Tomorrow is the 4th so he came home after only a half day at work. I have been in the dominating mood (sexually) lately. It will be fun the next day and a half with him.

Today Beth came over for her pedicure and fun with him. I am getting much bolder with each visit from Her. She is actually dating a guy now She thinks She can push over and control. 

Its  exciting for me to see her growth and advancement and the ease with which  she does these things to my husband now.

She was only here for a short time before She put him to work, She could not even wait for her pedicure and leg massage, She said that can wait until tonight after he makes dinner.

Before  I let her pee directly into his mouth with no funnel, She did a great job of punishing his balls with a few barefoot kicks until he bent over in agony before she made him drink Her. 

She is begging me to allow Her to use his tongue in and on Her. But this was close enough for now.

Afterward  I used the little vibrator on him and had him cum on my boobs so he could clean it off with his tongue in front of Her. 

I know this is very odd for a lot of you considering this is my Sister but seeing is believing. I did this last time, I am showing Her you can be completely in control of your husband even when he is not in the least horny. Men will do anything when they are full of semen, its really about what will they do for you when there not..


18 thoughts on “A few pictures of todays activity’s with me.

  1. Hi Dorinda. While I do understand why You are reluctant to let Your man orally service Your sister, I think that what You are already allowing him to do to her is not much different in terms of intimacy. And I don’t think he would get any less dedicated to and interested in You, probably even the opposite. I know that would be my reaction if my Wife ordered me to service Her girlfriends in some way (my fantasy…) Do You think Your sis might be tempted to wanting more and more and that is holding You back?

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    1. Hi Cincy:
      Out of the 3 pictures that one was off the internet, the other 2 are him and I.
      I was a ways away in the same room with them and this was more a depiction of the event.
      I am a little uncomfortable of taking a picture of my Sisters womanhood. I could see the stream though. She did not get it all in his mouth like I do, She peed in his eyes, up his nose and some in his open mouth. If She want to make him drink her pee again it will be in the funnel so he has to drink Her entire load.
      There are a few real pictures of Her on my posts The best one is where she is laying on one of our couches but Her face is not shown.


  2. As much as I worry about ruining a relationship with adding a 3rd person, this seems incredibly hot. I think it would be very submissive to serve another woman through my wife’s commands.


    1. Hi Herwish:
      Just remember this my sister, I think it makes it easier than if it were just a friend. I feel completely at ease that She will be completely discrete.
      It took me months to set it up and feel comfortable She was ready for some training for her. He wants me to use him so he was never my worry.

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  3. Instead of allowing him access to her pussyfooting, maybe you can order him to lick her ass. It will be fun making him tongue and clean another woman’s ass at your command. Love. Asha


    1. For me at least, licking and probing my Woman’s anus is just as intimate and personal (and incredibly erotic) as eating and licking Her pussy. I wonder how Dorinda feels about it.


      1. Hi Tom:
        Thanks for reading my post.
        I have him do my anus fairly often when I am clean; if he is shaving me then he cleans and shaves me while he is at it. I enjoy him probing deep inside me in and out while I have my vibrator on the side of my clitoris. I am still fairly tight back there so he has to force his tongue in. It drives me crazy when I am in the mood for it.
        I will not let Her have him in that way, smelling her womanhood while drinking Her is as close as she gets to him other than him kissing her toes and feet. When he drinks from me his mouth is inside my lips touching me.
        This whole thing is for mostly for my ego. I enjoy owning him while displaying his servitude of my demands to Her. It’s a Sister thing!
        I agree it does not make too much sense but for now I enjoy it.


        1. Thanks for replying. It totally makes sense to go only as far as You are comfortable with. But as always, never say never… 😉
          Needless to say I am crazy about orally servicing both my Wife’s love holes. And She very much enjoys my tongue on and inside Her anus, especially while She’s being fucked (by me) with a big vibrating dildo. This is a sure way to Her violent, powerful and sometimes very wet climax. When She’s about to cum I get pushed out by Her spasming anus and all the thrashing. I love long oral sessions leading to such orgasms, it makes me proud and fully satisfied when I see Her orgasming like that, I don’t need or miss my own orgasm, this is all about Her. She’s totally spent afterwards. I suck and lick the dildo clean, then we cuddle, She thanks me, tells me to stay hard and not to jerk off and many times falls asleep in my arms.

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  4. I let my little cucky read this and his little member stood straight up. I am not sure which part aroused him the most. Thanks for sharing it. SM.


  5. Wow! What an exciting prelude to the 4th celebrations.
    I am so interested to read of your sister’s progress in becoming female dominant.
    My wife will sometimes piss in my mouth when she is cumming, but has not intentionally just pissed in my mouth, though we have talked about it.
    I would love to be offered to her sister to be used like that.
    So true that a man is willing to do anything when he has full balls, but the interest fades after he is allowed to release.
    I hope that you will be telling us what he has to do after he has cum.
    Thank you so much for sharing.


  6. Hi Dorinda,
    He has drank some piss but only when I pee as he eats another mans sperm from my well used pussy. This has only been a few times and he pulls away. While he dives in and digs deep to get another mans sperm to eat he is not into the piss drinking. I have told him he should get used to it but I have not pushed it any. Now may be the time to start him drinking it on a regular basses. I am sure he will develop a taste for it just as he did for sperm. He did not want to eat that in the begging either. Now he loves it! Any suggestions on how to start him out to become a regular drinker? SM


    1. Hi SM:
      Thanks for replying
      I know a few ways to help him consume your nectar. It can be done after you are filled with someone else’s semen or not.
      You lay on the edge of the bed with your vagina fully exposed, your knees bent with you gently pulling your lips apart and up a little. This will fully expose your urethra. Have your sub get on his knees in front of you. Your open womanhood should be about face level. Have him open his mouth and place his open mouth around your pee hole (urethra) and tell him to suck a little to pull you into his mouth. Now close you lips over his mouth and close your legs. Now you can pull his face in if you want or wrap your legs around his head.
      All you have to do now is let your pee go as fast or slow as you like. It will all go in his mouth and he will be forced to drink it.
      Give it a try, let me know how it works out. My husband sucks me and its sort of like a straw for him while I pee.

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