Some questions from a reader of the post, Show me how submissive you are I feel they are worthy of their own post.

My Answers in Italics and Bold..
Hi Dorinda,
Just a few questions from you regarding your sex life and beyond.

1. Does your husband eat your grool too?
No, I don’t know what grool is?

2. Has he ever polished your shoes?
No, I have never worn those types of shoes or boots

3. Has he ever washed your dirty clothes including lingerie?
Yes, routinely he does all my laundry. He does a very good job, he knows what I want hanged and what dried.

4. You said he regularly drinks ur piss, has he ever tasted tour sweat, spit, snot, periods, fart and shit?
No, only my piss

5. Have you ever slapped your husband or twisted his ears or abused him?
No, I love this man.

6. Have u ever kept your feet on this head while he massaged the other one?
Yes, he spends a lot of time at my feet, now my sister’s feet too. I feel its empowering to have a man at your feet.

7. Now that ur his dom, will he accept if you cuckold him? Its not a question of right or wrong/ you want to do it or not? Its just a question if he will accept it or not if you wish to fuck someone else with his knowledge?
Yes, he would allow it if I told him, he does as I ask or tell him (anything) and would also clean up my bulls semen.

8. Have you ever pissed on his face, head, body apart from making him drink your nectar?
Yes, literally hundreds of times over the years. Pissing in your man’s face is another very empowering thing to do. I do this two ways, one in the large bathtub in our master bedroom standing over him. The other is in the back yard out side of our master bedroom sitting on a bench and him lying beneath me

9. Have you ever made him eat your leftover food after the dinner?

10. For low long at a stretch has he spent his time between your legs?
Probably an hour or so, I often get impatient and want to hurry up and orgasm. I have him spend time on my anus and make love to me with his tongue often, only to make him horny with no relief, but a normal oral session lasts maybe 25 minuites because I am interested in the result of me having multiple orgasm’s.

Pls Don’t go crazy over these questions. These questions just came to my mind after reading your latest post “Show me how submissive you are”. I just want to understand how submissive he really is. The extent of submission of your husband
If there are things you guys have not tried, you can just say we have never tried, but at the same time ask your husband if he will be will to accept the above points or not?
He will do anything I ask. Keep in mind though, he is my husband in a 24/7 FemDom marriage. I have no desire to degrade him. This is why I started with the term almost a femdom wife. I do not cage him, (although a lot of my male friends here are caged, this is a normal Femdom wife tool for control), spank him, pull him around on a leash in public, etc. But really, what ever She thinks will work to make Her marriage better is fair game. I feel most of this FemDom behavior is more on the lines of a professional’s realm.

Pls do reply. Will help us ladies to understand maybe how far we can go with our husband.
Each marriage and husband is different, obviously. Mine is my pet, anything I say he immediately will do. He appears to me to be head over heels in love with me, more today than ever before, and very much enjoys my domination, I say he actually lives for it and would have a hard time without my guidance daily.

I get many emails from women that do not have a husband with the desire mine has to submit to me and care for me, to massage my body, kiss my feet, polish my toes, cook for me, clean for me, shop for me, eagerly let me fuck him, etc . Most however are younger women, maybe older males are more in need of a Woman to serve.

Thanks and love

My Feet in his face
My Sister and husband
My Sister using his face

11 thoughts on “Some Questions from Katrina

  1. Interesting questions. I wonder if she is domming her husband or is about to start… it would be cool to read about her experiences too! But you are a role model to her. That much is obvious from her extensive list of questions.

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    1. Hi Michael:
      I hope you and your beautiful queen are doing well.
      We have been very busy lately as a family with summer stuff and vacations. He has been gone a lot on business too.
      I felt weird with these questions. But I did want to answer them.
      As you know I am really not a Full-on Dominatrix or even like one I guess. I am proud of my self being able to dominate my husband though.
      I think the difference is I dont want to hurt or disgrace my husband because he is my husband, not a client.
      In the scope of FemDom, I am only a little FemDom.

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  2. I love the fact that he would allow you to make him a submissive cuck, and to do his clean up duty, after your bull was finished. It’s my fantasy, and it seems to be a fantasy of a lot of men who are submissive, teased and denied orgasms.

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    1. Hi Cincy, thank you for reading my post.
      Yes, but I am happy with my husband, Her question was about would he if I wanted to cuckold him. He would do anything for me, I think he would even suck a mans cock to orgasm and swallow it for me if I wanted him to. I was trying to help Her with direct answers. BTW, we have never participated in cuckholdry.
      It does sound exciting though, I have to admit, but it would be more exciting for me to suck one off while one was inside me and feel them both cum in me at the same time!
      We are happy with just each other and of course Beth from time to time.

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  3. We also use our tub for my wife to pee over me. She enjoys standing up over me. And we also do it quite a bit outside in warm weather. There is something more natural being nude outside.

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    1. Hi Herwish, thank you for taking your time to read my post. I hope I was able to help Her in some way.
      It is fun peeing on him. I do not really understand how I got to where I am at now days about him and my pee. I have blogged about my view on turning the tables and he is sucking me off and swallowing as a comparison.
      Its more than that though. I have had him while in the tub pee in his own mouth too.
      I do not feel bad or anything. So many of the things we do are our normals now.
      Its very good though, I wonder how many Wife’s have a 61 year old boy toy that still can instantly sport a huge hardon by just your words or actions. A hard cock, is the handle to lead a male by.

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      1. Funny you say that because there are things we don now that we would not have considered normal a few years ago 🙂


  4. Dorinda,
    I enjoyed your answers. I count myself as lucky. Similar to your own relationship my Wife agreed to treat me as a submissive husband but she does not degrade or hurt me. She says there’s more fun and intimacy in treating me like a submissive. She didn’t even want to make me wear a chastity device in the beginning. She even said in a playful dom way that I’ve got myself to blame. She did a 180 on chastity use (otherwise I’d be sprouting some of those hardons more often myself). But we might be fairly average in many ways too. Thanks.

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