I have found more ideas and information about FemDom from a Woman  named Mistress Scarlet. I oddly enough just found Her, She has been around a long time! I did not see Her when I was learning how to better my marriage, but feel She has great information for new and veteran FemDom Women and Wife’s like me.


If you are a follower of my blog you would know my Domination of my husband has been self taught. Our version works for me because I have full power over a strong male and all my external needs are met one way or the other by him. He loves my direction, he loves running around with almost a constant hard on, Yes I relieve him but it is entirely at my discretion, when, where and how.

So anyway, I have been reading Her blog and I have learned many things in the last few weeks about submissive men and Dominate Women. She has hundreds of well written posts (unlike mine lol, my degree and my career was in a technical field so I write how I think, not properly like Her), She has a website and a WordPress site. I recommend you take a look at it.

I am still learning about everything in life, but especially  Femdom, I need to learn more because it is such a big part of my life now. I love to read about Woman in control of their male, what they do, how is the male thinking, why does he want a powerful Woman, etc.

I know men want these two things I pictured here. We Woman need to see how much power this brings us if used properly. You can still be very much in love and giving to your male, but why not enjoy your life on a much higher plane. Take a lot of burden away from your daily life. He can be taught to satisfy all your sexual needs and desires, you can make him become an adequate lover, shopper, cook, cleaner, etc. A marriage can actually be a 50-50 split of duties, or in my case and any Femdom Wife 85-15.

A woman’s Power tool!
IMG_0172.JPG (2)
A Woman’s Power tool 2
Enjoy his massages, his oral skills on your anus, as long as you command


23 thoughts on “Mistress Scarlet’s Help

  1. Hi Dorinda. I will check Mistress Scarlet’s blog, but if You are not s Femdom reference of the highest profile, I don’t know who is. You and Your hubby shapped the relationship to the needs of both of you and you are both enjoying your lives to thr fullest. What more can one wish for? I think You are both very lucky. And You are generous enough to share Your experiences with us. Thank You again.

    You are right about woman’s power tools. I have just returned with my Wife from a short holiday (without the kid!) and boy did She use them all and then some! I have never before done so much analingus in such a short period and I lick Her anus a lot! It was a real Femdom holiday with insane amount of sex and my submission, the most intense so far, my head is still spinning (and my ass, tongue and privates are smarting from all the use and abuse…) I love Her, I so enjoy serving Her and making Her cum again and again and again… One happy exhausted bunny here 🙂

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    1. Hmmm did you cum? Two year ago in The Bahamas we had lots of sex and my Queen had ~60 orgasms while I had none! Last year we spent two weeks in Punta Cana and again my Queen had lots of orgasms while I had none! I’m not complaining—I had a blast!! Just curious. I love giving my Queen pleasure.

      Hello Dorinda, I’ve been following Mistress Scarlet for quite some time! She is a very strict Domme! But again, her lifestyle works for her and her husband!

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      1. Hi Michael, thanks for asking.

        Yes, I had three full orgasms in five days (to put this in perspective: I had just a couple of orgasms in June and July!), two on the same day at Her wish/command. I absolutely don’t like cumming so frequently, it robs me of energy and that sweet frustration/pleasure feeling of perpetual horniness that only denial brings plus my performance in bed suffers with frequent orgasms. But in sex I have no say and have to obey. She deliberately fucked me (She was on top) in the way that She very well knows I have poor control of ejaculation. She expertly made me ejaculate shamefully far too soon, even though I was begging Her not to do it. She scolded me for it and with my sex drive down I then had to lick Her anus and use a vibrating dildo to bring Her to orgasm, after which I was forced to masturbate my half-limp cock to yet another orgasm, as a punishment for cumming without permission earlier. She acted very dominantly the whole time, not just in bed, and clearly enjoyed it. I even kissed Her feet and sucked on Her toes semi publicly, much to the amusement of another couple who saw us.

        I didn’t count Her orgasms, but She had quite a few (and She doesn’t have multiple ones!), considerably more than my three. BTW, she also put the new whip to good use (ouch!).
        Back in regular life, I think we are now also back to the no-orgasms-for-me routine. I don’t ask Her, I just let Her lead.

        And how are your backside and the scary barbacue paddle doing Michael? 🙂

        On Mistress Scarlet: I have only managed to give Her blog a cursory glance so far. Very intriguing, She does appear very very strict… I can imagine submitting to some of Her rules, but sissyfication and impotence induction are not my cup of tea, I absolutely need the feeling that I can satisfy my Queen sexually, even if I am not allowed inside Her with my penis.

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        1. I have a post on the paddle in the works. But all of what you say I can agree with. Mistress Scarlet loves nettles too. Don’t think I would want that and I’m not into being made a sissy. Still it is interesting to read about her and as I said if it works for the two of them, then Great!!


          1. I fully agree Michael, whatever floats Mistress Scarlet’s and Her partner’s boat, I am not judging. And yes, I could use some of Her other ideas. I would be willing to try the nettles though. Probably once and never again, lol

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      2. Hi Michael:
        I hope you are doing Awesome.
        She is very strict I agree.
        I am not like that but we are both Dom wife’s.
        I really enjoy reading her years worth of posts and get a lot out of the comments. That is why I love you guys commenting.
        This helps me to understand my type of people, our desires, and goals. The love we share with our spouses.

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    2. Hi Tom:
      Thanks for the positive reply about my blog.
      I was thinking but do not post about it, we are a normal couple.
      We just dont fight or verbally hurt each other. We do enjoy each other. I am so very lucky to have him..
      We went out this last week and took some grand kids on a road trip. They just absolutely adore him. He is a good grand father. We had a lot of laughter and fun together. We ate out, visited friends, saw my sister, (no husband use) did what looks like a typical family outing.
      Even Normal couples enjoy a life with a Dominate wife..


  2. Yes, Dorinda, I know, that is why I appreciate your blog so much; a normal, regular couple with a FemDom twist. My Wife and I are like that too. I like to think about Femdom components spicing up our lives (predominantly in sex) and bringing us closer together. Everybody benefits from it.


  3. I have been following Mistress Scarlett for quite some time and enjoy her evil torment of her bitch-boy. I can only wish that my wife could be so harsh with me!

    Once again it is good to see it mentioned here that to each their own. What would be completely beyond the wildest limits for some is common practice for others. And when it comes down to it, we area generally for the most part just normal loving couples who have discovered some things that make our lives more exciting and fulfilling.

    This to me is one of the real highlights of reading your blog, hearing about how your regular life of visiting the grands like everyone else is right there along with providing your husband with the dominance that he loves and craves.

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    1. Hi Mr Bill:
      Thank you for reading my blog.
      Sometimes I want people to know that not every minute of our life is serving me. Sometimes my demands of him are very high, he craves me leading him, but certainly not always

      I look around our home, he BBQ’ed chicken last night, he put a new pool sweep in, back washed the pool. Normal stuff..
      The only Dom thing I did was have him clean me up (shave my vagina area and back door) before he made me lunch and then we both went to the grocery store. Yes he was hard from it but he does not need to ask for a release, he knows he will get one when I am ready, it’s part of a weekly duty he does for me.

      I love going out to the Grocery store with him and watching the other women look at him. It really makes me feel good he is my submissive husband, I love the way he does many normal (old school) house wife duties.


  4. I found your blog through Mistress Scarlett. I gave her manual to my wife and she has quickly taken to it. I was mesmerized by all your posts though and read almost all of them today. The constant drinking of your nectar(especially in the morning and when you don’t want to get up from bed is quite intriguing). I’ve never read about such constant drinking but love the taste of my Dom and hope she’ll get to that point someday. Anyway, thank you for sharing all your real stories and wonderful pics. You are a real rare treat in Femdom blogs.


    1. Hi Jmad:
      Thank you for finding my Blog via Mistresses awesome site.

      Yea I get you that it seems he drinks my pee all the time but its not every day all day. I go periods of not making him drink me.
      My idea of my blog and its content seem to change from time to time.

      I guess I post mostly about the most Dominant things I do to my husband. This is him drinking my piss, taking my strap-on and foot worship I guess.

      I have been trying to shift more to the day to day things around the home. His servitude to domestic duties but I dont get any excitement while writing about that part of our wife controlled marriage. I am trying though.
      Thank you for finding me, almost all the pictures are of him, my sister, and me. If not us I state that in the photo caption.


      1. Thank you for your reply. I forgot to mention your sister. That is what really peaked my interest initially. What fun that must be. Currently my Dom (she likes to be called Baroness) shows really embarrassing videos of me to 3 of her close friends and tells them of all our activities which are more like what Mistress Scarlett does. I suspect I will be performing for them sometime in the future. I doubt they will participate as that is a strict boundary for Baroness. I Never thought it would get this far but I am nervous yet extremely excited about showing my devotion in whatever way she wishes to her friends.
        I am completely in awe of her now and would do almost anything.
        However, like you we have a pretty normal life most of the time and I definitely need her dominating me more than she wishes too. That is probably the hardest thing for me at the moment to deal with. I try my best to always be grateful for whatever our time together involves but sometimes she sees through me wanting it too much. Sorry for rambling- maybe I should start my own blog:).

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        1. Hi Jmad:
          Thanks for replying.
          This is a bold statement but never the less true, my husband is like you in that to quote you “I am completely in awe of her now and would do almost anything”, but my husband would and will do anything for me, no limits.
          Its really how far do I want to take it. I have to be careful with this power. Remember we are in a very long term relationship, I need to protect our family.
          Having said that though, If I had the right friends I would have them observe my domination of him. I would even let them use my strap-on in him if so inclined. But I dont have that close of friends.
          Your Blog… It would be wonderful to see another blog about male submission or FLR. It is fairly easy to get started. Just post honesty and your reality.


          1. I hesitated at “almost” but I can see the point of saying no limits with someone one you trust because I trust that she would ultimately not want to truly cause permanent damage. We do not have a safe word and I have never asked her to stop anything. But saying no limits to a Pro Dom before a session and they will laugh at you and have you saying stop pretty quick:).


            1. Jmad:
              Yes my friend I understood. I would never harm my husband in my Dominance, I know when to stop. He trusts me completely. because we have been together over two decades, have children together, are in a partnership of a life long commitment. This changes things when you are in a 24/7
              For us it is a little different, also my posts and feed back are from the Dominant side of a FemDom FLR relationship, most are from the submissive.
              Any good Dom knows it is their responsibility to protect their sub so they should know when to stop.


  5. Dorinda,
    Your post about having a nice family outing was nice to read. And you dominate your husband but don’t hurt him and that’s also nice. My Wife and I enjoy our outings and gatherings with family and friends and the normalcy of those events . We enjoy our relationship more because it is our secret and just involves us, and nobody we know would guess what fun and passion we have. We often look and smile at each other and enjoy the secret thoughts we might be having. I’m not in a collar or led around in some humiliating way, nor do I wear jewelry or other symbols of being submissive. It is kind of fun and even a turn on for me that before we leave for an event or visit my Wife often asks me if I have put on a certain outfit, or if my chastity device is locked, or even if I have shaved my face and head before we go for a visit. She really loves my mustache, which is thick and remains dark. It along with my eyebrows is the only hair she seems to like on my head. That’s a turn on to me and a little kinky. But there is much normalcy in our lives.

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    1. Wow, good to hear from you Anon:

      So I am finding out lately just how many regular people participate in a FemDom lifestyle. We do very similar things as you described here.

      I am really enjoying hearing these things from you and the others brave enough to reply. This makes me yearn so much more for friends around here that are in to FLR as well.

      Could you imagine how wonderful it would be for two or three woman to be together with their husbands over for dinner or on a trip knowing by all that the men are all submissive to their wives.

      It just turns me on!


      1. Hi Dorinda. It would be wonderful indeed, so many new possibilities would open up if like-minded couples could openly share their lifestyles. I would love it, so exciting… But in reality it is unfortunately unlikely.

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  6. Hi Dorinda. I have read most of Mistress Scarlette’s blog, and I think her most effective training for BB was from the incredibly harsh humiliation tactics, and employing the coloring books with his toy dolly.


    1. Hi Edward:
      Thank you for commenting.
      I enjoy reading other blogs, I have been reading Hers for a few years now. As you can read, we are very different in the way we treat our men.
      Every man needs a little different treatment


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