We have been away for a short business trip.

When he was back at the hotel I put him to work!

Its very nice to have him working on me as long as I like. This picture I took shows his tongue on my special spot. It is so nice to just be able to go slow, no pressure, to enjoy his servitude and oral service.

I just had him start so I am not swollen yet. In a while I was very swollen and protruding out  from under her hood. 

When I am ready I have him move down to use his tongue inside me while I use my vibrator on my swollen clitoris.I don’t like it directly on it, I need to be on the left side of it. I always have been sensitive there.

He wound up with a very big wet mess to clean up that night. It feels so wonderful to have him sucking out his semen from pulsating vagina, his warm tongue and lips inside, swallowing his thick white seed..

How many of you service your Dom this way? Do you provide Her Orgasm’s on a regular basis with no expectation of any sexual favor in return? 

Or is your FemDom Wife more interested in your domestic duties and performance there and not so much in you sexually servicing Her?


His Tongue on my special spot

16 thoughts on “He had time to Service me on his Business Trip

  1. Hi Dorinda. Very nice, with a long & slow sensual start, followed by the more energetic and strong part leading to a shattering orgasm.

    Yes, I do this very often, my Wife also likes to be gently teased just under Her clit to get Her going, but if She is to cum just from licking, I have to eat Her quite roughly later on, not gently at all. If She is already aroused when I get with my tongue to Her cunt, or when She sits on my face, She wants the rough part right away. Sometimes She just rubs Her swollen pussy on my mouth and nose to Her orgasm, incredibly roughly.

    At least 90% of our sex includes me eating Her pussy in one way or another (my favorite kind of sex anyway, so I am not complaining :-D) , but most of the time She wants to culminate with my dick or a dildo/vibrator burried deep inside Her. Oh, and I don’t expect anything in return. Actually, I am getting plenty in return. It sounds cheap, but I really feel sexually satisfied whenever I make Her cum, I love watching Her orgasm and hearing Her (She can be very loud), my focus is entirely on Her. This used to be different, even though Her orgasms were always important to me. I don’t want to cum (yet I crave it all the time, crazy stuff…), I prefer to stay horny so that I can continue pleasuring Her if She so desires.

    This is not the only way I service and pamper Her, but sex is definitely at the center of it.

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  2. Hi. You said it Tom. What you wrote describe me in my femdom marriage. Yes, it’s all about her and her pleasure. My orgasms isn’t important at all.

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    1. Hi Subinte. Yes, exactly. It wasn’t always like this for me, I used to fuck to have an orgasm, period. To make my Woman cum was always very important for me too, but my orgasm used to have more priority. Not any more, not even remotely. Sex is about Her and I derive a real and deep satisfaction and fulfillment as a man (minus the ejaculation) fom pleasuring Her and from being sexually controlled by Her. In this context my own orgasm is irrelevant, even though I of course enjoy it when I am allowed to. What I hate don’t is the lack of energy and the slow sexual regeneration that follows.

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  3. I asked my wife last night…”why do I love licking your pussy and ass all the time?” She said “It’s because you love me so much”. Since I’m teased and denied orgasms, I never expect anything in return, nor do I want anything in return (she already gives me so much).
    As for domestic duties, It’s a turn on that she allows me the honor of doing the housework.

    When you said the left side, did you mean your left and his right? As my tongue goes around her pussy, I hit the spot at about 2 o’clock.

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  4. I love to perform oral on my Queen. When we have sex I do it often. I seldom am allowed to orgasm so it’s all about her. I still enjoy myself very much!! I do chores around the house too. She doesn’t expect me to do all the chores but there are times when she tells me to do particular things.

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  5. I love servicing my wife like this as well and do it whenever she ask it of me. She is a bit uncomfortable about me eating my cum out of her but we have done that recently a few times in a gentile way… when I get to cum 🙂

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  6. I love to provide oral for my wife and also find it to be uniquely satisfying to me. As Tom said, I physically crave to come, but I don’t want to. My wife also prefers that I am only allowed to come rarely so that I maintain my peak interest in her.
    Generally when I am allowed to cum it is when she has me penetrating her, then I am usually required to eat my cum out of her. That usually means an orgasm for her and a gusher for me to drink.

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  7. Very explicit today Dorinda, very nice of you to share that with us. As I have mentioned in past posts wet spot is not denied orgasms but they are at my discretion but he is denied intercourse.
    Wet spot looks forward to being allowed his orgasm time. Sometimes I just send him off to do it other times I observe and instruct. We use what I call the tea cup method. The boy holds the organ with 2 fingers like a tea cup and I use the start and stop technique on him until he has the sissy then he consumes the product.

    Early in the relationship he was proud of his oral skills but thought it was foreplay. He was reluctant to work on the anus but he has learned to love it and at my command he will get right in there and get to it.


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    1. Janyne, so glad someone else on this board enjoys rimming. It was very taboo when we first started it, even though I initiated it. But now we do it so often and so much more than cunnilingus. She insists it. It is more than a sex act even though my domme likes the sexual sensation of receiving from me. It is more of a psychological affirmation that I submit to her and her wishes.

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      1. Yes, I agree as well. Licking my Wife’s cute little anus is frequently on the menu. This is something I have been doing since the beginning of our relationship, far before any Femdom (I even received analingus from Her a few times, but only in the beginning; She felt obliged to return the favor at the time). I love everything about worshipping Her ass, She enjoys receiving it, but not as much as pussy licking. For me pleasuring Her with my tongue deep inside Her when She is fully relaxed demonstrates my complete submission and devotion, that’s why it is so powerful and intoxicating.

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  8. Bryan, Todd & Tom,
    Thank you for your comments, as a receiver and not a giver I find mouth to anus less intense the mouth to vagina and I can leave the boy to his work literally for hours.

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    1. Hi Janyne. My Wife feels the same. She likes the feeling of my tongue on and in Her anus as part of my oral services, but it doesn’ really compare to proper pussy eating for Her. Sometimes I am denied all physical contact with Her pussy (as part of a denial game or as a real punishment) and then I am only allowed to smell and lick Her ass. It is arousing like hell, but it drives me nuts with lust to be only millimeters away from Her off-limits steaming womanhood, to inhale Her intoxicating fragrance (to which I am addicted, I can never tire of tasting pussy) and being unable to get any of it.

      If You let Your boy worship Your anus for hours, don’t You get bored with it? Is he not allowed to lick Your pussy to orgasm anymore?

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  9. Some questions from a reader of this post, My Answers in Italics..
    Hi Dorinda,
    Just a few questions from you regarding your sex life and beyond.
    1. Does your husband eat your grool too?
    No, I don’t know what grool is?

    2. Has he ever polished your shoes?
    No, I have never worn those types of shoes or boots

    3. Has he ever washed your dirty clothes including lingerie?
    Yes, routinely he does all my laundry. He does a very good job, he knows what I want hanged and what dried.

    4. You said he regularly drinks ur piss, has he ever tasted tour sweat, spit, snot, periods, fart and shit?
    No, only my piss

    5. Have you ever slapped your husband or twisted his ears or abused him?
    No, I love this man.

    6. Have u ever kept your feet on this head while he massaged the other one?
    Yes, he spends a lot of time at my feet, now my sister’s feet too. I feel its empowering to have a man at your feet.

    7. Now that ur his dom, will he accept if you cuckold him? Its not a question of right or wrong/ you want to do it or not? Its just a question if he will accept it or not if you wish to fuck someone else with his knowledge?
    Yes, he would allow it if I told him, he does as I ask or tell him and would also clean up my bulls semen.

    8. Have you ever pissed on his face, head, body apart from making him drink your nectar?
    Yes, literally hundreds of times over the years. Pissing in your man’s face is another very empowering thing to do.

    9. Have you ever made him eat your leftover food after the dinner?

    10. For low long at a stretch has he spent his time between your legs?
    Probably an hour or so, I often get impatient and want to hurry up and orgasm. I have him spend time on my anus and make love to me with his tongue often, only to make him horny with no relief, but a normal oral session lasts maybe 25minuites because I am interested in the result of me having multiple orgasm’s.

    Pls Don’t go crazy over these questions. These questions just came to my mind after reading your latest post “Show me how submissive you are”. I just want to understand how submissive he really is. The extent of submission of your husband
    If there are things you guys have not tried, you can just say we have never tried, but at the same time ask your husband if he will be will to accept the above points or not?
    He will do anything I ask. Keep in mind though, he is my husband in a 24/7 FemDom marriage. I have no desire to degrade him. This is why I started with the term almost a femdom wife. I do not cage him, spank him, pull him around on a leash in public, etc. I feel this FemDom behavior is more on the lines of a professional’s realm.

    Pls do reply. Will help us ladies to understand maybe how far we can go with our husband.
    Each marriage and husband is different obviously. Mine is my pet, anything I say he immediately will do. He appears to me head over heels in love with me, more today than before, and very much enjoys my domination. I get many emails from women that do not have a husband with the desire mine has to submit to and care for me. Most however are younger women, maybe older males are more in need of a Woman to serve.
    Thanks and love


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