A short post while on a short family trip from my phone.

The pictures are from the other night.

I wanted him to be very attentive and close during this trip so he did not cum. He is always closer when he is horny.

I had him doing my heels, it is so relaxing, also any assignment with my feet keeps him very aroused.

I was horny enough so as he did my feet I used my Mona 2 on myself. I orgasmed several times as he watched.

He lusts to satisfy me orally but he was only able to watch.

So far on our trip he is tripping over himself to take care of me.

It totally always works, if they are horny, you own and control them.


11 thoughts on “A tease keeps him very interested

    1. I thought all Women knew this :-).
      Seriously, I can confirm for myself that I do try extra hard to be attentive to my Wife’s personal needs and wishes when She keeps me denied and horny for a long time. Especially if there is otherwise lots of sex and teasing. Like right now, I haven’t had a real orgasm in more than a month now (I had two ruined ones 4 weeks ago and another one today) while She has had plenty, twice today in the morning (with my tongue and a large vibrator/dildo). I otherwise totally like and enjoy release denial, but right now I really am desperate for a proper release. I am not used to such long abstinence. Almost anything can trigger an erection and a free flow of precum.

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    2. Hi Scarlet:
      Thank you for reading and replying.
      I don’t always do this to him because he is genuinely submissive now for and to me always.
      I had a public outing and wanted to show off to other Women how he is wrapped around my little finger. Even with a 30 year relationship and that I am now over weight, I see the other women glaring at him and how he hangs on to me and every move I make.
      If They only knew how easy it is.


      1. Hi Dorinda,

        I think it takes a firm and long lasting relationship and willing partners (both) for this to work long-term. Although I am sure there are exceptions to the rule.

        When You say You’re showing off publicly, do You actually order Your hubby around (actively dominate him) when in the public or is it the case of him serving You all the time on his own? Don’t You think that at least your lady friends can extrapolate from the way he treats You and responds to You that You must own him sexually?

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        1. Hi Tom:
          No I do not order him around. It is more about how he outwardly shows his love and obedience, his caring, etc.
          So next time you go you go out to a mall or something. Take some time and people watch, you will see many types of interactions between couples. I love it when my husband considers me the most important thing in his life, I love to show it off, to tease other women that do not have it.
          Simple thing, holding my hand, opening doors, pulling my chair out and in, actively listen to me. Simple yess but many marriages the husband does not do this for the wife at all.
          This was an outdoor affair with lots of alcohol and people. A lot of talking to many people, etc.
          He did really well, he always does these things, its just that he does it more for sure when he is carrying a full load of semen with no relief. As his wife, I like to show him off.
          I do not know how many can tell he serves me sexually, I hope they can tell..
          Off topic but my Sister was there too, between the two of us we filled his glass up several times during the event with our pee every time one of us went to the restroom.. We talked about doing this before we got there.
          She filled up his beer stein, I filled up a cocktail glass. It looked like he was drinking beer or a cocktale. He does not drink alcohol so it worked out very well.


          1. Thank You for replying Dorinda.

            Out of curiosity I asked my Wife a few hours ago if She thought I was attentive enough in our everyday life. Apparently I am quite OK but with no lack of room for improvement. When I asked for specifics She mentioned a few things, among them one or two little things that You mentioned. But She became suspicious about my enquiry and I dropped the subject. I volunteered to improve on my deficiencies that She found most irritating (not always listening to Her was at the top of the list, but I knew that).

            In general I try to be attentive to Her personal needs but I know that I sometimes forget about those little things and that with full balls and no release in sight I try harder, no doubt. I have been very very attentive lately…


            1. Hi Tom:
              We always seem to get into these long replies but that’s the benefit of blogging I think. Thank you for engaging.
              I think I am a little unsure of myself especially in a public setting. Having my husband with me helps a lot. Many women find him strong and very handsome, some don’t. I like other Women to know he is mine..

              A very favorite thing I do is when I go shoe shopping I have him put the shoes on me while sitting there.. (a for instance) If your wife wants to blow other woman’s minds, go with Her to macys and be her shoe sub sometime.. I so love their stares at him!

              It helps my mental position even if it’s only in my head that I have a husband that treats me like a spoiled queen in front of other women. I guess it’s like you want to show your high school friends how successful you have become. For many women I personally know, your husband is like your trophy.

              I am very lucky I know to have him, he puts up with all my demands and anything I ask of him. One of the downsides is I am putting on some weight, I asked him what he thought about it and of course he said I am very beautiful etc. He said he would walk with me and we could get in shape together If I want?
              LOL, of course, I can show off to more of my woman friends.


            2. Thank You so much forbthis reply Dorinda.

              OMG. To be Her shoe/foot servant is so very hot for me and You know what – I already did it! Only once so far, it was in the late spring. It was my first real demonstration of my desire to serve my Wife plus it fed my foot fetish.
              There were not many other customers around and I don’t know how much they noticed, but I was paying attention to the young shop attendant (and my Wife) She was bringing out new shoes to try on and handing them all to me, once She figured out my role there. She didn’t seem uncomfortable, only very amused. It was a sports Store and I was kneeling at my Wife’s feet most of the time and doing all the work. For me the feeling was a mixture of sweet humiliation due to public exposure and huge arousal, there was a large wet spot on my pants when we left (not easy to hide). My Wife felt a little embarrassed but She liked it and She said the young Woman would have much to tell to Her friends… I want to do this more often.
              Did I tell You that I shop for my Wife’s lingerie and stockings, usually alone. I love it.
              There were a few other instances of public/semipublic display of my submission to my Wife. Kissing Her feet in front of another couple, She telling me in front of one of Her girlfriends after I served them drinks that I have Her nickers and bra to wash and to do it NOW (I couldn’t believe it when She did this – so bold, unlike Her, I obediently said yes dear and instantly got a boner). I don’t know how much Her closest girlfriends really know, She would not tell me.


  1. My wife would agree with you, she likes to keep me horny all the time. That’s why she does not allow full blown orgasms for me. With a ruined orgasm, she does not notice any down time on my part. I think that I like the feeling of being horny and on edge all the time, more than a few seconds of extreme pleasure. It’s an all day desire to have my tongue between her legs.

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  2. I can’t help but notice how nice these two pictures show the simple dynamic of a D/s FemDom relationship!
    Getting to the point where your own orgasm is taken and enjoyed with no pressure from the male for reciprocation, complete relaxation with absolutely no pressure.
    I believe this freedom in my marriage has greatly increased my sexual drive.


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