Life Happens

I have been thinking about my blog. It’s getting boring to me; I keep repeating the same things over and over.

One blogger I followed and had a wonderful email relationship with recently took down Her blog and just disappeared, this  has me wondering about a lot of things. Did she get how I feel and just gave up?

I started out wanting other Women to know about the advantages of a Femdom marriage but seemed to have shifted to porn images of us and only the sexual part of our marriage.

It became almost intoxicating showing you pictures of my husband/sub serving me one way or another, it made me feel very superior. Not over you but over my husband and the male sex in general

The point is a Femdom Marriage is not only about sex, it’s a day to day life. My actual sexual activity is a very minimal part of it, but that is what’s focused on here. It is about Women and the complete power they have over men if they choose to use it.

I want women to know we are normal in all other aspects of our lives; we have kids, grand kids, friends, cars, trucks, travel, etc.

He works, fixes thinks, nothing he can not do it seems, has fun, we have fun, we laugh, he does other things but service me sexually and fulfill all his household sub duties. He is needed buy others, not just me; I am needed by others not just by him.

I guess one of the reasons it works for us is both of us have higher than normal sexual desire. This energy keeps us going thru thick and thin. I think also being totally multi-orgasmic makes it easy for me to  Dominate him. Also on that note, I trust him entirely for protection, emotional security, compassion, financial security, no matter what I demand he does, anything.

I have concluded that really there are very few people in this life style. Most seem to be men that think they want a wife like me or woman like me.

I think that after they cum they would lose the desire to serve me or another Women.

A submissive male is very rare, I feel I am very fortunate to have a truly submissive husband, any and all things I desire he selflessly provides. I think all men are driven by their penis, once they orgasm their personalities change until they want to cum again. A true male sub does not change his desire to serve you at all once he cums. He will serve your needs 24/7 with or without an orgasm.

I know now my dream of helping other Woman obtain this wonderful life was just that, a dream. This is to bad.

I will always be a FemDom wife, he will always be my submissive husband and serve me.


FemDom Wife
We are normal mostly

25 thoughts on “Life Changes

  1. Dorinda, I am humbled by your dominance. You are the rarity of relationships. A loving Alpha Woman who understands the submale mentality and makes it work in her own marriage. The daily, little dominant somethings that you do to your mate and for your mate, may be sexual in nature, but they affect his general attitude and overall disposition. Orgasm denial, milking, foot worship, pegging, having him drink from you at anytime(OhMyGod), giving oral whenever even when you are not so fresh(sigh), plugging his ass for the day and in panties, this is the fuel to his undying devotion. You are a rare gem indeed. Much luck in getting your sister into a relationship of her own, but I think your husband is enjoying the extra input she provides. Love your blog. Please don’t stop.

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    1. Hi Chuck, thank you for reading my post and for a very nice reply.
      You about summed up our femdom part of our relationship, thats me all rolled up into one. I was not like this for many years, I guess we were both ready for this change..
      He does enjoy servicing my sister but think he would enjoy servicing any woman at my request. I think he likes the embarrassment of the act, maybe he feels a little ashamed of not being Manley during the service and that a Woman is ordering him to service another woman.
      A fantasy of mine is to have all my girlfriends at one of my dinners have him service orally all their feet and toes and/or be the urinal for them. Why would I want to humiliate him like that is unknown to me. I have had many an orgasm fantasizing about it though.
      Sis will be back over this week for her toe nail polish and pedicure so I will know more about her new relationship.
      She so far has only let him pleasure her with his mouth and tongue, he has not been allowed to cum yet. I cant wait to talk about him over a few glasses of wine.

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  2. I think there have been women who have been influenced by your blog. But often people keep their silence in such situations. Don’t assume that you’re not having any effects on others. Most people are silent in this blog world. Write about what you want. The sex, the general lifestyle you have or whatever you want. It’s all good!!

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    1. Hi Michael:
      Thank you for reading my posts and commenting when You have time.
      You have been here since day one of my posting, thank you for being a good friend and I believe very sincere.
      Really? You think other women have actually read my blog? That would be awesome. Maybe you are right that many read but don’t engage in commenting..
      I know I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your beautiful cock and your beautiful queen, I love her breasts, I wish mine were so nice!
      I am thinking that if I write about the normal things like him ironing or putting me in my panties and bra would not generate much interest, or cooking dinner with a butt-plug in, etc. or how about he went to work and came home and all we did was talk about how we love each other or what the kids are doing? That is the flip side to pegging him..

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      1. I think your normal life would be interesting to many. People can always choose not to read! 😜. You have had other women comment. Not many but a few—so there are some female readers. And if you know you have two to five, that likely means you have at least a hundred.

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  3. I hope You don’t stop blogging and interacting with Your readers. I find Your posts interesting, entertaining and also liberating, because You show us how a regular relationship can be profoundly Femdom flavored to mutual satisfaction of both partners. Many thanks for that. The hgh level of compatibility between You and Your husband probably is quite rare, but I don’t find it surprising that Femdom is firstly and mostly about sex for most people.
    Whatever You decide to do, stay well and keep enjoying Your relationship (and I mean both of you). Tom

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    1. Hi Tom, thank you for responding and for your kind words.
      It is weird in a way with us. We had several years of volatility in our marriage in the past.
      Somewhere along the way he (we) gave in and decided we are both (and our family) much better off if we stay together.
      That realization was a revelation for both of us.
      Somewhere after that he asked me to be his Dom (sort of, he had no idea what I would turn into) and am today. Anyway, we are now committed to our success as a couple. We both now have everything we could possibly want and desire in a partner. I am still an old fashioned woman and want those old school things from him, he wants and needs a supportive wife. It is important to us both.
      I had no idea how much I would love dominating him, and I guess I did not have any idea how much he would submit so totally to me.

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      1. After reading all Your posts (yes, I went back and read them all, too bad I didn’t stumble on Your blog earlier) You strike me as a kind and passionate person with a kink or two (well, maybe more ;-)). It would be great knowing You and Your husband in person. I see Your relationship as some sort of a benchmark for what is possible if two people love and respect each other and do not inhibit their most secret desires. I think it is impossible for Femdom in sex not to influence other areas of life, at least a little, I can see this in my own relationship and I am happy with it. A relationship is alway evolving, one cannot predict what may happen in the future.

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  4. Keep at it. Every couple has their own sexual/relationship dynamics. And those dynamics will change as the marriage and the demands thereon change. A loving Female Led Relationship beats a loveless otherwise relationship any day of the week.

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  5. Dorinda please keep blogging. I am sure you could make a drive to the store interesting. I read so much of your work and as a submissive lady I actually learn things about myself. You are rare and a loving person. As a female submissive, my life has different dynamics but that doesn’t take away from the beauty of submission, irrespective of gender. I do not see your husband as weak I see him as very loving and strong man. I I think the same about you, a strong and loving woman. Love is the base you both build on. I am never really drawn into pictures on a blog, it is the eye candy. It is always the writing. Even I learn from you. Thank you dear lady ❤

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    1. Hi Kitten:
      Thank you for reading my blog.
      Wow, this is powerful to me. The fact you read my blog is wonderful. I do actually love my husband, he is my everything. So imagine using my strap-on in him while he looks so deeply in to my eyes with trust, wanting more. The fact as you say that he is strong, and he is, makes it heavenly.
      I see in him the love and caring of a submissive for his master. I know the power we have as a Dom and I think this is what drives me.
      In today’s world having this intimacy with another is like nothing else.


  6. D,
    I echo many of the other comments. Many more people read but do not comment or like posts than do like or comment. You have great information from a great relationship. Use it to record what you were going through at that moment. It may impact people years from now that have not even stumbled across your blog yet. I, like Collared Michael and others, am interested in the normal life things that you do to dominate your husband. It helps us to relate to the Femdom lifestyle.

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  7. You and your husband have an almost identical story and relationship as my wife and I. We are in our early 50s are just trying. the femdom lifestyle. I have always fantasized about being my wife’s sub and she was great and would try but not really understand. I have always done the household chores, just as your husband has, but never really tried the aspect of withholding my orgasm and like you aren’t really into the pain and chasity parts of femdom. We just recently stumbled on your site and were relieved to find a couple just like us. Thank you for you blog, we enjoy reading it. Please keep it going. You are reaching more women and couples than you may think.

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    1. Hi Dave:
      Thank you for reading my blog and thank you for sharing it with your wife.
      Yes, we are not into chastity or spanking but that’s OK, I have my own brand of FemDom. I don’t think I would define myself as an orgasm withholder but I do make him horny for long periods of time. Normally so he can produce a larger load of semen. It really works.
      I don’t know if you two are there yet but if you want to submit to your wife I feel it is a big display of submission to clean up your load for her.
      As She knows, men change dramatically after orgasm, if you still feel inclined to clean her after that then She will actually be able to use you much more for her needs.
      I am in my late 50’s and he is in his early 60’s
      Thank you for your comments!


  8. Dear Dorinda — My husband has been sharing your blog with me for the past couple months. I have only recently begun to respond to other femdom blogs. My husband and I have been in a wife led marriage for a few years, though we have been married for over 20. I wanted you to know that my husband and I have appreciated your blog very much. I applaud your courage and willingness to share such intimate details of your life together. We are not at the stage you are at, but my husband and I have talked about moving more in your direction after reading your posts. We really enjoy how through you leadership you have created a much more intimate relationship with your husband.

    As a woman try to develop my own WLM with my husband I would also like to learn other things about your relationship. How did you get started in your Femdom marriage? How was your life before you began taking the lead in your marriage? Did you husband come to you? How? Does you husband have a set of rules and responsibilities that you require him to live by? What happens when he slacks off (my husband is my servant, but he still lets things slip occassionally). Do you have consequences for him when he slacks off or when he displeases you?

    I’m sorry to have so many questions, but these are the kinds of things that as a fairly new empowered/dominant wife I would find helpful. I hope you continue your blog. In your last posting you sounded a bit depressed. Please know that you are helping many women and men develop more fulfilling relationships than they thought possible.


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    1. Hi Diane:
      Thank you for reading my blog.
      Most of your questions are answered in my many blog posts but would love to get more exact information for you. Please see my contact info at top of home page under the about tab and email me so we can start talking off line. I would love to help

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  9. Hey dorina,
    First, as a male sub (kind of) I enjoy reading your blog. I would love to keep visit and get a glimpse of your brain and way of thinking witch is fascinating to me.

    I hear you, you came here for encouraging other women and found very few daring ladies. In my opinion and experience the reason for that is that most women are submissive in nature due to biological and cultural reasons. Problems is, most men are submissive too due to cultural reasons and misunderstanding their ‘job’ or ‘part’ in the relationship ending up with a very few women willing to take even more control when they feel they already got too much of it as it is.
    don’t get discouraged, you are aiming for very specific crowd with a very strong relationship, understanding and each gotta have a strong personality. This is like the Top 10 of couples. Pretty rare..

    However, that is exactly why your blog is important, it was very hard for me to find a blog where I get the inside a “demanding women”, sure, there are a lot. But I find a lot of them trying to follow the “recipe for femdom” and different insecurities more than actually be free to claim they’re fantasy like you do.
    Personally, I’m deciding on everything but sex. Our fem/sub is more like a “roll play”, we get intense.. I drink her morning pee (took your position), lick her to orgasm on demand, she like it most before going to nap/sleep and I get to clean her ass with my tongue, but for us, even though we do it almost daily, its a game we play before she gets on 4 and I give her my stone hard dick and we both orgasm.

    This came up longer than I wanted to.
    anyway, we love you dorina, keep up posted 🙂

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    1. Hi Happy:
      Thank you for your reply; I see what you are saying about the recipe of a FemDom. Those are the kind of sites I see too. I have searched hi and low for a normal wife Femdom site but actually have only found a few and they are here on WordPress, but they are by the male, not the woman.
      Wow, I actually love you drinking her pee in the morning like my husband does me. I also have looked for any site about pee and there are none ether.
      I love how you service Her back hole too, If you want to be a submissive it’s another thing you need to be able to do with no hesitation, even after you release your load and loose interest.
      I love it when my husband fucks me from behind, remember this Femdom Wife loves him inside making me crazy with orgasm after orgasm..


  10. Dorinda, I think submissive men are quite common I think it is the Dominant Woman who is rare. My boy brought up the subject of female domination early in our dating. He had some experience from an ex wife and a couple of girlfriends. He took me to a couple of Femdom munches and showed me articles about chastity. He also confessed his former crossdressing.
    When I agreed to give it a try I explained to him that a female led relationship is not just in the bedroom. I told the boy I could get laid anytime I wanted and that there were several men happy to be my booty call.
    He would be doing the cleaning, laundry and most of the shopping. He had to understand I may have men friends over and he was to be gracious and disappear when requested. When men visit me he is to be in chastity. He has had to accept his nick name of wet spot and if mentioned with feminine pronouns not to complain or argue.
    We are normal loving people but for this to work for me it is more than tying him to the bed and screwing him half to death.
    Wet spot was and is always willing to go down on me and I have him trained to worship at my anus ( I just love that) He had to learn that oral sex is sex and not just fore play. He has learned to wait without complaint for penetration. Chastity was his idea, I couldn’t figure that one out. But now know it is the best training tool a woman can have.
    As to the crossdressing, I didn’t like it at first, he is not the only crossdresser I have known. But now it has become a reward/humiliation trade off that is fun for both of us and as a maid he is delightful


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  11. It would be such a shame to stop your blog! (At least for your readers!) I think it is a small fraction of people who live this 24/7 lifestyle, but a small fraction of English readers is at least a potential audience of 100’s of thousands. I think the real number is in the millions, but they take time to arrive at this.

    Also, I don’t think any of your posts are boring. If you were to talk about any topic in your day, I would find it interesting. I surely do not mind the sexually oriented ones, but the mundane chores of every day life are also illuminating and interesting!

    There are very few women writing about this topic in a realistic way from personal experience. I encourage you to keep at it! (For the sake of your little corner of the community at least!)


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