I was thinking about the requests I have received to get something out to my followers. I was looking over the many posts and found one from last December.

I actually got many emails in defense of me and my husbands D/s relationship from the haters of this life style I mentioned in my last post. So this post was a great definition of some Femdom relationships and FLR marriages. I wanted to remind you on my feelings of the relationship benefits for a Woman, in this post not so much about the sexual benefits other then the image of him serving me

I think our life is very similar to normal vanilla couples. We are middle class people, we live in rural America.

I have no friends here I feel I could tell what you all know about us from my blog. If you read my posts you would know this is why I blog, there has to be other Women that need to know how much more wonderful family life is with a submissive husband.

The biggest differences are the amount of sex we have and that he does most of the domestic household chores typically looked at as Woman’s work. He does the (women’s work) with an erection, day in and day out. I do a cock check often, just to be sure he is not loosing interest.

I think it helps that he is an alpha male, I think normal men would not make a good submissive, they are to docile and do not have much of an internal drive.

Remember he does all the typical male stuff, goes to work, makes money to support me, kids, and grandchildren, the household repairs, auto and equipment repairs, the strong back stuff, the (male stuff)

Then he does all the things that need to be done in the home. Things like shopping, cooking, cleaning, ironing,  my personal needs like shaving me, legs, pits, pussy, kissing me, holding me, talking to me, worshiping every inch of my body, being a strong family leader, a great example of a man to our 5 sons and grand sons, also the boys Women, they see what a man does for his wife.

I feel only an alpha male has the strength, courage and intelligence to be dominated by me a plain Jane wife with desires and needs as I wrote above.

I go to bed at night with a very strong feeling he loves me deeply and any need I have he will take care of if I tell him. He knows now after all this time what those standard needs are, he knows with out saying ,but some needs I need to tell him about directly.

He actually loves for me to firmly tell him things I want done. As I have said, he has been trained to achieve an erection when I order him to do something, this is what Femdom is about, if you cannot get him excited it is difficult to train him..

I never thought about it until now but he has to have a very high libido, this gives you the upper hand as he needs to release more often then a vanilla male.


As he does my feet, he must kiss the other one before putting lotion on my legs



4 thoughts on “A post From 9 Months ago

  1. Congratulations on being able to forge a relationship that works so well for the both of you. I know your husband has to be a very satisfied and happy man. He has the perfect loving wife who knows his needs, recognizes them, and knows to USE him often. A personal sex slave is what every submissive male longs to be. How wonderful it is to hear about you using him so well.

    ps. let him drink straight from your sister and pleasure her. He will love it, she will love it. You should be proud to be able to provide pleasure to them both with just a word from you.

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    1. Hi Chuck:
      Thanks for reading today’s post and your comment.
      As a mater of fact, soon after we were back and things calmed down She came over for her toenail polish and foot and leg lotion. I did allow Her to make him drink Her nectar but with the plastic bottle funnel I had him make for the purpose.
      He does it for me, I don’t think if he had his way he would drink pee..

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  2. I love Your blog and I admire Your relationship Dorinda, I stated so repeatedly. It is something to wish for.

    But I don’t think it takes a traditional alpha male to make a good submissive husband. I do many of the “male” things Your husband does (including being the major provider) but I am not an “alpha”. I prefer to act from behind the front row so to speak, I don’t feel comfortable to be in the spotlight. I like my work to speak for me, I have been told more than once that I don’t advertise and “sell” myself well enough. But I do have a very powerful sex drive (my Wife says I am the horniest and kinkiest guy She ever met) and I have always had this need and desire to pamper and serve my Woman and to be sexually dominated by Her. My Wife is not nearly as developed in the Femdom way as You are (She isn’t even aware of the terms like FLR or Femdom), my desire to be submissive is a lot stronger than Her desire to dominate me, but She does some Femdom stuff and She now fully controls and owns me sexually. I openly admit that I am basically a slave to Her pussy. And I love it.

    One unrelated technical question: do I have to have a blog on WordPress to be able to post as a member? I hate posting as an anonimous, but it seems that there is no option to just register and log in to WordPress. But I can see that some posters don’t have a blog associated with their name. BTW, I don’t use or intend to use Facebook, Twitter etc. (weird, I know, but that’s me…)

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