I have been thinking about how did I ever get started with this blog?

I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary here on WordPress.

I posted a few posts ago about wondering if it (this Blog) is doing any good for the wife that is wondering about Her future in Her marriage, how She can have Her man but have The relationship she wants. One that She controls.

That post got more reply’s and e-mails then any to date. But most were men telling me about his wife and their relationship. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my e-mail relationships with submissive men very much and always will cherish their thoughts and feelings so please keep in contact

I was hoping to get some new women! Looking for help or others in a FLR relationship. I do have a few here from wordpress that I absolutely adore and we enjoy conversing a lot too.

So, I decided I will renew this blog and continue to try and educate Women about FemDom and a better marriage.

Even if it is thru their husbands..


11 thoughts on “Renew my blog?

  1. Thank you for your blog. My Wife and I have recently brought D/s into our 30+ year marriage. We had a strong, happy and rewarding relationship going in. We have discovered a facet in our personalities which is deeply satisfied by her dominating our lives. Our path of discovery parallels yours. I wish that you both blossom as we have.

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    1. Hi Linda: thank you for finding my blog..
      We still have adult children living with us, we have a large home. However it does complicate hardcore domination when they are around but we still get our moments. Our bedroom is where most of the sexual domination occurs.
      The kids know he worships me but they benefit by his great cooking, baking, cleaning etc. And they know I am always taken care of. This is something they carried over to their wife’s or girlfriends. I dont think the Femdom, bet the cooking and cleaning for them and the open foot rubs.


  2. Hi Dorinda, I just found your blog, I am glad you decided to keep blogging, as there is a dearth of Dominant Female blogs where there is even a sniff of Passion, Respect, and Appreciation towards the husband. The Love and Appreciation and Acceptance you show your husband shine through.

    A blog or discussion where there is no Love or Unity or Intimacy between Wife and Hubby is going to turn off most Women just getting started on some sort of Female Lead Journey.

    I stopped blogging a while back, as I felt I just could not find very many kindred souls that were open to Femdom and even Female Superiority as a 1:1 connection between a man who choses to devote his life to serving and adoring his wife, and the woman who will accept and respect that gift, and hone it to her best needs and desires.

    When I was the person dominant in a relationship, it was too easy to become oblivious to the efforts and devotion that stirred the subbie’s soul, and it was easy to become a bit arrogant and presumptuous. I see that in the writings of almost all male doms, and many or maybe even most female doms. It could just be projection of my own failings on others, but I doubt it.

    Again, your blog is good because it shows Love and Intimacy, and because it shows you can have some more advanced practices like pee drinking and large strapons, but you still consider counsel contrary to your first inclinations, like slowing the progression of strapon size increase.

    I would like to close by thanking you for taking the time to write, and for being willing to share. I feel like there is a large percentage of women and men out there who would benefit from some form of monogamous FLR based on Love, Respect, Devotion, and understanding that the way society has inculated women to not be able to achieve their full potential. Thus the woman in a relationship may need help to learn to be in charge confortably and capably so the she is happy and her devotee is customized to fit her without harming his basic personhood or warping her into a less benevolent leader.

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    1. Hi Vic:
      OMG thank you so very much for your accurate view (as I see it) and your detailed comment. I hope many read it. I was just discussing with a new e-mail friend about there are no femdom sites from a normal housewife’s view. Opps, there are a few here on wordpress but in general its a blog for pay or from the male prospective.
      I hope to tone down the porn shots of me this year and focus on the positives of an FLR and a submissive husband.

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  3. Dorinda,
    I’m catching up on your posts and wanted to say I’m glad you are continuing and I’m glad I found your blog. It’s not your typical femdom blog. It seems like much more, much nicer. I would describe my wife led marriage as fairly moderate (chastity might make it seem more extreme, but to my Wife and I it is a tool that makes it exciting in a naughty way). Certainly we are lovers, and that seems to come through as a big part of your marriage in your postings. This fall my Wife and I celebrate 5 years of a wlm. Who knows what she has in store for me, or what I have in store for her. But I already have my orders to take that week off to celebrate. I may need to take a second week off to rest 🙂

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    1. Hi Anon:
      Wow, five years, that is so wonderful!!
      So many of my followers are in to chastity, as I have said I do not practice it but understand the principle.
      There are a few things I feel a submissive husband must do, one is consume his own semen. If a man plays with himself to much he will not have enough to clean up in a meaningful way when he provides it for his Dom. If my husband could not provide a very large load when I am ready he would be caged immediately.
      Thank you for sharing your life with me and my followers.

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      1. Dorinda
        Chastity is interesting play for couples. I’m sure it’s probably nothing more than a sex toy rarely used by most couples that own one. It’s interesting because nobody knows if a man, or even a woman, is wearing a device. My chastity device generates submissive feelings but nobody knows I wear it except for my Wife. Actually, regularly wearing my chastity device and regularly shaving my head are kinky reminders to me that my Wife is the leader. Thanks for the kind thoughts on our anniversary.

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