I decided it is time for me to sort-of come out of the closet with some of my close friends. It’s been a while, at least 6 months since I had my girlfriend’s over for dinner and drinks. I have mentioned in past posts about some of the dinners and wishing some of them were Femdom like me.

I was thinking, what if I did what I did that tipped off Beth my Sister in front of them? I thought about it for several weeks off and on. I am worried about this small town gossip and my husband’s standing in business and things around here if it got out into the community.

After the last several months with my sister involved, I have sort of a growing addiction of showing other Women the power I possess over my man. It was OK for years just being his Dom and still is but now I want to show others my powerful position over him. It’s like you have been given a special power that is very rare, and as pride has it you want to show others or what’s the point? From the very beginning I wanted other Women to know that it’s real and available to them!

He took off early to be home to get everything ready for the girls yesterday. Its summer here and very warm so he barbecued some fillets. He also makes these whole garlic cloves and chives in butter sauce wrapped in tinfoil. These are very good, they become crunchy and very delicious.. and of course the rest of the dinner and dessert.

I had five friends over so He got five bottles of wine and two six packs of beer. Neither one of us drink much so it was mainly for my guests.

He served us our wine; we talked for at least an hour as I called him in when someone needed a refill. It was dinner time so the girls all went out poolside where we have a nice table and chairs to eat. LOL, as usual they were all making comments about him, about how sweet he is and where do they get a man like this, etc.

Anyway it was a good time and a great time to catch up with each other. We all went back inside for desert. I finally got up enough nerve to use him in front of them. A friend wanted another bottle of wine opened so he did so and brought it in to fill her glass.  After that I call him over and said get on your knees and remove my flip-flops. He immediately complied and as he removed the last one I demanded kiss my toes and put my toes in his mouth and he kissed them. Obviously he did this with no hesitation.. Then I told him to go ahead and serve us his desert.

The room went quiet for a minute, two more of them asked for a refill of their wine then they started talking again. A friend asked, is he your slave? and laughed. The others waited for an answer. I just said sort of and went on like everything was normal. Just like with when I exposed my sister to this same act it took a bit of time to digest it. We finished dessert and talked a little more about it and some of the benefits of my marriage now but just very surface things.

Some of these are women I went to grade school with a few are much younger and are all close friends.

I got several texts this morning about it. Three are very interested, one asked if I can make him go down on me with an order like last night when I told him to kiss my toes.. We have been having a long wake-up conversation, She sensed his submission to me and very loving disposition for years She said. She tells me She would love to make Her husband tongue Her to multiple orgasm’s or even one. That is very sad.


We will see where this goes. Maybe some of them can make their marriages better by taking control. I feel if he wants to cum, you can control him. You can own him. You can have anything you want.

suck my toes
Kiss my toes, do it good!
Cleaning my feet so he can put moisturizer cream on them, I own him




16 thoughts on “Friends Over, time to let a little of our secret out.

  1. Thank you very much for sharing, D.

    It is quite exhilarating to hang it out there, isn’t it? Most likely none of them wanted to ask a question that would embarrass themselves in front of the others, but I would probably expect at least one request to meet up for lunch or something along those lines in the near future 🙂

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  2. Hi Dorinda. Thank you for another exciting glimpse of your fulfilling FemDom relationship.
    I think it is absolutely great (and brave too, I agree…) what You did. I know that Your hubby would get a boner from doing anything with/to Your feet (as I do with my Wife’s feet, always), but doing it in front of the other Ladies must have sent his arousal sky high. Did it? How was it for him really? I am a sub, but I can totally understand Your thrill while showing off as a Dom, I am glad for You 😉

    My hottest fantasies are about my Wife dominating me in front of other Women. Earlier this year She actually kind of did it twice, quite innocently and nothing directly sexual, but I am sure it was noticed both times and my head was spinning with arousal and exitement for hours afterwards. The first time was not intentional and it was with Her tipsy girlfriends while I was driving them home late at night from a girls-only party. The second time was in front of a shop assistant while we were shopping for her shoes. Insanely hot for me, but my Wife felt a little embarrassed afterwards, even though She enjoyed the excitement of using a foot servant while trying on shoes.

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  3. Oh, and I feel sorry for Your friend, Dorinda; I honestly cannot understand the mindset of a guy who wouldn’t want to go down on his Woman to satisfy Her needs. And to do it as many times and as frequently as She desires. WTF?? Being submissive doesn’t even have anything to do with wanting to sexually pleasure your partner. How did She end up with a husband like this?

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  4. I don’t think my wife would take it that far and have me suck on her toes in front of friends, but she’s ok with showing a little dominance in front of people and lets people know that she gets what she wants from me. It’s symbolic, but she proudly wears a gold necklace with a gold key around her neck every day…she owns the key to my orgasms and teases and denies them.
    Next time your friends are over, I’m guessing you will take it a little further.

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  5. Well once again Angus is pushing at the bars of his cage. Being used in front of others is something I find tremendously exciting! I would have had a massive erection. (Just saying 😜)
    I also expect you’ll have some private talks with these ladies over the next few weeks. You’ve opened their eyes to a possibility they may not have even realized was there!

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    1. Oh yes, same here. Both events I mentioned above with my Wife showing her dominance over me in presence of other Women, no matter how innocent, caused strong persistant erections with me and after a while large wet precum stains on my pants. Thinking abot this NOW makes me hard.

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      1. Hi Tom:
        Thanks for reading my blog. Your reaction is the same as my husbands, this reaction you men have to this is what allows me to dominate him. I love to see him drip and be a bit frustrated. He is almost always running around here with at least a near full hard-on..
        Anyway, this was all about me. It was a big risk with this group. As of yet there have been no negative or adverse actions that I have seen in town yet.

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    2. Hi Michael:
      Thanks for reading my blog. I have not been very active the last few months but wanted to share this. I have been sharing with two of the girls. They are both very interested but I think more because of my husband, not that they will actually try the craft on their men.
      I feel good about it though. I feel like I have been in the closet and want others to know. I feel a little bad in that really that was my whole reason to have them over. To show off.
      On the other hand, the world as a whole is not ready for a wife led household and sex life.
      I actually have got a whole bunch of negative responses on this post. Many more than normal.

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      1. Some of the world is ready and some is not. It’s unfortunate that some feel they must criticize and antagonize others just because they do things different and aren’t afraid to let it be known. I’m sorry that you’ve had negative responses. But I understand how nice it is to be out of the closet if only to one or two close friends (and a sister). Hope to see you a little more active in the future!

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      2. Hi Dorinda. Too bad for the negative responses. Why do they even bother reading and replying if it’s not their cup of tea? I always say “live and let live”, as long as it is between two consenting adults and nobody is getting hurt.

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        1. Hi Tom:
          Right… It is odd to me but certain posts really bring it on, including a lot of hate email.
          I am guessing most dont like a woman in control of their husband and writing freely about it in the public domain. Maybe they dont want their wife to know about the life style?


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