband is safe. I think She enjoys helping me too.
      This was probably a bad choice of photos of Her on my part, because it was a big party weekend and she is not always this caviler.
      My worry is She has been very vocal about wanting his oral servitude, I think I have bragged to Her to many times about his abilities.

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  3. Dorinda,
    It’s amazing! Thanks for sharing. Someone my Wife has known very well for many years commented to her about how nice and attentive I was. My Wife didn’t tell her any of the details but strongly hinted she was the head in our marriage. My Wife told her it made much less stress and less marital issues, and my Wife said I was open to it because I was very busy with my job. I’d say that was the truth, without intimate details being discussed. They are such close friends my Wife felt comfortable revealing that and her friend said she made many of the decisions in her own marriage for similar reasons. My Wife’s cousin has also heard a similar story from my Wife. Not sure my Wife would ever be open to tell more, or even asking me to provide any intimate services. I don’t know what her friend would think if she ever told her about some of the more personal aspects of our marriage. You have to be careful since things like me locked in a chastity device, getting an allowance, doing chores, or having a set time to be home at the end of the day could be understood as being cruel or nasty activities if they are not accepted as being consensual.

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    1. Hi Anon:
      Thank you for reading my blog.
      You are so right about being careful. I hope my posts don’t make my readers believe I am cavalier and brazen about sharing our very intimate and private life’s.
      No, its all about the right audience and time, also it’s definitely not for everyone.
      If you have been following me long you hopefully would see my mission is to share this life style to other Women.
      I like men but most or a lot anyway treat their wife’s terribly. (From my personal observations and talks with girlfriends over the years)
      It seems no mater what he does he still expects sex from you, many times putting his penis inside you for a few minutes and lets go, for him success, for you frustration.
      This can all be fixed, though. If he wants you he can and will change. Many long term husbands have a lot of financial worry if you indicate you want to split. This is another large leverage you have if you need to go that far..
      Sorry, off topic for a minute..
      I am much bolder now, my blog has really opened my eyes about relationships. I post and in return I get 10 or 20 e-mails with many questions and personal details of what’s happening, how can it be fixed, compliments on how husbands are changing becoming husbands again. (Being submissive to your wife is what a good husband is all about)

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    1. Hi Herwish:
      I dont think sharing is for everybody. It works for me now but who knows how long it will go on for.
      He is also a variable right? He seems interested in satisfying my demands but that could change to. I sometimes just want to see how far he will go for me.
      The feet thing is sort of tame in my mind anyway. I dont exactly know why but all woman so far want to strip down to their panties, obviously this gives him good access to their legs but they have just done it with out being told.
      I like that he is checking them out, If an indication of him getting excited is the stains in his panties, it is working very well.
      I think once the embarrassment goes away, he very much enjoys it.

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      1. D,
        I agree with you and also about feet being tame. I dont really get off of feet but I have started to with my wife but only because I now how much it pleases her and that I am serving her by attenting to her feet.
        It is interesting that the woman strip to have their feet attended to. I think part of that may be that they want to flaunt it and they know it is a safe environment as you have control not a horny male.


  4. Hi Dorinda,

    I just found your blog and I must tell you that I love it, please be advised that English is not my mother language so my English is far from being perfect, but I will do my best to write at least without gramatical mistakes.
    I’m a 55 years old submissive man, and during my life I have had two long and fulfilling relationships with beautiful dominant women. Both of these women are now my very good friends and I’m grateful for all they taught me.
    The first one I met when I was 19 years old and atended university, she introduced me to female domination or rather understood that I was a submissive male and helped me develop my emotions and feel confortable with myself.
    The second one I married and had two sons with her, but at the end she demanded from me much more than I was willing to give, so we separated and follow different paths.
    Reading your blog has been erotic but above all, this is the first time I fell this is real, I ´have been there in every one of the situations you describe.

    Warm regards and thanks for sharing, I will follow you from now on,


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    1. Hi Theodore:
      Thank you for finding my blog, and thank you for your sincere comment.
      Your sentence
      “I was a submissive male and helped me develop my emotions and feel confortable with myself.”
      Is so perfect. I have been trying to figure out how to verbalize this in a few of my posts but could not formulate the words.
      Your English is very good. I enjoy hearing from men that are honest and can relate to to my posts. They are real. My life is filled with more then his obedience sexually, I feel you understand the mans role in a Female D/s relationship from your description of your past.
      Many of my followers are older men like my husband, I wonder if men get wiser about their sexuality and true desires? My husband is so open and honest with me now compared to our early years.
      I think he felt he had to be that way as a man.
      Funny thing is he is still that same man, he is just so much more of a friend and so much spiritually intertwined in me now that he is totally open and submissive to me.

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  5. What a great post! So much to comment on here.
    First off I have to admit I love the photos, your friend has a beautiful bottom which would inspire much kissing and adoring of it.
    Your sister has a very lovely shaved clean pussy that would also inspire desires of endless licking and loving.

    I love the fact that you make your husband change to panties when he services your friend’s feet. How embarrassing, and yet I would love to be in that situation. My wife does not have many friends but there is one who I dream of serving. She is currently not in a relationship and I would love to show her the benefits of having a submissive male partner so she can proceed down a better path in choosing her next male.

    My wife does not have any interest in having me do her toenails, she is just not that femmy, but I do dry her feet after she showers, then kiss her feet up to her knees finishing with a loving kiss to her wedding ring.

    I agree that most of the female led relationships I read about are more mature couples (or is it just finally mature males?) although I wish I knew about this years ago. So much wasted time!

    I think that the benefits of a female led relationship is so great and I think it is wonderful that you are able to spread the word to other women. Although I love it, it’s not for everybody, but I wish I could freely tell everyone about something that brings me such joy and provides my wife with boundless love and devotion.


  6. Wow Dorinda, every time I see your sister’s body I am in awe. Your friend is very beautiful as well 🙂
    And I appreciate what you do with your girl friends, informing them of the benefit of a female led life.
    For me it is really hard to find a partner that is into this lifestyle here in Italy and also I am looking for a woman who is both loving and dominant. I love to serve and love to feel owned but I am not much into humiliation or pain.
    Best, D.

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    1. Hi David:
      Thank you for reading my Blog.
      I think I remember you from several months ago, we were exchanging e-mails for awhile?

      I try to help women find their inner courage and strength to come to grips with the fact they have all the power in a relationship. That they can have it all and be in control, not the follower and submissive.
      The friend in this picture is already laying down the law to her deadbeat husband. She has been unhappy for a long time. She did not know about FemDom or FLR. I did not ether when I started. It is sort of a fringe thing most everyday Women have never heard of.

      The more Women that know about it the more that will be looking for men like you.
      Like I have said before. Now that I know about it, it is all would ever accept if I had to find someone else..
      I am not into to much humiliation, a little I think but not much, definitely I am not into pain. Wait, I am into punching him and bare foot kicking him in the balls every so often, but that’s it.
      I think its better to find a Woman first, then tell Her your desire to be submissive to Her.
      Let Her control the relationship from there. Give Her my e-mail if she has any questions.


  7. Dorinda, yes we exchanged onsite messages a few months ago, never had the pleasure to know your email if I remember well 🙂
    I am thinking that as You go on with these activities with your girl friends, You will slowly create a female led community where all husbands can serve their Wives openly, that would be really nice.
    Thank You for offering help, if You travel to Italy please let me know as I would love to be of service.
    Very best,


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