I was looking at some Femdom Blogs recently and something very common is spanking and or caning your husband, in fact a commenter to a post I was reading said if the blog is not about this form of Domination then it’s not worth reading.

First off, to each his/Her own, whatever turns you on is fine by me.

I do not spank mine. It does not do anything for me. However, a lot of things I do to him do not turn me on. I do them so he gets turned on but then don’t act on it. I really get off on him wanting me. He is so predictable, his constant urge to cum, always trying to do more hoping I will allow him between my legs or at least allow him the opportunity to spend.

I was thinking though I have many times made him experience pain. I enjoy squeezing or hitting his balls to give him pain that way. (This must be a family trait because Beth seems to really enjoy doing this too) A lot of times I tie his balls up with an old nylon stocking for a while, while he does some other task, many times when he is doing my legs with lotion or working on my feet I do this before he gets started. I am mindful of his balls turning blue and cooling due to loss of blood flow, still he can handle it for upwards of an hour or two. I sometimes enjoy seeing him squirm when he serves me. Not always but sometimes.

I also have enjoyed while his balls are bound putting clothes pins on the tip of his erect penis. It seems to work out well with 3, two on the underside on each side of his pee hole and one on the top. This seems to spread open his pee hole in this configuration. Every now and again I will put a 4th, This one right on the tip closing that hole I just talked about. If I make him cum with the clothes pins on I take the one on the tip off just as he start to ejaculate.

Now with this he actually winces in pain, but,  he also maintains an erection for me.

I do not do these things too often anymore because it’s too much work for me. Right? Why go thru the effort when he is horny enough just doing his routine tasks and chores for me. He always has a full load when I allow his release. That is my measuring stick to determine if I need to put in anymore effort. He is motivated enough I feel.

So I guess it comes down to this.

Do you guys enjoy being spanked?

And the question for the Doms, Have you been doing this to him for a long time, if so how often do you spank him?

This picture has nothing to do with this post, I figured its been a while sense I showed you my ass!



After many Orgasms
Laying in bed after I used his tongue!

25 thoughts on “Spanking?

  1. My wife did use a paddle on me a few times but didn’t enjoy it and so we stopped. I do think it would be better for us if she did occasionally as it would reinforce her dominance. I don’t really seek it and prefer more sexual dominating activities. Mostly I think she really likes the power and control part of our femdom marriage and sex for her isn’t the main benefit although I’m more than willing to provide for her…….Thanks for bringing up the topic, I’ll ask her what she thinks

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    1. Hi Marc:
      Thank you for reading and commenting on this post.
      I agree with you that for me too, sex is not the main benefit. Sex is one of the many benefits I receive.
      Mostly I get a man that want,s to satisfy my every need and want. (It helps I firmly believe, that I use his male libido and know how to use it and play it.)
      My e-mail tells me there are many men that want and need to be treated like you and my husband are by a Wife.

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  2. I get a thorough spanking about once a month. Strapped to the spanking bench and spanked and whipped hard for about 30 minutes. Also she uses a spiked wheel all over me which is worse than the spanking. I am bruised and usually quite bloody after a session but I am completely in awe of her power and just want to worship and serve more after. In between these sessions there are lots of smacks to my cock and balls whenever she feels like it. As well as slaps to the face. I honestly could do without so much and still serve with the same intensity but she has come to enjoy all the beatings quite a lot and I am more than happy to oblige her.

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  3. Hi Dorinda
    I’m not sure you are tame… lol. I am spanked at times. I can never predict when it might happen. I don’t like the pain but I do like the sense of power and dominance the spankings demonstrate. So they turn me on in a weird sort of way.

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    1. Hi Michael:
      Thanks for reading this post.
      I know you always try to take care of your queen, I really respect that quality in you. I understand what you are saying about Her power and Dominance!
      I guess Spanking is a big topic for submissive men, this post got the most hits of all time. I think only because of the heading “Spanking”. I dont feel it was a great piece on spanking, ( I know it is not). I barely mentioned it.

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  4. I enjoy it. Limited experience. Never too hard. I’d be open to try whatever she desired. She seems to adore spanking so far. Thanks for your post.


  5. First, I love your ass.
    My wife would never do anything to hurt me, but whenever I do something wrong, she will correct and scold me. I always tell her that I should be punished, but she hasn’t decided yet what that should be. I think it would be silly for her to spank my ass, but it would make me feel submissive, so I guess it would be a turn on. That’s the same reason I love doing housework, and every little thing I can do for her during the day is a turn on.


  6. Dear Dorinda,
    I do spank the boy, and he hates it. Oh he likes the idea of it but it hurts and I have him dancing around like a school girl. I use a paddle or on rare occasions a cane. He is terrified of the cane. A spanking is always followed by corner time with his naked ass in plain view. I like to have the boy fetch the instrument and assume the position then ask for the correction. After his corner time he puts the tools away.

    Sometimes I do wish we had penetrative sex, but that ship has sailed. The boy is very skilled with his mouth and tongue and he seems to think that if he is good enough with that I will not seek out more viril men for intercourse. The boy does know I date once in a while, he hates that and when I get home he is more than ready to get busy with what he does best. Life is good.


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    1. Hi Janyne:
      Thank you for commenting today.
      I understand, I need my virile man in me to really feel complete. I orgasm a lot for fun, but when I want satisfaction it must end with many orgasms from intercourse.
      At least he cleans you up accordingly.


    2. Janyne, your cuckolding experience is very interesting. Care to share more with the group? How did you start? how do you manage his jealousy? how does he manage his feeling?


  7. Thank You for bringing this topic up Dorinda. What a lovely ass, no wonder Your hubby enjoys spending his time servicing it 🙂

    Yes, I like beeing spanked by my Wife, but I don’t get spanked often and most of it when it happens is not hard enough to be called correctional or disciplinary spanking. When She spanks me, not only my ass and thighs but also my penis, balls and asshole can get Her attention.

    My Wife doesn’t have a stomach for a really harsh spanking or caning and She says I like the spanking too much for it to be effective as a punishment. Which is not true! My threshold for “erotic” level of pain is actually shemefully low and most of the time I honestly want the spanking to end and I lose erection far before it actually ends. So it doesn’t take much to make it feel like real punishment that I want to end. I moan, yell, squirm, and I don’t fake it! But more often than not I also regain erection after some time if I am pushed with my face between Her legs, even though my ass and thighs are burning. Sometimes there is some light bruising left, but I don’t feel any residual smarting after a few hours.

    My Wife spanked me hard enough to nearly make me cry only a couple of times, the last one was more than a year ago, once for yelling at Her and the rest for masturbating. On those few occassions I had serious problems sitting down afterwards and my ass was still of a pink shade on the next day with some bruising disappearing only after a week. I also felt ashamed and humiliated, not erotic at all.
    She prefers to punish me sexually when I really screw it up. And believe me, Her sadness and dissappointment coupled with complete and lengthy sexual denial hurt me more than any spanking could! I know I would gladly trade a couple of weeks of denied access to my Wife’s pussy, ass and feet for a hard caning such as Janyne’s sub receives. But my Wife knows me and disciplines me accordingly. Luckily, It only happens rarely, most of the time I behave and act as I promised that I would. I love my Wife and I am grateful for Her dominance in sex (and increasingly more also outside sex).

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    1. Hi Tom:
      Thank you for replying to my post!
      It sounds like you deserved a spanking for yelling at your Awesome Wife, hopefully She withheld Her Womanhood from you until you recognized the error in your ways.
      Its funny that you mention yelling. As A Dom Wife my husband never yells at me EVER. I have not really thought about it much though because it has been so long.
      I guess this is one of the reasons I allow him the opportunity to orally please me so often.


      1. Hi Dorinda, thank you for commenting. You are right on both counts.
        Yes, I totally deserved the spanking, not because I was wrong in a lengthy argument (I was not, even my wife admitted it) but because I lost my temper even though I promised not to let it happen again. I am ashamed of my reactions sometimes and I am trying to improve. I don’t yell out of the blue, but it is my fault to allow myself to get provoked and there is simply no excuse for doing it to my Wife and Mistress. It doesn’t happen often at all.

        Rest assured that I was denied Her womanhood for a long time following that particular incident. I always am in such cases. She uses different sex punishments to correct my behavior all the time. Right now I am serving a “three-weeks-no-pussy” sentence for some minor sloppiness in my services (hopefully ending on Sunday). I am also denied all orgasms right now.


  8. D,
    I think my wife has the same thoughts as you. She prefers not to hit me and feels I do what is required without that type of correction.
    We had played with spanking for a bit and I was ok with the first few swats but really dont like the pain of the following ones. What I like about the spanking is the feel of her dominance – not really the spanking (like collaredmichael said)
    What I crave is the feel of her control… which seems odd that we have been together for so long and I have just come to realize this.


    1. Herwish, I agree with you and Michael. The feeling of being dominated and totally out of control is the key to making a really painful corporal punishment exciting for me when observed from the distance. Not during the execution (except maybe during the first one or two hard spanks) but before (expectation) and after the event (remembering and “processing” it).

      Erotic spanking (that’s what I get when my Wife spanks me most of the time, more as a reward or simply because it turns Her on too) is a different beast for me. It is painful and strict enough to create the aura of a “real thing”, I have no control over the intensity, number and the target of the spanks. It also causes a transient loss of erection. It only stops being arousing for a little while. After a real punishment spanking it takes time before I can get turned on by thinking about it again. It is, after all, a real punishment for my screw up.

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  9. Dorinda,

    I do enjoy being spanked. Well, rather I do enjoy the formality of being required to present my naked bottom to her for punishment or discipline. Like most men I suppose, I always enjoy the idea of it, but when it begins, I can’t wait for it to be over! For me (therefore for us) there is a distinct sense of the “slate is cleaned” following spanking. There are very few times when I feel closer to my Mistress Wife then kneeling naked before, receiving aftercare. It has become a very integral part of our marriage.

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  10. I d not like being spanked and spanking in my view should only be for real punishment, followed by corner time. My ex wife got angry with me once and shipped me with a thin electrical cord. It hurt, left welts and was not pleasant.. I did get turned on and had an erection but that was because of the power she exhibited and the fact that she actually whipped me. It was a deserved whipping and even though I got erect there was no sexual relief granted or taken.


  11. A spanking is fun to think about, painful in practice, and to me, not erotic, because pain eclipses other thoughts. It’s very humbling, though, and puts an exclamation point on her authority and her commitment, and certainly places me in a the frame of mind to behave and to double my effort for her.

    A spanking is also cathartic; there are times when it feels needed for stress relief, and there’s a strong sense of gratitude which follows, when one is given. It’s not pleasant, at least not for me, but that’s the idea.

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  12. My wife spanks me at times. I really enjoy the fact that she is in charge and I have to submit to her, including being spanked if I misbehave. However, I don’t like the spanking itself. When she says I am going to get spanked, I get hard right away. When she starts spanking I keep thinking, “when is she going to quit.”


  13. I LOVE being spanked by my wife. She doesn’t do it’s often enough for me because truth be told I feel like I want it every day. However, we aren’t in a female led relationship so much as life partners and she spanks me because she knows it makes me horny. I wish that one time she would do it as a real punishment when I upset her, but that’s not how our life works. If I get her mad we argue or don’t talk to each other until we slowly work things out. I dream that one time she would get pissed and tell me to bring her the bath brush and get over her knee. I guarantee I wouldn’t be mad anymore after the spanking was over. It’s like hot make up sex.


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