Thank you for following me and replying to my posts.

Some of you wanted to know what happened the rest of the weekend regarding that post.

We have had some things going on so I have not logged on to the blog since then until today.

Well, that night when I posted the picture with my feet in his mouth my plan was to make him cum in his mouth and then use him for our desires but he was so hard, it was fun to see his semen dripping out of his little pee hole so we decided to just leave him without orgasm for the night, plus I actually told him no masturbation when he went to bed ether. I felt like just keeping him wanting sex but not getting it.

So we kept him that way thru the night. It went like this…

After playing with him for a while I had him drink a glass of her warm pee in the bedroom and then put on a pair of panties then we went out to the living room. He started dinner; he made up some meatballs with bacon and garlic, a vegetable medley and long grain rice. Beth brought over a few bottles of wine so I had him serve us before we sat down to eat. We talked for a while then dinner was served so we went in and ate.

After dinner Beth had him pour a large glass of wine (the third of the night) for her as we went into the living room, he had already cleaned up in the kitchen and had the nail polish, files, clippers, etc waiting for us. I had him start on me. Before now his penis was limp but immediately stood up and out of his dainty little panties when I ordered him to start on my toes. I am really enjoying him servicing me in front of her, for a Woman it is very empowering to show off your strength over your man to your sister or another woman.

Next was Beth’s turn, by now she was ready for the rest of the bottle of wine. I had only some of the first glass, I am not much of a drinker, but She is a different story..

She is funny and can’t get enough tormenting him it seems. She had him start by standing in front of Her and had him spread his legs widely apart. She then clenched Her fist and from between his legs swung up and smashed him in the balls. He did not really react much so She must not have hit hard enough, on Her third attempt he totally bent over in agony. Then She had him start on Her toes. You could see his penis throbbing in his panties. He trimmed Her nails, massaged Her feet and legs then took off Her polish. She told us She would be back in a minute, She went and filled up a bowl to the top with Her nectar and sat back down and had him drink it while applying Her purple polish on her toes.

I was Ok with everything because as I have said she cannot fuck him or use his tongue in or on Her. He is mine for those things. It was a fun weekend for both of us.

He was not allowed to cum that entire night.


Taste Me She said to him!

8 thoughts on “A followup from my last Blog Post

    1. Hi Michael.
      Thank you for reading and replying. I hope you and Queen are doing Awesome.
      I don’t get on much lately but am trying to share more about us. It seems its the same old thing. We are still very well and doing great.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m glad your keeping the more private parts of the relationship to yourself 🙂
    I was surprised at the ball busting. Was that something that was discussed or done earlier or did she do it our of the blue?


    1. Hi Herwish, Thank you for commenting on my post.
      I guess I never mentioned the ball busting before, I can not remember. I showed Her how to do it a while back.. He actually enjoys it to some extent.
      We do not go overboard with it and I don’t do it all the time, only whenI am in the mood. She is coming along as a Dom I think. She is ready for her own sub. But for now I enjoy two of us Women being serviced by him.

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      1. Sounds like you are really enjoying his service. Do you get more of a rush when he is serving more that you at your command?


  2. Staying aroused most of the time without any sexual release and servicing two Ladies must have felt like heaven to him. Very nice of you for not allowing him to cum at all, I would have preferred that myself. But I guess he is getting used to the privilage of getting dominated by two Women. How does he find drinking another Woman’s pee compared to Yours? Not so much the taste, there’s probably not much of a difference, but the act itself, does he do it to please You or does he enjoy it? Honestly I am not sure how it would make me feel, I certainly wouldn’t be able to do it voluntarily after an orgasm.

    Liked by 1 person

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