Some of you commented that you do wonder about a normal FemDom Wife’s life day.

Please e-mail me if you have any questions. I have gotten many emails from a few posts ago, I think I should have mentioned long ago I have an e-mail for you. It looks like many Women have basic questions about this life style. Look under the about tab for the e-mail contact form

Also please remember I am retired so I have a lot of time to play and think about what I might do to him. For you Women still doing the daily grind I think its harder to find the time.

I would not have posted this, such a minor Femdom activity but commenters said they are interested in normal life things I do so here you are.

Here is a picture from a few days ago where I was edging him. Two friends were coming over for drinks and I wanted him horny for me. He is always attentive but more so when he is hard or starting to drip. One way I do it is a quick Foot worship session and while he sucks my feet I hold this little vibrator on his spot until he is just holding back his orgasm.

Another thing I did here but not pictured was a quick squirt in his mouth while I sat on his face. I only had a few swallows for him. Then I told him to  insert a butt-plug while I squeezed and pulled on his balls while I  watched him push it in. When I squeeze his balls hard  he tenses up, I wanted him tight as he fumbled to insert it. I  grabbed the largest one we have, it would  open him up very nicely, then I put him in some panties, then his shorts.

I wanted this so while he was serving us he was thinking of his Wife while he was going back and forth with his anus aching from the new large plug and woman’s panties on while doing what most other woman would be doing with guests over. Not the man.. See where I am coming from?

These ladies were not shown any FemDom, he just served us some wine, then some dessert he made earlier in the day for the occasion.

The girls and I had some business to do with a school booster event. I did not think they were the type to show off his submission to but as always love the standard comment about, wow, you have trained him well, or does he have a brother like him.

If they only knew?


Make him know you dominate him If you want him to serve you!

6 thoughts on “Some of my daily life you asked about

  1. I truly enjoy the behind the scenes or as I call it subtle Femdom. As mentioned in another post wet spot gives me foot rubs at the spa. He of course fetches and carries for me. I do have the boy cook and serve for my friends and he will disappear with just the flick of a finger. When we go out I often have the boy carry the purse, obviously he must carry it with pride and properly shoulder straps go over the shoulder clutch bags are tucked under the arm. Wet spots late wife insisted he wear at least one visible item of feminine attire at all times. I have carried that little tradition on into this marriage. Of course his chastity is a constant reminder of his status.

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  2. Glad I found your blog. I’m a submissive husband in my 50s. We were vanilla through the first portion of our marriage. I’d say we play pretty tame, although I’m shaved bald and wear a chastity cage. I serve my wife of course. My wife has no interest in seeing me dress as a woman. She prefers a manly image when she edges me to a frenzy and then denies me. We both love it. She gets plenty of orgasms. I get
    Some anal play. Orgasms for me? That’s another story entirely.

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    1. Hi Anon:
      Thank you for finding and reading my blog.
      I’m with you, I am not into dressing my husband in feminine clothing except for woman’s panties from time to time. Its more to remind him he is taking the place of a housewife and doing traditional woman’s work. This is also a reason I use my strap-on in him fairly often. I want him to remember I am the dominant one in the household (the traditional mans job)
      How do you serve your Wife? If you want you can e-mail me your response.


      1. Thanks for replying. I don’t mind commenting here. I serve my Wife by taking care of house chores, although some end up being shared because of time. I cook or grill, run errands, and do nice things like prepare her bath. I like to worship her feet and she’s nice to have me do it after her morning shower. I stay in chastity a lot, which keeps me sexually focused on her and pleasuring her. I had lots of orgasms over many years, now it’s her turn. We are fairly private people and families or acquaintances have no idea that my Wife is the dominant side in our marriage. I started to shave my head a few years ago for an image change, and my wife really liked it. She’s the boss so I stay shaved. It also makes me feel submissive. Appreciate the chance to respond.

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