I think this is the best picture I have taken of my husband spending his load before cleanup. Not the actual ejaculation because he is done but the swollen head, the hot dripping liquid, the little drop falling to the carpet.

From a dominate Wifes perspective is that her husband is completely compliant to my orders, that he is going to clean up his mess and kiss and suck my toes in the same process.

If that is not male submission, nothing is.

So if you can imagen, it is pretty tough to get a picture during sexual activities. (Really)

But this picture I think shows a submissive husband doing exactly what his Wife is demanding. He is releasing his pent up semen and sexual energy, but only on my feet and toes, then completely licking up and cleaning up his mess as I demanded.

This was after taking care of my needs of course; a normal husband would want to make love to me, demand it,  But he is not a normal husband, he wants inside me very badly but can’t have me because I control when, where and if that happens. He completely lovingly accepts this fact and relationship.

(First of all a normal husband would not have serviced both holes until I could not orgasm any more).

Anyway, I need to have him take a bunch of new pictures for us here. I posted this one at least once before.

I cannot post his cleaning up because of his privacy, (too much of his face shows) but that picture makes me wet every time I look at it because of knowing he is so completely submissive to me.



Cleanup Time Honey

11 thoughts on “I really love this image

  1. Very nice. Worshipping my Domme’s feet is the best. She has Gorgeous size 11 with a perfect arch. I rub and worship them as much as she wants and I love it when she makes me clean up every drop. Can’t wait for some new pics.

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  2. Very hot picture. My wife let me have a ruined orgasm on her pussy yesterday, and the result was a picture perfect creampie. I wanted to take that picture before I did my clean up duty, but she would not let me.

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  3. I know that there are men that only think about their own satisfaction and pleasure in sex (and probably only their own needs outside sex as well). This way of thinking is so alien to me that I think (hope) that it isn’t prevalent and it certainly isn’t normal in any way. I strongly believe that it does not take a sexually submissive man to be kind and attentive to Women’s needs in sex and otherwise. I think Femdom offers countless new exciting possibilities for both partners (if they are compatible in this way) that are not available in strictly vanilla relationships.

    I adore my Wife’s feet and She enjoys the attention they are getting (massaging, washing, pedicure) and lets me worship them to cater to my kinky desires but She doesn’t make me clean my mess if I ejaculate on Her feet. In the past I consumed my cum from Her toes once or twice, but not in a long time.
    Dorinda, thanks again for maintaining this blog. You rule 😉

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    1. Hi Tom:
      Thank you for stoping by and reading this post.
      Your Wife and me seem to have a lot in common.
      Actually since the FemDom stuff started between us, I feel we are so much closer and absolutely spend much more time together as a couple. Yes its doing little things like this.
      I see a lot of marriages fail, (ours almost did too, actually many times) but I can’t help but wonder if they spent more time together if it would have lasted..


  4. This may soon be in my future. Last month we added foot kissing and licking prior to her nightly foot massage and she commented several times about making me cum on her feet.


  5. First, congratulations on Your one-year anniversary. I hope a lot of Female-led couples are benefitting from your blog. I think it is terrific.

    I’ve been a submissive since puberty, but was not able to find a dominant Woman to marry. You may find this interesting, though. My first sexual dream involved the older sister of a friend, who was sixteen at the time.

    My dream started on the third floor, outside her family’s apartment. She was fully clothed, and I was nude. We walked together down the stairs to the first floor. I was extremely nervous, fearing we would be seen. We stayed a while, then she said we could go back upstairs. We walked back up to her home, where the dream ended. The part that made it so exciting was being nude and taking orders from a clothed woman.

    Do You make Your husband serve You while he is nude and You are fully clothed?

    – G

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  6. Dorinda
    It’s similar to my Wife and I. When I’m allowed an orgasm it’s expected I will perform cleanup to my Wife’s satisfaction. I’m always hopeful of being able to release inside, but that’s a rarity. Wherever it is I finish I’m now completely conditioned to cleanup without complaints. I rather enjoy my Wife making a comment or two about how long it’s been since my last orgasm as I do cleanup, or asking me what kind of a man likes to clean after he orgasms? Yes, I enjoy some light humiliation too.


  7. I would love to come on my wife’s feet, but it has not happened yet. 18 years ever since we. Got married she has used chastity. The past 15 years have been counting us all the time keeping me locked. She unlocks me once every month or two often for intercourse about 3-5 times a year.
    When we were dating she addicted my penis to her gently stroking it with anything Angora as foreplay. Still to this I attempt to erect if I see in anything Angora. I cant control it.
    Have you heard of Angora addiction?


    1. Hi Bob:
      Thank you for finding my Blog and commenting, this is what makes the blog world go round. Interaction….
      No my friend I have not heard of Angora addiction.
      But I do know that what ever works for a couple is good. I am in no position to judge anyone or anyone’s kinks or addictions..
      I am just a normal woman, I try not to find fault in to many things, just the good parts.
      Do you ever cum, if so, only with angora? Do you ever penetrate your wife anymore?
      Just wondering..
      Thanks, D


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