I have been seeing my Sister a lot lately at Moms place while helping Her. We have been talking about Femdom and how She is doing with it. She continues to ask me for help since my husband is always available to me for any demands or requests.

I am warming up to it but don’t think I will ever allow her to sexually use him. I have had commenters say it would be OK to at least allow Her to practice with his tongue on Her privates. Maybe someday but not right now, so we agreed that She could witness me making him cum in his own mouth like I do from time to time.

I do this to him because I know he enjoys me controlling his sex and his releases. I told him in the beginning that all semen from his body he will consume one way or another by himself.

This way he gets the most because it goes straight into his mouth from his penis.

She was over the other day, he came home from work and made a wonderful dinner for us and our children. He cleaned up the kitchen and served her and I dessert then he sat down in the living room with us. I told him he was going to serve me tonight by cumming in his mouth and Sis was going to observe and see how it worked.

He was a little embarrassed we could see. He knows She is aware of and knows all about our Femdom relationship and since She used his mouth on her feet a month ago or so but this was much different for him. His cover as a man would be blown, demonstrating to her his submission to me and cum in his mouth, swallowing it all..

I had him go into our bedroom and get ready. This time I had him set up to lay on the floor with an angled pillow we have to lay his upper body and head on for a better angle to receive his semen when I am ready for him to release..

My sister and I joined him; he was waiting on the bed with his little vibrator and only his underwear on. I had Sis sit on a chair near the pillow so She could see it close up.

I ordered him to remove his underwear and give me the vibrator then go and remove my Sister’s shoes and socks while kneeling in front of Her fully Naked and exposed. He did as ordered. OMG, She was in heaven with a man on his knees fully nude removing her shoes and socks for Her.

I wanted to test both of them so I told him to open his legs wide while sitting up so to fully expose his hanging ball sack for her, then I asked her to use the top of her foot and slap kick him hard in his exposed balls. His cock was fully at attention now; her first attempt did not do much to him. I told her much harder and try to push them up hard so he fills some pain. Her next attempt did the trick, She was right on target with enough leg strength to bend him over. I had him lay down with his face by her feet and I kneeled down and started the vibrator on his spot while holding his penis in one hand and the vibrator in the other. I asked my Sister to join in and make him kiss and suck Her feet and toes. She lifted her feet and joined in.

After a while I could tell he was close so I had him change his position to having his legs up on the bed and his back against the side of the bed. This put his penis around 2 feet above his mouth. We both started back in on our mission, her feet in his face and mouth and me working on his penis. I told him to let us know when he was getting close. He did so at this point I had my Sister move Her chair back and had him roll his legs up off the bed and over his head so his penis was right above his mouth. I turned up the vibrator and aimed his hard penis right at his mouth. I told him he better have it wide open when he releases his load. I could tell he was ready because I felt him swell up and his moth went to full open. He squirted one spurt after another in his wide open mouth. I know how to aim him perfectly now ( this did take some time to learn ) When he was done I had my Sister look in and see how much was in there before I ordered him to swallow it.

After it was over we just sat there while we talked about what just happened and why. She was very thankful to be part of it. She is staring to understand you need to do things that don’t necessarily get you horny but to prove and remind him you are the Dom and him the sub.


My real picture of him, under foot of a Dom Woman!

21 thoughts on “Sister helps make him Cum in his mouth

    1. Hi Bryan, Thank you so much for reading about my life via this blog.
      So I have been thinking the last few days more so then usual about why Femdom at all?
      He did not request this activity; I forced him to do it, not for me but for him. He so loves very much serving me I try to think of ways to keep him interested in it therefore then me..
      My sister is always asking what I can do to help Her too so it totally worked out. He was so excited after she kicked him in the balls, he likes to hurt a little sometimes; I could feel it in how hard and swollen his penis was and the length of the spurts of semen.
      Her and I talked openly in front of him for around half an hour with him down at our feet talking turns with which one he sucked on.. We are planning more things for her to be involved in that are non-directly sexual on Her part.

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      1. Wow, 4 feet to worship…

        What would be other non-directly sexual on her part aside from feet worship? any act that does not involve her pussy or his penis? would her pegging him qualify? what about him worshiping her rear hole?

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          1. Regardless of what you decide to allow him to do, there is something very hot, for both the Dom and the sub, about loaning him out for use to another woman. Its another form of the ultimate ownership/submission

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    1. Hi cincy: thanks for replying.
      He is in very good shape and condition for a 60 year old. Actually much better then most of his people that are half his age. I am trying to get him more limber so I can make him suck his own cock off for me. He is only about 5 inches long so all he can do right how is touch it with the very tip of his tongue.. I have him doing yoga now in hopes of him being able to do this for me..

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      1. Yoga is good but there is a limitation on how much one can curve the spine since inter-disc flexibility can only go so far before herniation occurs. So practice safe sex 🙂

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    1. Thank You subhub for reading my blog.
      Yes, we are very fortunate to be at this place in our lives and relationship, 25 year marriage. It is a delicate blend of Femdom to have him doing things for Her. If he were not my lover and husband, it would be full on to help my Sister. I do not want it to be at his expense though. I am going slow, very slow. I must admit I was very wet after, I got excited doing this to him so I need to evaluate my motives a bit.

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  1. D, have you thought about recruiting a sub other than your husband and you direct his interactions with your sister? that way you dont have to worry about “risking” your hubby, you get to show your sis what to do, and your sis doesnt have to worry about finding a sub on her own since she is new to the scene… just a thought.

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  2. That is very hot. I was just ordered last week to cum in my mouth. This was after two weeks with no orgasms. It was a lot. My wife really enjoyed doing it to me. She has told me I would not be cumming for another two weeks at which point I will fuck her hard from behind, cum in her, and then clean her up.


    1. Thank you Herwish for your reply..
      There is something about having our men cleanup their mess that is very powerful mentally. This is something a vanilla Woman will never know or feel. Then again most men will not even consider doing the cleanup ether. There is something to be said about a man willing to clean-up for his Wife.. A trust and mental state change towards her leadership and control..

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      1. Thanks D,
        The realization that I wanted to submit to her was a revelation that heightened both of our desires for each other. I’m glad I became aware of it but I also wish I could have discovered it sooner.

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        1. Hi herwish.. Thanks for the comment..
          I am with you and I think my husband is too.
          He seems so less stressed just doing what I want him to do. He has become a much better husband as far as a close relationship to me goes. I also have become much more horny as a result.
          I sometimes feel rich, why?, all the stars and wealthy people have all kinds of personal helpers etc. I have him, he does everything they have to pay for..

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    1. Oh, I did want to add that it might be good to find a way to subdue him without violence, rope maybe? Getting a good winding smack in the balls and then directed around by the legs does sound really nice though, I mean … it must make it easier to not fight back, I’m sure

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    2. Hi Sam:
      Welcome to my Blog and thank you for reading it.
      I’m not exactly so sure he is real happy with what I make him do. But after many years of this treatment he still instantly gets a hard on and can swallow big loads of semen. This was not on his radar in the beginning, I had to train him over several weeks to accept his own loads, now its any time he cums he swallows it, ether this way or from out my pussy.


  3. Thanks for allowing my comments, it’s good to be involved. I’m reading the blog because I’d like for this to be a part of my sex life too. I’m not sure if reading up on this is any more likely to make that happen but I’m enjoying all the stories and photos I’m finding along the way. I’m sure there must be times when he really doesn’t enjoy aspects of it, maybe by reading this I can at least avoid some pitfalls


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