He has been gone the last few days so as soon as he got home I put him to work.

I have received many more emails than normal, my last few posts have brought many new people in to my life, and of course I still have my regular followers.

Anyway, many are women that want advice or just want to talk about their relationship, Femdom or not.

A beautiful woman I have been corresponding with is struggling with Her husband staying attentive to Her needs. This is a very common problem with men. Like I have said over and over you must lead him by his penis. She is doing a very good job of teaching him how to serve her.

I have been thinking of Her a lot and what it was like in the beginning. So this thought led me to my husband’s treatment last night shown here in the pictures.

I pushed my feet in his mouth and made him love them and beg to service them. How? By squeezing his balls at the same time as I force my toes in his mouth, the harder I squeeze and pulled the more ambitious he gets with his mouth and tongue. I feel him jerk and bend forward when I apply enough squeezing pressure and pull down at the same time on his balls and sack. Keeping this pressure on him helps him become very submissive. I do not allow him to close his legs, I think that is a built it mechanism to protect himself. He knows to keep his legs apart to give me full access to his tender balls. Having his balls in my hands while he fights himself to keep himself fully exposed and open to me while experiencing that severe pain.  This is while opening his mouth in submission so wide I can put half of my foot in.  His penis was so rock solid hard when I was done with him.

I opened my legs and let him look at his tormentor (my womanhood) while continuing working on his balls, after enough begging and pleading from him to allow him to use his magical tongue in me I let him smell me then put him to work for a long while.

As with my new e-mail friend and I have discussed about orgasm denial, I did not allow him to cum. As I fell asleep he was holding me from behind, I could feel his hardness throbbing against my ass and back. He stays hard for a long while if he does not orgasm.

It’s a wonderful feeling as a Woman to have him sleep close to you after being denied his release, and he still holds you tight as you feel his hard throbbing desire against you and kisses your neck while you feel his deep love and submission to you.

I fell asleep pretty early so when I woke up as he kissed me goodbye for work I had a pretty large bladder full for him to drink. I had him drink me and thought as I was releasing how impressive is his desire to take care of me by his total and complete submission to me.


Smell me
Suck my toes
Kiss my feet

4 thoughts on “Show me how submissive you are

  1. Hi Dorinda. This was one hell of a FemDom scene, thank you. I think all of us submissives (and probably most non-subs as well) can be easily led by our cocks. And You Ladies know how to do it. If the guy, like Your hubby and myself, also gets turned on by erotic pain, it is so much easier.

    When my Wife works my balls She usually tugs on them and slaps them. The other day She sat on my face (this was after a lengthy foreplay, I was close to cumming from all the attention) facing my feet. With one hand She pulled roughly on my penis head, and proceded to slowly smack my exposed balls. Not all smacks hit the target, but some did, painfully. Each time I moaned in Her ass and pussy and tried to close my legs, but with hard spanking of inner thighs She forced my legs open. The whole time She was grinding Her pussy against my face. I had hard time concentrating on eating Her out and on catching a breath. My balls hurt quite a bit and I lost some erection. She sucked on my cock until I was fully hard again. Then She changed the position, warned me not to dare to cum, and fucked me to Her orgasm. It didn’t take long and thanks to my aching balls I could fuck Her for much longer if She wanted.
    Was I allowed an orgasm? Yeah, right… But I was fully satisfied and happy and still incredibly horny. It is difficult to describe my emotions when She cums because of me (She thanked me!) and denies me. My balls remained tender for hours. Incidently, I was told to ejaculate two days ago, from a supervised masturbation, after we had had sex and after two or three weeks of no cumming for me. I really don’t know why I am getting so few orgasms lately.

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  2. I didn’t think my wife would ever like me to suck on her toes, but because of you I tried it and she loves it. I’ve been teased and denied orgasms for the last 2 weeks and my balls ache but it feel great.

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