A quick post..

I have been very busy lately e-mail corresponding with many friends I have met thru my blog. It’s fun because we can share pictures and answer more direct question..

As the summer is coming to an end around here, things are getting back to normal.

As you know if you have been following me, my Sister comes out every week or two for my husband to do Her toe nails, feet, shave Her legs, and apply lotion as well as always has a big pee for him to drink at least once, sometimes more,  if She stays long enough.

It started as some help to get Her started in Femdom but is now part of his life as my sub. I have him put on an elastic cock ring and a pair of my panties while he services Her. We all like to see his hardness thru his sheer panties, the cock ring goes around his balls and cock, it make a larger bulge in his panties for us to see as he does his job. If he is not careful the head pops out of the top of them.

What’s different now is a long time close friend I mentioned in this post…. Friends Over, time to let a little of our secret out. has not been successful in having Her husband budge in his ways. We talk a lot and now She knows all of our relationship dynamics.

She is the third Woman now that would love and has asked me if She could use my husband’s oral services.

The last two times my Sister has come over I have invited Her over to have coffee while he services Her. She has come over both times. She now gets the same treatment as my Sister from him except drinking Her pee. She is up for it but I am not yet. Maybe in the future?

Now He has three Women to service at their feet, I get wet and excited watching him do this for them, I think because he is under my complete control and does this very submissive act to other women at my discretion . When they leave he begins servicing me which leads to many orgasms..

She texted me this morning and reminded me She would love to piss in his mouth..

Its funny to me and I wonder because of,in my small world experience, how many Women are so desperate and willing to have another person other than their own husband orally satisfy them.. Crazy I think.

How many relationships are out there that the man does not take care of his Wife’s needs? Very Sad…


My Sister after Her Service

20 thoughts on “A Quick Update

  1. Your slave did a Very Nice job on Your sisters feet. im sure Yours always look that Good also. Congrats to everyone there. You. Your sister. Your friend and Your very lucky slave husband. slave c

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    1. Hi SC:
      Thank you for finding your way to my blog, and for replying.. Awesome!
      Yes my feet were a given in this post. He does mine sometimes everyday as far as lotion, heel sanding, massage, and then nail trimming, polish removal and replacement every week or so.
      If you have been following my blog, I love to make my husband worship my feet via licking, sucking and kissing them. I have posted many pictures especially to my e-mail followers.
      It’s a power thing for some reason, I really don’t even know why. It is a personal service I guess anyone would enjoy.
      So, one thing about being a femdom is I can have him do it anytime I wish without worry it is going to lead to sex unless of course I initiate it.

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  2. Unfortunately D, there are still men out there who don’t please their wives. It’s equally unfortunate that there are women who let them get away with it. When will they ever learn. Hubwife pleases my best friend (who’s divorced) and my sister (who’s a widow). It’s a nice way to share hubwife and provide two of the closest women in my lives with some pleasure 🙂

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    1. Hi Linda:
      Thank you for replying.
      It’s kind of fun that we have so much in common.
      I have been thinking about letting them use him, only his mouth and tongue though.
      I am hung up on our marriage, I am not sure how he would take it. I know he would do it for me and he is very good at it so they could get a lot of relief.
      I think though I would want to watch and even supervise.
      My Dom side is full steam ahead with it. My Wife side is faltering.

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      1. Thank You for posting this Dorinda. Like I said before, I cannot comprehend the mindset of a man who doesn’t like pleasing his Woman and I don’t think it has much (or anything) to do with submissiveness or the lack of it.

        In your husband’s position I would very much enjoy servicing my Wife’s Lady friends and I would want Her to supervise it all. My guess is every man would (not just subs). My Wife knows that I find one of Her girlfriends very sexy (yes, we talk about such things) snd that one of my top fantasies is about me servicing them both sexually in the most submissive ways. Her position is that She would never let Her (or any other Woman) use me for sex, but She might let Her (or other Lady friends) spank and punish me mercilessly if I deserved it, provided that She could let Her (Them) in on our secrets, which alas has zero chance of ever happening, therefore it will always be just a wet fantasy of mine.

        And no, I would never do it behind my Wife’s back.

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        1. Hi Tom:
          Agreed for sure, spouse needs to know and be up front. Sort of a concern for me in that my Sister is single so no problem, my friend here is married. My husband is serving Her with a sort of pedicure but shaving Her legs is personal so is She being unfaithful to Her husband? Now If I allow her oral service, this for sure is… As much as I get off Domming my husband, I do not want it to be at the expense of an innocent bystander (her husband)

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          1. Hi Dorinda, I understand your concerns regarding the friend’s husband. Too bad if he is not into Femdom and cannot be introduced into the “circle of trust”, so to speak.
            These are all very delicate matters, no doubt. What qualifies as unfaithfulness depends on the individuals involved IMHO. “One size fits all” doesn’t apply here.

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            1. Hi Tom:
              This is one of the things I enjoy about you is your reality is the same as mine and you seem very genuine.
              It’s funny; I think many people think you just do whatever you want especially with the perceived power as someone’s Dom. The fact is all decisions you make regarding him have ripple effects. With sexual relationships, they can be very detrimental.
              To get to this point in our relationship with my friend has taken months, I go very slowly. I also need to consider my husband. Not only that, what if a ripple effect was him wanting control from another Woman, he is my whole life really.
              Complicated right?

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            2. Hi Dorinda.

              Thank You for your kind words. I am being honest and direct. Perhaps sometimes too direct. It is pity that my Wife is not nearly as relaxed and outspoken about Her sexuality, I wish I could bring Her here to Your blog, but knowing Her, it would just spook Her away and back into Her shell. Oh well…

              Anyway, I think the danger of the ripple effect is certainly there, but probably not with Your husband. It is an educated guess on my part but I am pretty sure he is completely hooked to You and no Woman could lure him away unless You started to neglect his needs and push him away. I am saying this from my perspective; every day I meet Women (some on regular basis) that I find attractive, sexy, desirable in many ways. Some of them (objectively) prettier and younger than my Wife. I can easily get erections fanatasizing about them, sometimes from interacting, even innocently flirting with some. Dangerous, right? But! they all lack all the baggage (good and bad) that comes with a satisfying, firm and long lasting relationship with a Woman that satisfies all my fundamental needs, including the sexual ones (even though She doesn’t do everything that I like!). All these other Women cannot compete because my Wife, Queen, Mistress simply trumps them all, I am emotionally and sexually chained to Her. As long as She stays and keeps evolving together with me She remains the sexiest Female for me and there is zero chance for me risking losing Her or betraying Her. I want to serve Her, be Her Knight and be actively dominated by Her. Which is not to say I would not accept other Women in our sex games (or even a couple or even just a male bull if my Wife wanted it), but since my Wife is totally against it, it will not happen. But I can keep dreaming about being dominated and sexually used and abused by more than one Woman, right? 🙂

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    2. Hi Ms. Linda T.
      Wow, that is very generous of You. How do you deal with Your hubwife enjoying the experience of pleasuring other Women beside Yourself? Does it bother You? I know He does it to please the Ladies and not himself, but I cannot imagine how he could not be hugely aroused by doing it. I know I would be.

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    1. Hi A:
      Thanks for reading this post..
      I came across your blog yesterday, thank you for blogging.
      I love to see what other honest people are writing.. Honest in that we share sort of off limits topics together with similar mindsets..
      I have found a few really awesome bloggers here on WordPress in the FLR?Femdom arena and look forward everyday to read what they are up to.

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      1. I’m glad you were able check out my blog.
        All that I wrote comes from either my experiences, others experiences , or my thoughts and fantasies.
        I hope I can write my experiences in very well!!


  3. I often fantasize about serving my wife and as many friends as she wanted. We sometimes talk about it but don’t think it would ever happen. However being displayed in my cage might happen as might punishment. The right situation just had to present itself…
    I would be so excited if I were your hubby. And I would expect you to supervise any oral work I would be told to do.

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    1. Hi Michael:
      Thank you for reading my post and for replying.
      I know, this is a strange area and time in our relationship. I am guessing not to many married D/s wife’s use their husbands as service providers.
      Thank you for your advice on it would be appropriate to supervise his oral service, It is one of those things that I wonder if sis and friend could relax enough with me in the room. I know it is my call and control, they would have to take it or leave it.

      BTW, if you were my husband, your beautiful cock would be in me more then it would be in a cage, if in a cage at all. I really love a penis, the way it looks, I love the feel of it when hard. I dont think I posted anything about it but I do sort of torture my husbands penis. I use my finger nails pushing deeply into his pee hole, I force them into his fleshy tip, to the point sometimes tears roll down his cheeks.

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  4. Wonderful string of postings. My boy wet spot was seen giving me a foot rub at the spa. Some of the ladies at the pool/spa commented and I volunteered the boy’s service. Since then he has served at the feet of several women including my two adult daughters. One of my daughters brings her shoes and boots over for him to freshen. I have told several women friends about the boys oral work and about his being in chastity. He has shown a couple of ladies the device but he has not preformed oral on anyone but me. I have no plans to share that with others. BTW the boy gave foot service to a young male friend of mine. This young man very much desires to have sex with me and my poor hubby knows it. this drives the poor boy wild. We were at the pool the other day and this young man and I were on lounge chairs while wet spot was serving drinks and applying lotion to us, yes hubby applied it a man in public, very embarrassing to him for some reason.


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    1. Hi Janyne:
      Thanks for replying today..
      It is interesting that many of us and my Dom followers allow our subs to comfort and provide services to our close friends and family.
      I believe it is embarrassing to my husband but on the other hand, he generally has an erection while performing the tasks. I think he is just really excited now sexually any time he performs any feet or leg activities because I have always made it a sexual thing from the beginning of my Domination over him.
      From our e-mail conversations I wonder if you would put the boy to work orally satisfying your young male friend?

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  5. Not to be a killjoy, but I would proceed with caution with your married friends and your husbands services. As their husbands may take exception to the activities their wives are participating in. You don’t want to risk the loss of your friends, from your social circle.
    I think anything is a go, with your single friends however, provided all parties are game.
    I am intriged and fascinated by your efforts to convert your friends to a FLR/Femdom lifestyle. It will be interesting to see how yours too progresses.

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