So Beth knows the rule on letting my husband do anything sexually to Her. She knows the limits so far have been mostly about feet worship, some foot and leg massages, and him doing Her toenails and applying polish on them.

We have been going back and forth that She would very much like to make him drink her pee like I do.

I said a few posts ago she really keyed in on this being something her sub will need to be able to do for Her.

She said knowing his mouth can not contact her pussy, maybe she could bring a funnel of make something with a plastic bottle and rubber hose so we could both pee in it for him to drink for us.

She will make a great Dom because She is relentless.

She thinks if the hose was a few feet long she could sit down and just move her panties out of the way and squirt in the bottle so he would not be able to see her pussy so that will make it OK. (LOL)

I have actually been thinking about it, It makes me wet just thinking about using him to service my Sister. I just don’t want Her to Know..

She will be over this weekend to get her toes done again by him. So we will see I guess

Here is a photo she texted me


21 thoughts on “Sister wants to have him drink Her pee

    1. Hi Cincy.
      I dont know, forcing him to drink me has been all my idea. He used to barely be able to do it. I think not only does it taste bad but he was worried about it until we talked to his doctor together about if was harmful. I do think this would be degrading for him. That idea is what turns me on


    1. Hi Munky, thank you for reading my blog.
      Yes the idea of him serving another under my orders and my control is very arousing.
      Yes it actually puts me on a much higher tier of Dominance. I mean, him doing a submissive act to another Woman because I demand it is off the hook in POWER!

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        1. Yes for sure, I do not trust my Sister with him. She would love to use him for her pleasure. I have told Her many times that a submissive male will give Her unlimited attention and stimulation to any where She pleases. Also that my husband can last until allowed to release.


    1. Hi bryan, thanks for replying.
      I only posted this latest text flurry from Her. All of the things except maybe pegging She will master I am fairly sure. Pegging is not for beginners in my opinion. There is a lot that goes into it, preparing him mentally, making sure he is safe and being sure he remains unharmed physically. In time, once She finds her man I am fairly sure she will use him this way too.
      We are making Her a Dominant Woman, I wish someone trained me. I had to learn the hard way in that I had no experience or knowledge of the topic when I started.

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  1. Hi Dorinda,
    I accidentally found your blog a few weeks ago while doing some research on female led relationships on the internet. I want to congratulate you for the kind of relationship you have built with your husband and for the open and sincere way that you share it with us. What I like the most is the fact that you have build your couple on a strong basis of love, respect and trust. There are so many misconceptions out there about what D/s really is, that I find it so much refreshing when I stumble once in a while on blogs like yours. Please continue to share your stories. You truly set an example for the rest of us!

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    1. Hi Nikos, Thank you for finding and reading my blog.
      It is interesting to me that most Femdom sites are just a front to sell horny men something or some service. Here on WordPress I follow several FemDom or FLR bloggers but only 4 or 5 are real day to day Femdom enthusiast’s like me. I enjoy them and have made friends with them. We have a common lifestyle and sexual connection..
      This was never my ambition, my ambition was to tell other Women about a little different life style that would enhance their life tremendously and strengthen their bond with their man or husband.
      However this did not take off as I expected, what did happen was a lot of men (submissive men apparently) have found it and like reading about our life. I admit I put very raw photos on most of my posts but I hope to show this is real life, my personnel pictures of him servicing me.
      I hope you gain some knowledge here and post feedback for us to learn and understand more about FemDom

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  2. Hi Dorinda,
    I fully agree with you about the content of the majority of Femdom related sites and blogs. All they do is to enhance a fully distorted image of what femdom really is about. And for me this distorted image is one of the reasons why only few women take interest to discover more about the lifestyle. The other reason I believe has to do with the stereotypes of our society regarding the image and role of a man and woman. I find it a real pity because going more deep than the surface of a femdom or FLR relationship one can discover something truly amazing. A kind of relationship that it is not easy to build and maintain but given the right amount of effort and dedication it can become tremendously satisfying and rewarding. Which woman wouldn’t love to have a man fully committed and dedicated to her and her needs, eager to serve and please her, crashing his ego to elevate and cherish her? And which man wouldn’t love to have woman taking full care of him, surrounding and protecting him, providing to him this safe space where he can release and express his most intimate inner needs and desires?
    I will keep following your blog with much interest and I also wish we will find more opportunities to discuss and share our views and opinions.

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  3. I would allow him to consume your sister’s urine. You have mentioned how he initially disliked drinking from you and how far oh have brought him. Now is the time to reinforce your dominance and make him realize that he has to serve and acknowledge any person you designate as his superior. I suggest you make him drink your sister’s urine but without allowing him to view her pussy as it is not being done for his pleasure. How about having him face back while your sister pees in a jug or glass while you do the same. He hears but can’t see. Later make him drink in slow sips both the glasses of nectar and ask him to identify which is yours. If by now he has not learnt to identify your smell and taste he deserves severe punishment. Love. Asha


    1. Hi Asha, thanks for reading my blog…
      I like your idea. Beth and I have talked about making a device with a plastic bottle and long rubber hose so we could pee separately in it for him. This way he would not see her pussy. This way we could have him do a taste test.

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      1. Love that idea ! Been a great weekend ! Don’t have to go into the office tomorrow. Holiday and all. Have had sooooo many orgasms this weekend courtesy of my sissy wife Stephie’s tongue, fingers, my toys , my strap on with fav toy and made her consume a lot of my nectar , loving it! So empowering 😊

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  4. Lady Dorinda what a wonderfull blog you have here. I’m dominant male but at the same time I want to read authentic and most of all honest femdom writers, in search for ideas and inspiration.
    I think that under your guide your sister will become real Domina for sure. I hope that very soon I could read a story about the two dominant sisters and their two slaves.
    In the meantime give the boy that piss.


  5. Just a suggestion from a submissive man. Make this a longer process, ma’am. Sometime, when you and your sister are together, just spend some time chatting and drinking. When each of has to go, enter the rest room, without hubby, and pee in a glass, give it to hubby, and tell him to taste it…”this is mine, this is sister’s.” He can taste both samples and, hopefully, get a sense of whose is whose. Of course, he should drink both glasses fully. Then, in a week or two, that’s when you give him the taste test. Correctly identify the urine, he gets a reward, but if he fails, he’s punished.

    Maybe TMI, but years ago, my late wife would monitor her diet and urine, so when it came out about the color a white wine, she’d save it and serve it to me with dinner. It was especially humiliating when guests were over. They’d all get the real wine, of course, and only she and I knew I was drinking her piss like a good submissive. It was chilled, just like the wine, and as people were commenting on the wine, I’d be required to repeat the phrases they were using, knowing the whole time that if I screwed up, I’d be severely punished later.

    Those are my thoughts, ma’am.

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