I was having a lengthy e-mail conversation the other night with this nice guy. He appeared to be very submissive to his Dom. We talked about a few things and shared some of our pictures with each other.

Anyway the topic came up and asked him if he ejaculated when being fucked with a strap-on or dildo. ( I know that’s odd, but the conversation went that way)

He said no, he usually does not even get an erection. It’s not about him; it’s about the desire of his Dom, for Her to be satisfied only.

I asked him if he had to cleanup his semen when She allows him to release, he said no, She does not demand or ask him too. He said if she said so he would do it in a heartbeat.

I felt he was an Awesome Submissive man,  very honest and serving to his Dom.

I was thinking about how I love to fuck my husband with my strap-on but thinking about whenever I do he always has a huge erection.. There is no difference except my husband is doing it for me because I make him and my friend does it because he wants to please his Dom.

Two different outcomes from the same act of your man taking your strap-on for different reasons; I found it interesting that’s all.

As you all know, I always make my husband clean up his mess. I do it because it makes me feel strong, to make him feel very submissive to me after he releases. When most men are done and don’t even want to touch you, mine is down between my legs sucking out his seed and if I am still interested I get another series of orgasms.

Here is a picture of his semen on and in me before a cleanup session.

This was an error on his part. He had been instructed to stop pumping in and out when he releases his load so it does not leak or come out of my vagina, he went a few strokes to many and you see the results.

I prefer and demand he sucks and tongues me clean each time. He does not make too many mistakes anymore, especially with this problem.


Before his cleanup. He went in and out after cumming and forced his dessert out of me!

14 thoughts on “Stap-ons and Clean-up duties

  1. Thank you for writing about our exchange. I felt I was a little over eager to share but glad you could use some of what we talked about.
    On the cleanup you are so right. Right before I cum I am fantasizing about cleaning it all up but even as I’m cumming I realize I don’t want to. Although competing with that is an unbelievable desire for my Domme to demand I get every drop.
    When she has done this on a few occasions I am instantly brought back to submissive mode and think it actually slows down the sudden drop off in interest.
    Even more so when she lets me cum on her feet and lick it up.
    The submissiveness of the man or continued desires of the Domme should not stop just because the man gets off.
    In fact, she rarely lets me cum anyway and prefers to edge me or have me edge myself for days before I am allowed too which also keeps me in my correct place.
    I think the main reason she doesn’t make me clean up more often is that she herself is pretty much finished after one orgasm just like a guy. Which is unusual but it is about her and if she wants to roll over and fall asleep or just cuddle while I am still hard and horny than I accept that too. I do always rub her feet after she is through no matter what though:)

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  2. When I am allowed to cum, it’s always a ruined orgasm, and I am only allowed to cum on her pussy and never in her pussy. I always ask her if I can do my clean up duty. She always says “yes, do your clean up duty”. After, I always thank her.

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  3. Thank You Dorinda and JMAD456 for bringing this up. I agree with everything you wrote, JMD. Your description about what happens after a male orgasm is exactly what happens to me to, to the letter.
    My situation regarding strap-ons and cum eating is a little different.

    My Wife doesn’t want to take me anally with a strap-on, She’s simply not comfortable with it (but I would love her to fuck my ass, I enjoy the penetration and all anal stimulation), yet She never had problems inserting a finger or two into my rectum. We’ll get there eventually, I am pretty sure, because now She lets me penetrate myself in front of Her and She occassionally makes me wear big anal plugs for hours at a time (not my idea and sometimes uncomfortable and soooooo humiliating when I have to remove the plug with Her watching).
    I always get a powerful erection at the beginning of any anal play, but only retain it with external anal stimulation. I turn semierect after a while if it is only penetration, even though the feelings of a stretched anus and the fullness remain extremely pleasant and arousing the whole time. I cannot have an orgasm from just anal penetration, but I can be brought close to it even though I am not hard.

    Cum eating: my Wife finds it gross, but She did make me eat it a couple of times, at my request from prior to my orgasm. I have zero desire to eat my cum after ejaculation, but if told to do it by my Wife I do it. And I licked my cum from my Wife’s pussy quite a few times in the past, while trying to bring Her to orgasm after my premature ejaculations. Voluntarily, because it would be unfair to leave my Woman unsatisfied due to my poor performance in bed. I don’t do this anymore, because I am better at controlling my ejaculations now but mostly because my Wife only rarely lets me cum and practically never inside Her womanhood.
    In short, I know that I could eat my cum everytime if I was told to.

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  4. Cram pies are becoming very common for me. Orgasms (for me and for her) are always her choice. But now when I cum, she has me clean it up. Usually she has me cum on her ass, pussy or tits. She is getting better at insisting I miss no spots. This is because like the others, I loose the desire to clean up after I orgasm. But I obey my Queen to do so anyways.

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  5. This is an interesting topic. Back in the time when my boy was permitted intercourse he was always too quick and was ordered “down there” so that I could have a satisfactory completion myself. Today wet spot is in chastity most of the time and gives me head. When we were dating I discovered he had a strap on in his night stand. He blushingly told me about a past girlfriend who introduced it to the relationship. I gave it a try and now the boy bends over for me all the time. He sometimes comes from it and he does clean up. When the boy comes the boy consumes the product. Also he is responsible for maintenance and repair of any sex toys we may use. He also must keep a supply of condoms and personal lube in my night stand for the occasional guest.

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    1. Sounds like a very strict Femdom relationship Janyne. I really wonder what I would do if my Wife adopted Your rules for let’s say a month or two – would I beg for release or ask for morebat the end? I suspect that being locked up and not being able to touch my own cock for so long would frustrate me the most. I don’t masturbate anymore (strictly forbidden), but I still touch myself a lot when opportunity arises and my Wife wants me to stop that too. I tell Her that I am unable to stop and that She should train me to drop the habit by locking my penis up if it bothers Her that much (I have no idea how long it would take), but She refuses the idea.

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    2. Jayne, sounds like you have cuckolded your guy. How did that happen? he brought it up or you did? how do you guys deal with potential issues such as feelings, trust, etc?

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  6. My wife has used the strap on to fuck my ass a few times a year for the past three years or so. She is not so keen on doing ass play since she is a nurse and is germophobic. I however, love the sensations of anything she does to my ass from spanking to fucking.
    Recently she has been more inclined to play with my ass since I let her know in no uncertain terms that I am really loving it! A few things she did to my ass recently were placing clothes pins on my anus (oh wow!), inserting the cane that she was caning my ass with, and fucking my ass with the handle of a fly swatter that she had been swatting my ass with.
    My feeling is that as I get older my sexual focus is shifting from my penis to my anus or boypussy. I also have desires to be feminized and have my penis and balls either locked up or tortured painfully while my wife is pleasured.
    I never masturbate now, but I do touch my penis and wish for my wife to control me including locking my penis. I also find it very arousing when she orders me to do things and am disappointed when she asks me to “do a favor” rather than telling me what to do.

    When she has me on the edge I totally want to be “made” to clean up my cum. Yes, my interest in eating my cum declines significantly after I orgasm.

    As with the other respondents, she controls my orgasms and she does not let me cum often.
    On the rare occasions that she lets me, the majority of the time she does have me clean up, usually making me eat it from her pussy while she uses the magic wand to have her orgasm.


    1. Hi Mrbillsails. We have much in common, including the fascination with all kinds of anal stimulation (including the rough ones, like light but still very “stimulating” anus whipping) and the desire for painful treatment of cock and balls. Minus the feminization part. My anus is like my second sex organ, the feelings are very different from those originating from my penis and balls, but incredibly pleasurable, even though I don’t cum from anal stimulation (but I leak precum like a faucet). So I understand you very well.

      How often are you allowed to have orgasms and is there any regularity to having them? My Wife reduced my orgasms over the last half a year from once/twice per week to about the same number per month! With zero regularity, anything from two ejaculations half an hour apart to none in the whole month and it has nothing to do with how much sex we have (a lot!) or how many orgasms I gladly make sure She can enjoy (quite a lot as well). I never know until it happens, it is frustrating and arousing at the same time, I love/hate it. It is also light years away from my daily ejaculations I was having before my Wife made me to drop masturbation.


  7. My wife and I tried pegging a couple of years ago. Of the few times she penetrated me, only once did it feel fantastic. I don’t think she enjoyed it enough to continue with it.
    I like the psychological thought of it. Nothing makes me feel more submissive than being pegged. We may try it again, as she isn’t adverse to doing it again.
    As far a cum eating goes, she’ll often take my preorgasmic leakage on her fingers and put them in my mouth, but never after I orgasm.
    Our FLR, began a few years ago, and has been very slow to get established. However she insists that she indeed wants it.

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    1. Hi Ron:
      Thanks for the reply.
      I dont get any sexual pleasure from pegging him without my little vibrator on my clitoris. The rig he made a long time ago broke so now it is a only a mental high. After I am done with him I normally put his mouth and tongue to work for my sexual pleasure. There is a huge power play mentally. I especially enjoy once he is loosened up doing full stokes in and out, looking down it looks like I have a cock he is eagerly taking for me..


      1. Hi Dorinda,

        Some women I have read enjoy pegging, while some don’t. Most will want to try it, if for no other reason than to cross it off their bucket list or to please their partner.
        My wife and I discussed a while back of trying again in future, with her using a remote control We vibe inserted in her.
        You may want to try something like that.

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