So, Beth my  Sister has wanted more submission from my husband. I have been blogging this progression to you all over the last year.

At first I just wanted to sort of show off and had him kiss my feet in front of her, it took Her a while to catch on and ask me about it. Now I have allowed Her the control over him for feet and leg massages, shaving Her legs, pedicures and making him kiss and suck her feet and toes for long periods of time when She comes over and the kids are gone.

She told me She has been talking to other Women at work about having a man available to service her personal needs. She said that generally most Women are not interested in having this kind of service performed on them and being in control of their male. She said there are three that think it would be great and one that she has told about her desire for my husband to consume her nectar and the interactions I have allowed her with him. I think it is only because I have him and She does not. I think She just wants to punish him.

She always brings it up and wants also to see him cum in his mouth again.. I really emotionally enjoyed the time he did it in front of both of us. Here I am forcing my husband to almost suck his own dick and swallow his own semen. He is completely under my control, not just a little but completely in front of another Woman.

He is still and as always serving my needs and the homes daily. It does sort of amaze me that he is still very easily aroused by my words, touches and orders. Who would think that making a man suck your toes would give him a raging hard-on? That pushing him to the edge of climax and him being ok with leaving him there until I want his load sometimes hours or days later..

I love this power and control I have over this great man. His ability to provide for me financially, emotionally, and orgasmally is unbelievable for me and our family.

Beth was over a while back, She comes out to visit every couple of weeks now to get Her toes done by him and enjoy his personal services. Almost always She also has him shave her legs too.

After dinner and a few glasses of wine we were relaxing and talking while watching a show on Netflix She had him start on Her feet first then he gave her a leg massage for a while with lotion. He had already shaved Her legs in the tub before he served us dinner. He always puts lotion on my legs after he shaves them so he did Her too. Then he went back to Her feet and removed the old polish from her toes and continued until he had completed Her pedicure. When She was satisfied She released him to serve us desert. This time he had made us bread pudding with freshly ground nutmeg and whip cream. It was delicious.

She wanted to see him eat his own cum again and I was in the mood for it too so we took him back to the bedroom and get himself ready.

I let her pee in a glass and had him drink it as I held the vibrator on his penis. She filled it up again as it is a small glass and had her set it down until he came. I really enjoy holding his penis feeling it swell and then the squirts in to his open mouth. He got to cum good; it had been a few days since his last orgasm when he was inside me.

Then I told Beth to give him the glass of her still warm nectar and drink it all without stopping. He did of course..

She has called me every day since then, She is due out again this weekend for Her toes, She said she made the piss drinking funnel and will bring it with Her.

I said OK.








4 thoughts on “Beth got Her Way, Sort of!

  1. Hi Dorinda, nice to read Your newest post. I think You’re being very generous to Your sis. She’s lucky and Your hubby is even luckier with two women providing him with what he desires. But do You let Your sister dominate him also without Your presence and supervision? His determination and absolute submission to You is incredible.

    I know what You mean… Anything about my Wife’s feet also causes erections with me. I have always been attracted to female feet to be honest. I also sometimes get instant hard ons just from being ordered to do something for Her personally, especially if She acts dominantly without deliberate intention. It doesn’t even have to be sexual. But I don’t stay hard for long like Your partner does unless there is some sexual conotation involved. Not being allowed to do someting sexual is another big turn-on for me that can keep me erect for a long time.

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