This post is really meant as a question to my followers. If you comment  it will help not only me to formulate new post topics and answers, but you readers can get an idea of your peer’s behaviors and mind sets about submission to their wife.

The next few posts (if there is enough interest) will be about how I became a FemDom wife (from a vanilla wife), what did I have to do mentally and physically to become one. How did I change?

Also, what changes did my alpha male husband have to go thru mentally and physically to become a sub. He was a good husband before, but to be changed to a male house wife. And times a receptacle for my strap-on with no notice or my urinal any time or place I desire?

I have talked about in previous posts the day he asked me to “just tell him what to do” after a total work burnout. This simple statement completely changed our lives, and our roles in our marriage. This did not start over night. It took me some time to mentally digest the statement then put together a plan on the fly over a few months and started a re-education and training program with no experience in psychology or how the brain works. I hit the internet pretty hard and came up with some trial and error solutions.

I knew as a Woman that my pussy was a huge persuader to my husband and every other man I have ever known! I needed to learn to use it for power.

Also known by any Woman is their males need to orgasm, generally often, and if possible in their mouth or one of their holes, and if that’s not available then with their hands.

Then, considering his sexual desires, how could I use those to my advantage?

I had to change the way he thinks, also rearrange his mental and physical reward system. (re-educate)

For instance, I had to re-train him to willingly drink my pee (very often), to do unlimited oral to me (always), take a strap on (often), be horny most of the time with no relief, household duties, etc.. on and on! Happily!

This is the question for you.. Please respond

Do or did you need your Dom/wife to re-educate you or are you naturally a submissive?

If you are the Dom does your sub/husband just want to submit to you or did you have to re-train him?

Thank you for you participation..


my feet
He is a wonderful foot slave too. He takes care of mine and my Sisters feet. A submissive husband is the best husband!

39 thoughts on “A question for my followers?

  1. My wife has an interest in her dominance. I have yet to show her your blog. I hesitate to offer her too many new ideas. The thought makes me a little nervous. Her control is a new aspect to our marriage. She has attempted to train me, but it has not been consistent.

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    1. Hi Mike:
      Thanks for posting.. When She is a little inconsistent you could be more consistent with taking care of Her and Her needs. This way both of you are putting into your relationship.
      I dont have to demand much from my husband. He seems to sense my desires. Anything that makes my life easier or me getting pampered is a great start.

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  2. I am definitely a submissive husband, trying to encourage my wife to dominate me in any and every way possible.
    The education I need, or what I need to learn is, I believe, to learn how to be submissive in a way that meets her style, not mine.

    I do what she will let me with her feet. I dry them and kiss them after she showers. Wipe them clean before bed if she has been walking barefoot. Kneel before her and take off her shoes and socks.

    She has pegged me in the past, rarely. I would be happy be pegged often.
    I have drank her urine when she is having an orgasm. We have talked (fantasy) about me drinking it at other times. I am very willing.

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    1. Hi Bill:
      Thank you for replying to my questions, and for being a loyal reader of my blog.
      It is very good that you are helping your wife and submit to Her on your knees. The fact that you do Her feet in many ways is a sign to me you are very loving of this Woman and want to submit to her to please Her.
      The pee thing may come in time, but in your wife’s time. We cannot force or rush Her into something She is not ready for. We do not want to bug Her about it ether. The pee thing is a very difficult one because it is very taboo even in FemDom circles. My husband had a very hard time in the beginning with it, remember baby steps to start in training, but as you know from reading my blog, he has become accustom to it, its just another thing he does for me now as my servant, submissive and husband. It really is one of the pinnacles of showing me his ultimate submission to me.

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  3. No, she did not have to re-educate me, I think that I have always been submissive and let her take the lead, but it was only two years ago that we make it official. Responding to someone else, I asked her if she thought I was truly submissive to her, or just playing a sex game with her. She agreed that I am truly submissive to her.

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    1. Hi Cincy, thank you for posting on this issue for me.
      I think it is wonderful you are truly a submissive to your wife. I feel my husband is too. As I mentioned though, It took a while to make mine the submissive he is today for me.
      I love to hear from men like you that have found a way to cut thru the BS of manhood and make it about the wife’s needs at any cost, drop the macho stuff and just be Hers for Her pleasure.

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  4. I have had submissive desires for decades. They started with my first dominant girlfriend—way back when!! Then I married and my new wife was not at all interested in domination. She was strong but very submissive in the bedroom. So usually (virtually always) I was the dominant one. In my work I was also dominant. It was only when I met my second wife that I was able to let that dominance go and be more submissive! Still while I am mostly submissive to her, I do have dominant traits that will sometimes get in the way. But I’m working on them. And she’s helping! 😜

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    1. Hi Michael:
      Thanks for reading and replying.
      Thank you for your input. I think we are all a work in progress, I read your blog always, I love your pictures of you and your wife. You sort of remind me of my husband. In that you seem like a normal strong man and husband and step dad. You talk about real issues, I love it.
      All I know is if you want to be like mine, all you have to do is keep trying, always be sweet and helpful to your wife, when She is down You need to be up if possible.
      Submission to your wife is a lifelong commitment that works for us.

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  5. I have always felt submissive toward women, but did not act on it until I began reading blogs like yours. This gave me the courage to share with my wife my desire to submit to her. She accepted about 4 years ago. I have built up so many bad behaviors over the years (e.g. interrupting and talking over my wife, pouting when I dont get my way, using bad language) that my wife has spent the past 4 years retraining me. I have been making good progress (and she has also in becoming more dominant) but habits built up over the years are difficult to change. Her paddle and corner time for me has been a real motivator for me. Thank you for continuing your blog. I share your insights and stories with my Mistress Wife regularly.

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    1. Hi Vic, Thank you for reading my post:
      I think it is wonderful you let your wife know of your desire to please Her by submission. I think it is Awesome She responded in a pro-FemDom manor. I wonder what She would say if I could ask Her if Her life is better now that She has been empowered by you to be in control of you and your marriage?
      Also thank you for posting some methods She has come up with to help you learn to be more submissive to Her. This is what I was hoping to see for us all to learn about what we do in our 24/7 D/s relationships.

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  6. It’s like you wrote this entry with our relationship status in mind. I am an alpha male with a strong willed but not naturally dominant wife. I had no ‘lifelong” submissive dreams, and my wife was content in her traditional role. Then forced retirement, and other daunting events caused me to desire a life of obedience to Her, and my wife found out she enjoyed the role of being in charge! However we can’t seem to stay “on track”, and it is diffulcult for my wife to enforce her authority, and use her sex to control my daily acts. The methods you use are intriguing to me, but my wife is put off, by them. She and I would love to know how you processed this both in your mind, and in your deployment from the beginning to the present!
    Thankyou for tackling this issue from the female’s perspective, because as the newly submissive partner I can only serve and respond,my wife and I long for more adventure in our marriage.
    By the way we are 65 and married for 45 years
    Thankyou John

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    1. Hi John:
      Thank you for reading my blog and for your detailed response.
      So, good question and statement, how to stay on track, wife put off by certain methods, She not naturally dominant.
      LOL, me too. I am a normal Woman. I mean, was not a Femdom wife, a totally vanilla one. I loved my strong husband, when I grew up you kind of hoped to become a hard working man’s wife, a mom and house wife. Fast forward to 5 years ago, I was put in a serious position to save my husband, my marriage, our life..
      He did not ask me to become a Femdom, he just wanted me to take more of the decision making role and be able to just tell him what to do here at home. I took it much further because I could see he was dying to please me, to make my life easier. He idolizes me and is driven to protect me and keep me safe. He always was like that to some extent but not in any smothering way, like some men do. I was and am very grateful he picked me. Anyway!
      We both had some changing to do over time; the methods I used were sort of self-invented. But they worked.
      He was a normal male who would provide me with orgasms thru oral sex then fuck me. That was our sex life for 20 years or more. I enjoyed it. Hundreds of times all he wanted was a blow job, I happily obliged.
      My training entirely changed his sex methodology.
      There were a few stumbling blocks, we prevailed with my methods, those were building blocks to more complex pleasures for me. As He was changing I was changing to a more dominant wife. Enjoying this process immensely, so much so just writing about it here makes me wet.
      I think I saved us and would do it again, for us it was the right thing to do.

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  7. Wet spot introduced me to Femdom and the FLR life. He had a late wife and 2 girlfriends that practiced it and he told me about it early on. He took me to munches and a party. I was not interested in the parties I did enjoy the munches and met women who talked about the advantages of having a submissive man around.
    Wet spot is a very dynamic man and is quite successful we live very comfortably. We are an older couple, have time on our hands, and an empty nest. This is a late in life marriage, I have a top down sports car and freedom to do as I please. I have men friends and enjoy the occasional lunch or dinner with them. I do not cuckold Wet spot but I hold that threat over him. His angst about “other” men keeps him on his toes.
    Wet spot is out shopping, he has a compact SUV, he will be cooking chili verde from scratch tonight I am on the computer. I do expect a foot rub this afternoon and that may lead to an hour or so with his head between my legs. The poor boy is in chastity for the month and spending time at my feet or between my legs drives him wild and reminds him who is in charge.


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    1. Hi Janyne:
      Wow how awesome, you go Girl. I love your description of your relationship with your husband. I, like you, have been provided very well from my husband strong will, one that has brought a lot of wealth to our family. I did not marry him for it because he did not have it when we were young. This came over time too.
      I love you will put him to work on your feet, I do that a lot to mine, and of course my favorite sexual past time is keeping him between my legs.
      I feel this is a very submissive act because it is solely for my pleasure. I love that he gets very horny while down there. I also love he does not ever ask to be satisfied and cum after. He knows he is providing me a service with no reciprocation and a full understanding it’s one of his duties as my husband.

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      1. Down at the feet or between the legs certainly is captivating for a sub male, but I am surprised neither of you two discuss of having the sub rim your rear-ends. Not interested?

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  8. Hi Dorinda,

    Before I start, I need to thank you for this wonderful blog. I believe this is the most honest femdom blog, closest to the reality and is a ray of hope for submissive husbands like me.

    Like your husband, even I am a strong person heading an organisation. But I am crazy for my wife and no other lady. I am hooked to the intoxicating fragrence of my wife’s pussy and her amazing pussy juice.

    The problem is, my wife is not at all interested in it. She is just a vanilla wife and an orthodox one at that. She finds my desire to submit to her totally stupid and infact she has stop ped allowing me to even lick her pussy singh last 1 year.

    I am not one person who will go to another woman to fulfill my desire coz she is my woman and my goddess and cannot imagine my existence without her.

    Top of it I come from India which is a sexually conservative society (ever after writing Kamasutra).

    I am left to just shagging reading your blog imagining me and my wife instead of you and your husband.

    This whole thing is killing me. I have told this to her but she is not interested and funds it gross.

    Need your advice and suggestion to help me move forward.

    Thanks again for the wonderful blog.

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    1. Hi Pat:
      Thank you for following my Blog, and if I read this right, I am actually very interested in that you are masturbating while thinking of you and your Wife while looking at my pictures of my submissive husband serving me in one way or another.

      I think there are a lot of men doing that, you are the only one that has admitted to it. I like that a lot. Thank you very much Pat..
      I get many many emails from men in your position that want to be a better husband by submission and serving Her but She is just not interested. This is very Sad, I do not understand, She has so much to gain!

      I really have no answer to that question, I am Sorry. I know that both parties need to want to play the game. Especially if the Femdom relationship is to grow and become the new way of life then She has to totally embrace it and demand control of Her male.

      I do not think It will work if he has to tell Her what to do in it (the day to day relationship). Right, then She is not really in control, he still is.
      I hope you continue to follow my blog and commenting. I love your honesty….. Thanks

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      1. I will admit that I’ve edged myself several times to your blog- especially the stories of your sister. Would never have a full orgasm without my wife’s permission though. Thanks again.


  9. Hi Dorinda, first to answer your question, I am a true switch. I discovered FemDom first, through my boot and leather fetish. I got to play a little in the LA/OC scene, but mostly I just went to munches where there might be dominant women looking for a guy. I was always a bit reserved, as I have no desire to be a slave except as a stroke fantasy. I met a Lady who after seeing me around a bit at munches and parties told me she thought I was not so much submissive as in to pleasing my women. Hmmmm, kind of set a lightbulb off. After introspection, I decided she was probably right.

    Through an incident at a party, I discovered to my horror that I got even more aroused spanking a miscreant woman that being the spankee. After a brief experimentation I abandoned that practice, and decided to move along in Vanilla mode, but hope to find a Morally Strong and Self Aware woman to serve.

    I never did find her, but I found my wife, and while I do miss the kinds of joys you write about here like body worship and surrendering to the strap-on, I did get my soulmate, a fellow warrior, and a beautiful Intelligent lady to walk through life with.

    So that is my story, and while I think I have a definite submissive streak, I think I am more like your hubby, an Alpha man who yearns to serve his one wonderful wife, and express his love by trying to make her life better. I think this also ties into the book, the 5 love languages, as per it I am definitely one who expresses love via acts of service and who feels most loved when acts of service are done for me. I hope this helps answer your question Dorinda.


    Dear Pat, my brother from India, I feel for you amigo! When I told my wife of my fetish inclinations and my openness to a FemDom relationship, she gently but firmly rejected it all. I was hurt and disappointed, but quickly realized it is not personal rejection of me, she is just too egalitarian in her life philosophy to Domme.

    So brother, I respect your honesty for coming clean with her. Remember you can still serve her by being squared away(neat and organized) and productive in doing any household tasks she finds distasteful to do. Also I may be wrong, but maybe you could explain to her that if she offered you intimate time (like lieing on the couch watching a movie with your head in her lap or vice versa )it would reinforce the your desire to be productive for her. You may not be able to serve her by being a submissive instrument for a femdom growth experience by her, but you can be her devoted Knight.

    For some women, laying on you and feeling your muscles and strength, and knowing that you are gentle and devoted to her, can be a big turn on. Let your eyes, words, and deeds seduce her whole person all week long. Perhaps you will get more a more intimate relationship from all of this, at least that will bring you closer to her.

    PS we have been married since before 1990, so the mismatch can last and be happy, you just have to make the main adjustment yourself.

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  10. Hi Dorinda,
    First of all just let me tell I love your blog, your live style. I’m one of the men who thinks you are luck. I’m one of the wankers that read you blog anonymously.
    I’m in a situation similar as the one of your husband, I feel the need that my wife gets in charge, outside the work live, in the daily routine I need her to tell me what to do. Sometimes this happens but other times not, she doesn’t want her to dominate me. She says she has too much respect to do so. She has too many imprinting, maybe both of us.
    So for example sometimes she pretends penetrative sex and want me to cum just because this is the way it must be. The truth is that neither of us really likes penetrations too much, for me it’s boring and for her it’s something she dislikes after the second child.
    I try to make games and teach her, because I need it. I must learn many things too, sometimes she looses control and gets angry about stupid things, and I forget and loose interest in being submissive.

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    1. Hi Tami:
      Thank you for following my blog.
      I have had 4 children and sometimes it really effects are vagina and rectum. I needed reconstructive surgery there myself.
      Maybe more time needs to pass before she enjoys your penis in her, please try to continue to be a good husband by doing what ever you can to please her and taking any housework you can do away from Her.
      We Fem Dom Wife’s enjoy our sexual dominance over our husbands but a FemDom marriage is about cooperation, you doing the perceived woman’s duties around the home while She rests. Simple things like when She looks tired give Her a foot rub with no intention of receiving any sex.
      This sort of change over time will (normally anyway) probably open up her sexual domination over you.
      Thanks you..


  11. I tried to answer several times and wasn’t sure how to explain it, but I think my wife and I taught or trained each other to a big extent. I am more submissive by nature and eager to please. My wife is more forceful and determined. Pressures of my own job and career started to burn me out as well, and I worked so much my life was unstructured in other ways. And we were not intimate much..

    When I approached my wife with the idea of her dominating the relationship, she was open to it but not to a large extent. As I made her the focus of the marriage and did more at home she saw the benefits and warmed up to the idea over time. We tried things that we wanted to and rejected others. Some ideas were mine and came for the internet, like chastity device use. My wife thought it was crazy in the beginning, but insists on it now. Some were hers, which came as she felt more comfortable with the relationship. All money is under my wife’s control. My wife keeps me on my toes and doesn’t let me get away with much. She insisted that I start to exercise, eat better and dress better since she does those things. She makes sure we are well dressed whenever we go to gatherings with family or friends. She sets schedule of activities. My wife also gives me plenty of time to pursue some of my own interests too. She’s not constantly monopolizing my time and activities.
    Thanks for opportunity to comment.

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    1. Hey Anon:
      Thanks for the comment. This blog is really a two way forum for Femdom now. So many men are commenting…
      We need a place to say what we want to say. I will not allow any negative comments so it is safe for us all.
      A place for both sexes to understand that we are far from alone it seems, their are a lot of us..

      It has turned in to an awesome display of great men that are wonderful husband’s to their wife’s. This is what I am seeing now. I can not believe how many men just want to tell someone they submit to their wife. (in a safe environment)


      1. Thanks Dorinda. Yes it seems like a great comment forum. Not many places a submissive man can go and share things. For example, today I was a bit snippy with my Wife on the phone. I was busy and tired. She is in a good mood and she decided to remind me I was the sub through a little humiliation and then let the matter drop. She said, “Better not forget I’m mistress. If you’ve forgotten go look at your bald head in the mirror. You didn’t always have to keep it shaved.” I was surprised and submissive feelings rose to the surface. I felt like her very submissive husband and begged forgiveness. She forgave me.

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  12. I am naturally SEXUALLY submissive. I get aroused by performing sexually submissive acts or by being placed in submissive positions or situations by a Woman, including humiliation and punishment. It turns me on if my Wife just lets me do such things, but my arousal is incredibly enhanced if I am told or forced to do them. I have always had this inclination (I remember my fascination with Female feet going back to my early teenage years and I have been hooked on the fragrance of Female genitals ever since I smelled and licked pussy juices from my own fingers for the first time) even though I only became aware of the concept of FemDom about 15 years ago (and its extension, as I see it, the FLRs, maybe 5 years ago). My desire to serve my Woman is therefore sexually based. However, I have also always liked being kind to Girls and Women in general, helping them, pampering them etc. And being able to sexually satisfy my Woman has always been extremely important for my self-esteem. I think that my inclination for FemDom is also fueled by the fact that I have a relatively small penis (even though I had liked girls’ feet and pussy smell before I became aware that I was on the small side).
    My Wife is my Dom in all things sexual or related to sex. She controls all my orgasms, but She is actually the shy one with close to zero initiative from Her side, nearly all changes in the FemDom direction were introduced with my initiative. She is very passive in this regard, so She needs to be nudged here and there. After She recognizes that She likes something, She may push it forward on Her own (sometimes I get more than I bargained for…). BUT: it was Her that actually started it about 3-4 years ago by forcing me to drop all unauthorized masturbation. She is very serious about it and 100% strict, I can only masturbate with Her express permission or if She orders it, in Her presence, and even that is rare.
    So, did She have to train me? Well, She made me stop jerking off without Her permission (with stick and carrot – She now uses only the proverbial stick to keep me in check in this regard), but I was definitely sexually submissive to start with and now She is taking advantage of it, to my and Her satisfaction. There is plenty of room for further development. And Her Dominance can now be felt in some areas outside sex. She also acts more confidently I guess. However, our relationship will never be a full FLR, none of us would want that. She definitely knows how to use Her pussy to get what She wants and I do know, that She actually likes the power it gives Her, even though She is sometimes embarrassed by using it. I tell Her every time that She shouldn’t be and that I am enjoying her Dominance.

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    1. Hi Tom:
      Thank you for being a loyal follower and commenter.
      This is a perfect example of a Woman that has an awesome husband that understands the benefits of allowing him to be a submissive to Her, especially that She gets the sex she wants and desires but controls him while he loves Her and cherishes Her.
      I love this, thank you for being a good husband to your wife.
      A personal question, size is subjective so what do you mean your penis is small? I just wonder!


      1. Hi Dorinda, thank You for kind comments.

        I don’t want to make an impression like I am in any way a perfect (submissive) husband. My moodiness and sulking (when I don’t get what I want) are two traits I am trying to improve on. But the worst is that I sometimes (rarely!) still lose my temper and yell or speak harshly to my Wife. There is no excuse for reacting like this, even when I am right in the argument, and I am ashamed of it. I regret it instantly every time and apologize. Strict punishment following such events (always involving lengthy denial of any sexual contact between us) are very hard to bear, but luckily I don’t need this kind of “training” often.

        If You are asking about the measurements, my fully erect penis is a bit over 5″ in length (along the top, with the ruler pressed fully into the bone, without this it is 4″) and my girth is about 4.3″ in circumference, about 1.3ˇdiameter. If I am not 100% erect, I lose length and girth quickly, when flaccid I am quite tiny (which doesn’t really matter, except for some self-confidence when being seen naked in company of other guys and sexy ladies 🙂 ). I know I am within the (lower) average range and I can satisfy a Woman with it (which is all that really matters), but I realized I am smaller than most many years before measuring my dick for the first time (or meeting my Wife). In company of my friends and other peers (at nudist beaches, saunas, in gym locker rooms etc.) I have always been the smallest or one of the smallest (flaccid or semi erect). I saw only a couple of erect cocks apart from my own in real life, but those were all clearly bigger. Regular size condoms are not ideal fit for me. When I discovered MySize Condoms – the 2nd smallest size among 7 available was the right fit for me. Incidentally, my Wife agrees (if pressed hard to comment on it) that I am “kind of small” and would ideally like a bigger one (especially thicker), but She assures me She got used to it quickly and has been satisfied with it ever since (yet She prefers dildos bigger than me, hmmm…) and would never trade my oral services for a bigger cock. Don’t get me wrong, I used to be concerned about my penis size, but have been fine with it for a long time. I can get aroused by being teased about it.

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        1. Hi Tom, Thanks for your comment:
          So interesting comment on speaking harshly to your Wife. A lot of men have this problem, it sounds like you are working on it, so that is good. I guess I am lucky that my husband never ever speaks harshly to me. I am not kidding. Its not that I am some super-dom its just the way he is. I know I frustrate him very badly at times but he is very disciplined. He is the same way to his people. But if he were to get mad at you, it would not be good.
          My husbands cock is fine for me too. I have not measured it but it seems like around your size. I never looked at him as being small though. See, size is in the eyes of the beholder.
          Off topic but last night he was home for once and I wanted to let him cum so While we were in bed I was watching my Ipad, he was laying down. I told him to move down by my feet and kiss and lick them. I had him jack off but told him when he was ready to release to stop and no more stroking. To just hold it at the base. He squirted 5 or 6 huge shots up on and over his left shoulder. I love to see him orgasm while kissing my feet. Especially hard large pumps.
          Moral of the story, what ever size your cock is, if your Dom enjoys using it in any way, its good.

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  13. It’s always interesting to me to see how someone progresses into this lifestyle. I’m looking forward to hearing more of yours. Prior to us starting down this path, my wife felt it wasn’t right to use sex to get what she wanted. Now she giggles sometimes at how easy it is to get me to do things. I love the teasing and it fuels me to want to lavish her more.

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    1. Hi Herwish:
      I understand Her position in the beginning about not using sex to get what She wants, It makes you feel cheap and maybe looked at that it is all your husband is after. It is counter-intuitive to use it in such a way.
      So really though, once you understand your man’s desires, you are not really using it in that respect. It really becomes all about total control of him, not about sex, sex for him is his driving force. It’s more about withholding it and using it as a reward. The male soon changes and accepts that if he is very good to Her She may allow him some. A husband is so much more agreeable and willing to do for Her if he thinks somewhere down the road She will allow him some sexual relief.

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  14. I am working on developing a Female Led Relationship with my wife, she is an alpha woman by nature and I am working on being her submissive. This site is providing great insight for me in my efforts in that its keeping me focused on the fact that pleasing her is my only goal. Her pleasure is what is of utmost importance: help around the house, the way I treat her, sexual, whatever it may be. My plan is to take baby steps at first, let her know I want to allow her alpha side to take control and be her submissive. If it goes well then add more definition to it and let it take its natural path. Hope to hear more from others and any advice they may have.

    Tom J

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  15. Dear Dorinda , only just came across your site – great to read it.
    I’m in a sexually submissive relationship with a woman ( mistress) whom I met about 15 years ago. For lots of reasons , mainly family ( on her side) we can realistically only meet up every 3_4 weeks. ( Think helping with 3 grandkids all in 7-14 age group ).

    Anyway , we’ve had a great domme/me sub relationships and we’ve both been open with each other about limits. About 4 years ago , Mistress met another domme ane they did a bit of a photo shoot together ( let’s say the other dome is was, “financially motivated she had a pro mistress site) .

    Well, one thing led to another and I ended up in one scene ; with mask on but in highly compromised position .

    A few months went by, and my mistress brought up subject of photo shoot and her friend ( I’m at her house, chained very professionally to thebed and in chastity )- Mistress showed me the piccys – all very enjoyable until the last one – me, cuffed and bound , with device on but without mask – sh*t i hadn’t factored that. She assured me that she only had this one picture and she would treasure and revee it as my submission to her. I panicked a bit saying , hang on, let’s get rid of it – she calmed me down , we had some “fun” thought nothing more if it. Long story short, I really wanted that one photo back , I’d do anything for it. I promised to be a good boy, etc suffice to say Mistress cunningly used this one picture very cleverly agdinstv me – now just over 3 years down the line I’m more submissive to mistress, she must have 50 or so piccys of me and I spend two or three nighrs in chastity, no it’s or buts.
    She secretly decided that she wanted to increase her dominance and my submission by having a little leverage or “insurance over me” – I was massively apprehensuve atvp first now I’m totally accepting my position of mistresses play thing/sex toy.

    I’ve often wondered would she ever our me – I really hope not – it suits both our lifestyles at the moment but I know it’s mistress who ultimately decides my sex life.

    It works for us, maybe less so for others .


  16. My wife and I began our journey together just over a year ago. She is my amazing, beautiful and loving wife and Goddess! I have known from a very young age that I also wanted to serve, pamper and worship a woman. I cater to all of her needs and wants without her need to retrain or re-educate me. If anything it has been me showing her that she can truly have all that she wants, and that I truly receive my pleasure from pleasing, pampering and giving to her.

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  17. This is a late response to your question.

    i have always felt submissive but acted alpha until The last 20 years (I’m a very healthy and yes horny 70 – and clearly a slow learner). My wife of ten years, 13 years my junior, is my dom. i am usually commanded to come on a plate while kneeling in front of her and only rarely permitted to cum inside her. In any case i am always required to lick up my ejaculate.
    Mistress is very attractive and conditioned. She teaches yoga. That adds to my horniness. Mistress is considering cuckolding me but is naturally conservative and attractive options diminish with age. Any thoughts or suggestions?


  18. Hello

    My wife and I have been married for 16 years and we have three children. I have had submissive fantasies since I was an adolescent but it has been difficult to persuade my wife to become dominant. It is partly due to our south asian culture and due to our religion, we are Muslim. I have often tried to give her the mantle of leadership and to worship her but in her mind, the norm is for the man to be the dominant one.

    I would love to submit to her, to be pegged, dress in women’s clothing, drink her piss and worship her body. I have pleased her anus with my tongue several times, but I initiated this, when the feeling of depravity and submission became too much to bear.

    My dream is to serve her utterly, for her to dominate me, humiliate me, cuck me.


  19. My S.O. (significant other) and I met as he being the Dom and I the sub as I always had been. We instantly matched with kinks and everyday lifestyle as closely as any human beings can and we are very open and honest with each other. He quickly expressed a strong desire to be my submissive as he hadn’t felt comfortable or trusting enough of another female to be his Dom. At first I wasnt sure I could be that having only known a sub lifestyle. But deep down I felt that heavy feminine growl that gave a wicked smile of approval. Other than being a dominant female in general, I had never had anyone express this desire. I’ve been researching but would love more direction on how to be a femdom. We are both switches at the moment and I have really started enjoying my new Dom role. He makes a most excellent submissive but he will require a lot from me as his Dom to reach his full potential. I am more than happy to do the work, I just want to be sure I am headed in the right direction. I am 32 and he is 24 and makes for a beautiful sissy, which we are also in the early stages of. I am very excited about all the possibilities in our future! This is my first comment and he found your blog for me. Like I said, he is a very good boy and although he is a very dominant male by day, he is very eager to please. Love your blog!

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  20. It was just a few years ago that I discovered the notion of female-led, or femdom. My wife and I had our moments, including some marriage counseling. I know nothing of alpha-this or that, but in my professional life, it’s all critical decisions and command; I’m the final authority. I don’t want that environment at home. My wife and I can butt heads, and it’s long been apparent to me that the best resolution would be to pre-determine who will be right; who has the final say and who has the authority. When I discovered the notion of a female-led marriage, it was as though a loud bell went off. I was a problem in search of a solution, and I’d just found the solution.

    It’s all voluntary, on both sides of the fence; she can’t really force me and I can’t really be forced, but I do volunteer to submit to her, and she volunteers to accept it, if she feels like it, as the choice is always hers. This works as perfectly sexually as it does in any other aspect, but it’s really all about making the effort to place her first in every respect and to learn to subordinate myself in that process. To my mind, it’s about making me a better husband, or attempting to be the one she deserves.

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