Diane asked a few questions that I wanted to comment on. I also want to invite you all to email me for off line questions and more personal information if you’re interested. Under the about tab on my home page is an email contact form. I respond to all emails.

Here they are:

“As a woman I try to develop my own WLM with my husband I would also like to learn other things about your relationship. How did you get started in your Femdom marriage? How was your life before you began taking the lead in your marriage? Did you husband come to you? How? Does your husband have a set of rules and responsibilities that you require him to live by? What happens when he slacks off (my husband is my servant, but he still lets things slip occasionally). Do you have consequences for him when he slacks off or when he displeases you?”

I have answered some of these questions in previous posts but there are 90 of them and I did not want to attempt to find them so here I go.. This is my recollection so it’s close to reality as I can go.

We got started 5 or 6 years ago I think, but maybe even longer, He was in a busy year of full on commitments to his full time employer (manages a technical group of 20 or so) and he owns a successful contracting business where he had two complex jobs going on with 7 employees, (he also does his own business books and payroll too) One in San Francisco at a Mega pharma conglomerate and another at an inland a power plant doing an upgrade. Both were for around two years each. One more thing he teaches a dangerous sporting activity. This is his work life so no big deal, and then he had me, our kids and home life plus the rest of his normal duties and activities.

He came home one day and disappeared to our bedroom, I walked in to see him lying on the bed, his expression was blank, staring at the fan going round and round, he was in total burnout. I felt so sorry for him, I just wanted to hold him and take away whatever was wrong.  I never saw it coming because he has always been an over achiever and keeping up this pace was normal.

After a while I asked him what I could do to help him. He said you can help by just telling me what you need and want, I do not want to think anymore, I have to do that everywhere I go and with everything I do. I was not sure what he meant exactly so I questioned him a bit. His Idea was that I figure all the things out that need doing here and just tell him and then he will do them. He felt if someone could just tell him what to do then all he would have to do is follow their directions then he could relax and just do them.

After a few days off he was back to normal so I asked him if he still wanted my directions, he said yes. When he first told me that he wanted me in control, that night I went on line to read about it and that’s where I found info on FLR and FemDom.

One thing led to another and here we are today. I went from normal (I think) to a very confident FemDom master in a completely FLR relationship with him. We are both very happy and content with the way it came out. He was always very attentive of my needs and protecting of me, so I also should have seen his desire to serve me since the beginning. He always loved spending long periods of time orally satisfying me, another tip off he could be trained as a submissive.

He also always wanted to make my life easier by doing the shopping and kitchen cleaning and the cooking. This should have been another tip off right?

He has been doing the routine house cleaning now that he is my sub, as I said he always cooked and cleaned the kitchen anyway, all that was added was the vacuuming and bathroom cleaning, laundry, ironing, things I felt were customarily done by the Woman. I wanted him to be my house wife but in his macho male body.

Sexually I took control like I was the man in a normal relationship. For instance, I force him to drink my pee like a husband making his wife suck him off and then making Her swallow his thick load. I feel every time he sucks out my piss its like if I had a cock I would be shooting my load down his throat. Crazy, maybe, but I still feel this way today.

Don’t knock it until you try it! You need to take complete control of him!

He did not think about the Fem part of domination. He learned shortly after that he now has me in complete control. I had to teach him how to taste and swallow his own semen, as I said, drink my cum (pee), take a strap-on and as a woman has to, not necessarily enjoy an orgasm while servicing me.

He was a good husband from the beginning, even when I made some big mistakes he wanted me and never used it against me or even ever talks about it. We have been married for around 25 years and have 4 children.

As far as rules and such, I have none. I have no punishment for him if he does not do a request because our routine is straight forward; he always does his chores and duties. I guess from reading other blogs this is unusual in FemDom but I guess he is different. I f I even ask him for something it’s never OK, in a minute. He stops and does it right then. As described above he does his chores and cleaning daily and then on weekends the heavier ones. I have never had to remind him. I have posted about sometimes I have him put in a butt-plug and some panties and vacuum the house just for fun. He does it with a full erection, I enjoy seeing it, and also I will sometimes have him come to where I am sitting and slap or squeeze his balls during the vacuuming for added domination.

I have become very spoiled and lazy because of it. I do not have to shave anymore, he does it for me, he washes me in the bath or shower. I have become even hornier as his Dom, I do not necessarily have him bring me to orgasm each day but I do have his face between my legs it seems at least once a day. This helps him to keep in mind his prize, what he gets to satisfy when I request it. We also have unspoken signals for him to come to his prize and drink or lick. (very spoiled)

The answer I think is if you decide to become a FLR wife you need to learn how to use his sexual desire and even think outside the box on how to keep him interested in you while you control him with it.

Like with my sister for instance. I pushed the limit with it as a wife, but want him to submit to other women. I am taking advantage of his desire to serve me to educate other women that do not have the opportunity.


ready for a drink
Anywhere, he needs to be ready for a drink



8 thoughts on “A follow up from some questions on my last post

  1. I get caught up in that same thing of having too much to do and not knowing what to do first. When my wife prioritizes things or says ‘do this’ it makes it so much easier to be the machine and just do it.
    I have anted to redo the back steps to our porch for over a year but they have not hit a top priority on my wife’s list yet.
    Your hit the nail on the head with understanding his sexual desires and keep him interested.
    Thanks for putting this all into one blog post 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Herwish:
      Thank you again for reading my post.
      I have been thinking that as a dominate Wife, its so much more then having someone provide you orgasms on demand or a house cleaner. I think (after reading your feedback) we FemDom Wife’s are actually the glue that holds the household together. Now that I see that and look back over our marriage it is so very evident.
      I have always said becoming FemDom is very beneficial for the woman but really the entire household has benefited.

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      1. I agree that it’s more than sex and chores, but I think it is more than the wife keeping it all together. I think it requires the husband to be capable of performing all the work that keeps it together.
        I know my wife relies on me to get things done and I do them because I like to see her burden-free.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hi Herwish:
          Thanks for responding:
          I agree, It takes the right pair to be successful in 24/7 Femdom. In my case and apparently in yours as well the male has to be fully capable, self sufficient, an A personality. I dont have any of those attributes alone, he has them all, and I get them from him being my sub. Odd Right?
          My husband always tried to make my life burden free too, It took me becoming a dom to actually embrace his gifts.

          Liked by 1 person

      1. Wow, that would be great. She did want me to mention that I am now sucking on her toes during some of our tease sessions. You are a little more dominant than she is, so I’m sure she could learn a lot from you.

        Liked by 1 person

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