Do you do it is the first question?

How or what is your favorite method?

What if any tools or accessories do you use?

To help you out here I still do and always have masturbated in some form or another.

When I was a young Girl I found my clitoris and noticed how good it felt to rub it. I was probably around 10 or 12 I think. I started using our electric toothbrush on it and was having several orgasms a week even then. I mentioned in many posts I have vibrator clit and I suppose it goes way back then.

A few years later I started with a carrot in my vagina and graduated to cucumbers in a short time.

This was way before you could buy a dildo, even if they were available I had no place to safely store it when not in use. Remember I am only around 15 at this time. Way before any experience with a boy..

Fast forward to today, I use my mona 2 most of the time, I make my husband use his tongue in both holes while I orgasm. You may say that is not masturbation but it really is, I am using his tongue like I did as a Girl with a cucumber.

My husband uses his hand mostly, and he cums into a sock for some reason. Sometimes he takes a nylon and ties a vibrator bullet to the underside of his penis right behind the head and will cum that way.

I don’t mind him doing these things, because normally I keep him drained. My only disagreement was that if he cums in a sock so he was not swallowing his load. I had him buy a box of condom’s like I did when I first trained him to swallow all of his cum and now he has to discharge in the condom and then drink its content with me present.


Me Masturbating with my Mona 2

9 thoughts on “Questions about Masturbation?

  1. Hi Dorinda et al. My first comment here.
    I am not allowed to masturbate on my own any more since about 3 years ago. My Wife is very strict about this, I rarely masturbate to orgasm and only in her presence or if I am given special permission. Before that I had been a serial masturbator my whole life. I discovered the joys of it when I was about 5.


    1. Hi Tom: Thank you for taking a risk and making a comment on my blog. My blog is a place for everyone..
      Agreed, masturbation is a very nice thing. Thank you for sharing your experience.
      Is your Wife your FemDom or just a strict wife. I agree you should let her dictate your orgasm schedule and control it since I am A FemDom wife and one of the main things we do is control our subs sex.
      I also control my husbands releases. Although I am nowhere as strict as some of my followers Wifes or Queens dictate.

      Does She make you consume your semen when you discharge?
      If in a FemDom relationship how long has it been going on for? I would love to hear about it. If interested you can email me. I help many people that contact me.


      1. Hi Dorinda,
        I am not quite sure how to categorize our relationship, especially since my Wife is in many ways very vanilla yet Femdom in other ways. Reluctant Femdom maybe? I will let you decide.
        She is very strict in enforcing the NO masturbation rule at all times. In her view a man in a steady relationship with almost unlimited access to sex (when he deserves it) has no business masturbating (She also never masturbates – it is my job to satisfy her). My penis and balls are her toys to use and play with, not mine (her words). Only masturbation in her presence is fine (when she allows or demands it). She tollerated my unsupervised wanking until about three years ago. Since then – no more. She made me drop it almost overnight (very Femdom, right?). It was very hard (no pun intended) and as a previous life-long masturbator I am not completely »cured« (I have my weak moments), but it really improved our sex life. And it set us on a course to a bit less vanilla sex life.

        I have a very strong libido and She now dominates me in sex and in all activities with sexual conotation (such as servicing her feet, handwashing her bras and panties, shaving etc.). She controlls when, how or where I can cum and decides when and how I service her sexually. She uses tease and denial a lot. We still make love with no control, but less frequently. I give innitiatives for sex, but she can refuse it anytime. I am not allowed to refuse sex. The power over me turns Her on, but She is not comfortable with some activities common in Femdom (as far as I know) and She has no interest in exploring the concept further on Her own. The initiative for new stuff is always mine. For example, I introduced Her to vibrators and dildos. She wouldn’t touch them at first, but now She loves them. But it is always me using them on Her, She doesn’t masturbate.
        Outside sex our relationship is not a FLR, even though in some areas I have always been more or less submissive without realizing it. She leads in some areas, I lead in others. I enjoy pampering and spoiling her in different ways, not just in sex. And I sometimes get erections and precum flowing when she acts dominantly in non-sexual matters. But I think a full FLR is not for us.

        On consuming my semen: Sometimes but not often I am fed my semen from Her fingers, toes, ass etc. This is another thing she is not enthusiastic about. However, I learned to eat my cum early in our relationship many years ago. When I ejaculated prematurely I used to encourage Her to sit on my face and I would try to lick Her to orgasm and eat everything in the process. At my initiative, not Hers. Because even back then I didn’t want my poor performance to rob my Woman of Her well deserved orgasm. I get turned on by the idea of being forced to eat my ejaculate, but immediately after the orgasm all my enthusiasm is temporarily gone, suddenly the taste, the smell and the act itself repulse me. I cannot make myself do it, with one exception; I gladly eat it from my Wife’s pussy, because it is mixed with her delicious juices. The smell and taste of Her vagina turn me on even without erection.

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        1. Hi Tom, thaks for you reply.
          If you go back a ways on my blog I posted about how I trained him to enjoy his own spunk. You, he, all men loose there interest after they release so you need to actually be sort of reprogrammed. My post enplanes how I did him. It worked so well that he wouldn’t ever consider not cleaning up..

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          1. Thank you Dorinda. I am going slowly through all your blog posts and comments and I know what you mean. But I can hardly train myself. Luckily licking my cum from my Wife’s pussy is fine.

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  2. My wife uses a Hitachi magic wand. She also has vibrator clit and can really only cum when using it. Sometimes she will use it while I am licking her holes (both) and often she will squirt and I drink it all up.
    Sometimes she will use the vibrator while I am lying next to her after I have (rarely) cum or perhaps strung up in bondage a hotel room closet listening to her pleasure while I gladly suffer.
    I rarely masturbate and only cum when she gives me permission or makes me cum (without permission).


  3. Hi Dorinda: The professional Domme who is working on me, and training allows me to masturbate rarely, and only in her presence. I’m permitted to only use my non-dominant (left) hand, and must ejaculate into a condom. I’m then to swallow this while she watches before the CB 6000 cage is put back on by myself, and of course she again retains the key.

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