I wanted to tell a quick story about yesterday. It was Sunday and we were home, somehow I twisted my or strained my shoulder. I took Advil, 4 of them, it did not do much. My husband suggested I take a Norco pain pill, why not I thought and took one..

It helped a lot and not only with relieving the pain but it relaxed me too. So I was reclining on our couch and got this insatiable urge to cum. I have never taken them before but wow, they are magic.

I opened my legs and moved my panties out of the way and looked at him, he know’s this is the signal to come drink my piss, so he was over immediately with his mouth in position for his drink but I told him to move up to my clitoris and bring me to orgasm. I used his wonderful lips, mouth and tongue for many orgasms right there on the couch with my panties still on. I hadn’t even showered yet but he loves it when he can smell and taste me when I’m not fresh. I think even more then when I am..

All I can say is you need to get yourself a submissive male to serve you..

When I was thru with him and his tongue I had him draw a bath for me. He washed me and shaved my pits and legs then I just relaxed (fully) in the nice warm water for a while.

I took one more Norco after dinner and I reacted the same way as before but I took him to the bedroom for a repeat performance instead of the couch but before putting him to work I needed to drain my full bladder into his awaiting mouth. After another orgasmathon I had him make love to me for several more before he was allowed to release in me. When he pulled out I could feel his warm semen flow out. I pushed his face down and told him to slowly lick his mess up and suck my throbbing hole clean. It took a while for him to get most of it out but I wanted to feel his lips there in me.

Wow, I don’t know which one fixed my shoulder but I am totally pain free today.. He is at work so good thing..


My sub drinking my Piss
My husband taking a full drink from me, She wants me to help her be able to do this!

14 thoughts on “Was it his tongue or the Norco?

  1. Is there a prescription available for him? 😉

    Medication has such a wide variety of side effects, these pills sound incredible. Im glad you’re all healed up today.

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    1. Hi Barefoot:
      Thanks for reading my post. Yes he got the prescription for an oral procedure he had done but they gave him a whole bottle and he only used less than half. The stuff is Hydrocodone, I just looked it up.
      I am normally horny anyway but this made me go crazy with desire. I am lucky to have a submissive husband that can perform miracles on me as long as I want.

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    1. Hi Michael:
      Thanks for reading my post. I am fine it was just over exertion I think picking up my granddaughter. It wasn’t that big of a deal what I had him do to me because that happens often enough. It was just the insatiable hornyness I felt, this was way higher than normal, I think because I was so relaxed so I was not in such a hurry to cum.

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  2. Great story, thanks for sharing. And You don’t even have to worry about the dosage of this alternative medicine, lol.
    Seriously, I have no problem believing that the combo of profound relaxation brought about by the pills and orgasms can have such an effect. Sometimes even my Wife’s headache can be gone after Her orgasm, but She’s not always (quite understandably) in the mood for sex in such condition.
    BTW, I also prefer my Wife not to be freshly showered when I eat Her out, there is something magical in the natural womanly scent, for me it’s the single most arousing sexual stimulus.

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    1. Hi Tom:
      Thanks for reading my blog post..
      I think you men that like Dominant women do like us to smell a little stronger down there. My husband will get a hard on just by me having him smell my panties in the evening after wearing them all day. Most of us Women like to be very fresh and clean but like in this case he got his way and he got it for a long time.


      1. Agreed. My Wife would say the same as You. She wants to be clean and fresh all the time, but sometimes satisfies my craving for Her stronger fragrance and taste and I am grateful for that.


      1. Yes, she allows me to service her multiple times a day…when I go for my early morning walk, when I wake her up for the day, after my morning pee treat, after my afternoon pee treat, when she allows it, after her shower, and at night after her orgasm. I am a very lucky guy.


    1. Hi Herwish:
      You have been very busy posting about your beautiful wife, I enjoy how many of you submissive men there are here, at least in wordPress land.
      I hope you find the magic pill you are looking for. It was very fun playing with him. I really dont understand how he can stay so hard and interested for so long during long oral sessions like these. Then when he is allowed inside me that he can withhold his own orgasm for so long until I allow him to release.

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      1. It is amazing how Your hubby stays hard all the time. And can continue with a long penetrative session without exploding after such a long period of extreme arousal from servicing You orally and otherwise. I wish I could do that. There are exceptions but I usually oscillate between full erection and half-mast during long intensive sessions, I can no longer stay permanently hard even thou I don’t feel any drop in arousal. And after a session like this a premature ejaculation is practically guaranteed if I am allowed to enter my Wife’s pussy in the end (only after She has already orgasmed), much to my embarrassement :$


      2. thanks D.
        I have been finding it a bit easier to hold back my orgasms. This is something I had never done in my entire life until about a year ago. I have been disappointed in how many times I had accidental orgasms but now I am seeing some success in control.


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