My thoughts from this last year. 

I started my Blog a year ago when I got back from our cabin. I feel this will come across as a bit of rambling, hopefully not much complaining, but no mater what it looks like, it has been interesting..

I feel quite a bit different about FLR and Femdom. In my opinion two different things. If the emails and post comments I receive are any indication of the amount of people interested in or practicing ether or both, is sort of mind boggling for me. I had no idea.

I see now that there are many variations from someone like me, a wife, to the pros, to the ones that have a Femdom blog as a front to sell you an ebook or even boldly ask you for money in exchange for remote domination. (Hmm, how do you orally satisfy your Dom over your keyboard?)

I see that less then half the Women I include in my life that I share Femdom and its benefits with become at all interested in its benefits. Many of the takers are interested in using my husband as a training prop, I admit it turns me on though.

As most of you know my Sister is one of them. Most openly admit they have not had an orally induced orgasm in a very long time, even years. (How sad their husbands do not orally worship their womanhood). Its funny the older we get the less talk about our sex lifes is shared with each other. It is a very private mater and most are not any where near as open and vocal as I am about it. But sex is a very large part of a couples life to me.

I cant believe how much hate email I receive about my husband being a non-man or how sick I am, lol, some are 1000 words or more, wow. 

I have many loyal followers and email friends, who knew how this blog would be so interesting to many.

I think fear is why many women do not attempt to change their husbands, afraid of loosing them I guess. The truth is that you won’t, you can make him a better man, a better husband. 

I found that many of the men that email me and claim they are a sub in a femdom relationship or want to be one ask questions but after a few exchanges I demand they actually do one of my suggestions, and send a picture of them doing it, they never reply back again. (This is interesting in that why do you get frightened, if this is really the road you want to go down)

I had some emails from friends that wondered where I have been, thank you so much for the inquiries and concerns so I thought I would publish this quick note.

I have been away due to the fact I had some surgery several weeks ago and am in the recovery phases, nothing major but a painful recovery none the less, and then we were at our cabin for the last week, a busy place with family and a nice place for relaxing while I get back to normal. 

My husband has been a great help as you all know as my sub he does most things anyway but having a sub partner is so important during the recovery phases. I was not able to get around very well so he consumed much more nectar then normal. The last few days I have finally been up to his tongue for orgasms again. I can’t wait to feel him inside again soon, he will have a lot of mess to clean up. One day at a time fits here.


This will be open agin soon for him to please me

27 thoughts on “My Blog is one year old now

  1. Hi Dorinda, it is nice to hear from You again, I missed Your posts too. I am glad that You’re recovering and that You are getting back on track with Your normal activities, including sex. Best wishes and please take good care of Yourself.

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  2. Nice to see that your blog is up and running again. I miss your domination stories.
    Sad t say, I don’t think my wife has orgasms from oral, even though my tongue spends a lot of time between her legs. She now has a Magic Wand and gets off 2 or 3 times a week. After her orgasm, she wants my tongue, and claims she has another orgasm. Maybe, but it’s not a loud one.

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  3. i love love your blog and wait impatiently for any new entry. My wife and i mostly confine FLR/ femdom to play times (her choice). Although i voluntarily pick up and do housework probably more than most – silent encouragement.
    Please know that quite beyond any crazies and inappropriate hate mail (if you don’t like it why waste time reading it?) your blog is as well read as it is because you are mining a deep vein of emotional truth that many hunger for. And you write damn well!
    Best Regards

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  4. Hi Dorinda,

    First of all, get well soon. Not only for yourself, your husband, family and friends, but also for the hundreds and thousands of your devoted followers who seek inspiration from your blog.

    Speaking of your blog, you were thoroughly missed. No new blog means nothing new to learn. My husband introduced me to your blog. We have read many, but no other FLR blog is even near to the quality and honesty of your blog. Get well real soon darling as we followers are really missing your blog. Also, you have to post more now so you can coverup the backlog (hahaha) for us. But on a serious note, you were thoroughly missed. Specially for the couples like me and my husband who are still exploring FLR.

    We read your blogs over and over again, to gather courage to try things. Like I have till now only allowed him to massage my legs, body, shave me, wash my lingerie and yes lick my pussy but only when its completely clean.

    He wants to try out so many things, but I don’t allow him to do that. Also we only try it at night, but rest of the time we are just vanilla couple and not a FLR couple. There is still a mental block. Its been 6 months since we started. Hopefully I will overcome it in time to come. Was it the same for you too when you started?

    I was on periods last week and my husband kept begging me to like me down there. Did you ever allow him to like you in your periods. I am sure that your menopause might have started but I am talking about the earlier years. I found the whole idea gross, but than this is a different lifestyle. So if you allowed him to lick your periods how was the experience and how did you overcome the mental block?

    I have always been a vanilla wife in a relationship with my husband for 20 years and married since 10 years. He is the only partner I always had. I had fallen in love with him in my high school and we have been together ever since. But we have always been a vanilla couple and I am still trying to explore the FLR on insistence of my husband. And to be honest I find it funny.

    Hope to see you more active on the blog once you recover. You are an amazing blogger and your biggest plus is your genuineness, probably the only reason you are loved by your followers. Get well soon dearie. And please write more once you recover.


    1. Hi Radhika:
      Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for sharing that you are beginning to use your husband to help you in your search of deeper love and a marriage including FLR/Femdom.

      It takes time to learn to accept the pleasure of allowing your husband to service your needs. I find the foot and leg massages are so very wonderful. I don’t post about it much but my husband does me very often. For fun I make him kiss my feet and suck my toes almost every time. I really enjoy seeing his penis hard and throbbing over my beauty.

      I have not had a period in at least 15 years due to a hysterectomy I had to have. But back in the day I did not dominate him and he never did provide oral service during my monthly cycle. I was generally not in the mood for sex during that time.

      Most of us are vanilla in public so no worries. What he does for us in our home can be very different and only we know how powerful we are over him. This is OK.

      I have not shaved myself in 5 years, it is his duties now, I enjoy it so very much because he is so tender and it is so relaxing. He actually does it twice so I can enjoy it longer. He is very skilled in this.

      Do you experience only one orgasm when you allow him time to service your womanhood? If so maybe you can relax enough to learn to have many orgasms before you allow him to finish.


      1. Hi Dorinda,

        Thanks for the advice.

        Yes I can only manage one orgasm. Post that I am too sensitive to even be touched anywhere. My husband pushes me to try to go for more orgasms but I cannot. I think one is too much for me to handle. How do you manage multiple orgasms?

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        1. Hi Radhikaa:
          Thanks for reading my post,
          I dont know actually..
          I have always been multi-orgasmic I just did not know it until I slept with my husband.
          I had a few men before him and most did not even take enough time to even give me one orgasm, if I was lucky they would hold back long enough for me to have one. I guess I was and am just a plain looking woman and men don’t try very hard for us.
          When I fingered my self it was enough work to get one so I never tried for more because I did not know I could.
          Fast forward to first time with husband. This is 20 years before he wanted me to dominate him.
          Our first sexual encounter he brought me to orgasm with his mouth, it was so intense I squirted and squirted. But for the very first time in my life a man stayed down kissing and licking very softly like he was already in love with me, I just relaxed and started feeling like I could cum again, I held his head and pulled him in and he went to work giving me a very powerful and lengthy orgasm. So that day I knew I could do more.
          Now our routine is he orally takes care of me and I easily can do 5. He has to go slow between them but he has magic.. Then when I take him inside I can have 5 or 6 more. At some point I do not have the strength to continue because it is a lot of work on my body even know I am only laying there.
          I feel this is possible because he has a good heart and has always put me on pedestal from the first time he saw me. He has always wanted the best for me and has always tried so very hard to be sure I am satisfied
          This is how I got into FemDom, when he asked me for help I was honored and sort of felt I owed him.
          This statement will not go over well with hardcore femdommers but Love for him made me one, I was not born that way.


        2. Hi Radhika.
          My Wife is not multiorgasmic either. Just like You She also cannot stand to be touched on Her clit or the labia immediately after Her orgasm. She says it hurts. When She has more than one orgasm in a single session (three is the maximum for us) I always have to completely stop all stimulation for several minutes before I can start touching Her most sensitive areas again. It is like having sex three times with a single orgasm each time. Fondling Her breasts (but not the nipples) or ass (but not the anus), or just holding Her in my arms if fine after the orgasm but absolutely no pussy touching! Over 20 years I have tried on many occasions to continue stimulating Her gently, but I was always told to stop. If I don’t She would get angry or even punish my balls (very hard!) so I don’t want to do that. Many times She is so exhausted after Her orgasm that She falls asleep almost immediately. At other times She demands that I do it again, after some rest.
          I don’t think my Wife can do what Dorinda is experiencing. My Wife claims She cannot. I would love to make Her cum multiple times and to squirt as well. She can get extremely wet, not always though (there is a wet patch on the sheets and I can get a mouthfull of Her delicious juices to swallow), but I have never seen Her actually squitrt.
          You Women are such a wonderful mistery…


  5. Glad to hear you are recovering.
    2 comments on your post…
    It boggles my mind why someone who is against what you do would take the time to read what they dont want to hear and then actually reply.
    Funny you mention lack of sex talk. My wife has never been one to verbalize these things. I recently asked about finding a local Femdom group to socialize with and she rejected the idea because she dosent want to talk about sex… not that that is what it’s all about.

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    1. Hi Herwish:
      Thanks for reading my post and for commenting.
      I know Right? It is actually sort of amazing the vitriol and apparent hate some have towards Dominant Woman but also against a submissive man. That a submissive man is not a man, theta he cannot be strong, etc. But no worries, if you are a Dom, you can hold your own and your head up high. Also my husband is positively a man as many of my followers are.
      Femdom and FLR are between a Woman and a man, the rest of the world would not have any idea that you practice this freedom unless you tell them.
      You are right about Women not talking about sex with each other. Its private I understand but such a big part of a healthy relationship, I believe we are sort of programmed that way starting as a young girl, I think it has hurt us. It took me years of a good marriage to understand I can have a great marriage, we have so much power over our husbands, you just need to take charge and use it.

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      1. Thanks D,
        Good to hear from you. I’m sure you have a lot you haven’t got to on your blog being away for a bit but I think you will like my Aug 22 post. I was thinking of you when I was posting it.


  6. Dorinda,
    Welcome back to blogging. As a man who lives in a mild Wife led marriage I really enjoy your postings. I had posted once before that my Wife and I celebrate our fifth year of a Wlm and next month we will spend a week in the mountains for the occasion. She says she plans to make it memorable, and says I’ll know just who is in charge by the end of the week (as if I didn’t know it already). Perhaps I can tastefully share a few details when we return knowing you blog is back in action. Feel better.

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      1. Dorinda,
        One thing I just learned with certainty is that my Wife told me she plans to have me visit a men’s barber/salon in the area we will be spending our vacation at and get my head shaved professionally. She will sit and wait there, quietly, and watch. She does not plan to embarrass me or anything, and she says I have been a “good sport” about it, but she wants to see. I’m sure she knows it will make me have submissive feelings and it may make her feel dominant. It’s interesting and I was surprised she suggested it. I told her, “I guess my days of needing a comb are over.” But really, I’ve been staying bald for a little over four years.

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        1. Dorinda,
          I’m not sure you follow older comments but I just made the appointment to the men’s salon for October 1st. I won’t shave my head for a few days before the appointment so I get a clean job. When I sent a text to my wife to let her know the appointment was set she sent me back a smilie face with the message “Good. Your head will be slick.” It gives me a submissive chill knowing that she will be watching and I thought I’d share it.

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          1. Hello Again Anon:
            Awesome, some men look awesome with a top off..
            It sounds like it will be very appealing to Her, I love when men submit to their Wife.. We need you to be strong but so much enjoy when you show us your submission to our needs and wants..


            1. Thanks Dorinda. I don’t mind shaving. You know, a man shaving his head is so common today that it really doesn’t project an image of being submissive. In fact, I think it may have helped my career. Where the submissive feelings sometimes originate from is when I’m with other guys. There are the guys with hairstyles, and me, shaved. In fact, on a few occasions my has made Wife made comments to me like, “Some of those guys had nice hairstyles didn’t they?”, “Don’t forget to use lots of sunblock today” (on my head), “You’re lucky, you get to save a lot of money on haircuts”. Those comments are obviously made to rub my nose in it, a little.


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