I have talked about him keeping me cleaned up down there. Here is some pictures from last night. He does this every week or two for me. When I am hairy I get a pee smell towards the end of the day, having a haircut like this fixes that. I like to feel like a woman so I do not like to be completely shaved. I have tried that but then my lips seem to stick to my panties and is a bit uncomfortable.

Again these are some normal Femdom activities he does. Its not a earth shaking event but it is very relaxing and like I have said, it keeps his hands and eyes on the prize. Also he is serving me as my submissive husband. He knows every inch of me there..

The next pictures show him laying sideways with his tongue inside. This is a very good Femdom position for your man to service you from. He uses his tongue as a penis and can fuck me perfectly to orgasm. Most importantly is in this position I have full availability of my clitoris. I put my Mona 2 vibrator there and use it and his tongue for many intense orgasms.

He did not get an orgasm, only I did, I had several. When I was finished with him he held me until I drifted off to sleep.


5 thoughts on “You asked about a normal day, here is one.

    1. Hi Cindy:
      Thank you for reading my latest post. I have received many inquires lately on what a normal day is like so I wrote about this service again. Its sort of in between. Some is shaved as you can see, some is not. Its not the full bush I sported as a young Woman. I like the edges and inside of my lips and both holes clean but fur around the top as shown. It seems more womanly with a bush.

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    1. Hi Michael:
      Great to hear from you and awesome that you had the chance to comment.
      Great question/statement?
      Your right thinking that way, in the beginning it was weekly, same with toe nail trimming and painting, legs, pits shaved, etc.
      Now though because of so many things going on I/we dont have the time for once every few days or once a week pampering. Its his busy time of the year and I watch grand kids full time.
      Believe it of not, just so we can have some time, he goes to bed an hour before I do (unless I need servicing) so I can check out on my iPad and watch movies.

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  1. I missed this post, the boy’s personal grooming chores are really important in this relationship.
    Early on (still dating) it became clear that there would not be sexual intercourse but there would be sex. I instilled a program of vaginal awareness for the boy and it included his grooming of my vagina. With the introduction of chastity his service to me can and does include his sniffing and licking (I like to use his nose) and since he is unable to come without release his attention never wavers ( I like him focused) and he is always eager to participate in this chore.
    When his chastity was new to me I would lock him down, lay on the bed and have him just look at the object of his desire. He was to study all of it’s nooks and crannys and imigane how it must feel, he could sniff but not touch. This was his awarness training. It was a success, today my vagina is his favorite thing and since he will not be putting his little princess inside it he lives to service it.



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