I was wondering about how many of you keep your Dom trimmed and shaved?

Or if you are the Dom do you make your sub do it for you.

I do, he does it every week or two for me. I have posed about it before including that he also does my legs too. I figure if he is mine to use I want to keep him busy with personal things to do as well as general household or cleaning tasks.

Tonight is his night for my personal service, sometimes it involves lotion and foot care too.

Please let me know what you do, Thanks.


22 thoughts on “Do you keep your Dom Shaved

  1. In my last relationship I was in charge of shaving her, washing her body and hair, and using skin conditioner and lotion on her. Back then we would shower together every day, so this was pretty regular.

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  2. My sweet, sexy and sensual sister!

    Oh dear, first off, your body is utterly amazing and I am in awe of how gorgeous you are. Second, I have missed being on here and reading your posts (OMG! You allowed your sister to enjoy the attention of your beautiful husband!!!!! I got a little bit “excited” reading THAT!).

    To answer your question, Paul was the one who began shaving me years ago, but in the last few years, I took this on (I am quicker and less worried about getting nicked). I did enjoy the feeling and the attention of having my husband’s attention, care and how he was so delicate with his touch. But I prefer to have the attention his hands and tongue (and cock) on me rather than the razor so I do this myself. I also like to do this FOR him and to see his smile when he goes down to my freshly shaved vulva.

    On a related, yet different subject, Paul wants me to shave his manhood and this scares me to death. I would be so upset if I cut him anywhere and caused him pain or took him out of action. So, for now, Paul shaves his equipment (I LOVE his balls and shaft to be completely free of hair!) and I shave mine. It is a loving offering that we do for each other.


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    1. Hi Mel: How awesome of you to reply and that you are slowly getting better…
      He has never nicked me and I just love his slow hand, it is so very relaxing and loving. I have not done my self in many years now but what ever works for each of us is where its at.
      He also does him self, I like his balls and cock smooth an hair free. Every so often I want to have him in my mouth and want it that way.
      I guess its part of his commitment to me and his submissive duties.


  3. Funny you should ask as my partner acquired a “Lady Shick” recently. We still shave those “hard to reach areas” for each other and have been doing it for years. I recommend some Aloe vera gel as a better “after shave”. Men’s after-shave is way too stingy for my nether parts.

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  4. Fractionated Coconut oil. An excellent shave and edible to boot. Fragrance free and hypoallergenic.
    Mixes well with other natural scents as well. 16 0z for 12.99 at Whole Foods. With a pump applicator included.
    And, since it makes such an excellent lube….well, there ya are….”Bob’s your Uncle”!…as they say over there.

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  5. I shave Master every couple of weeks, I find it a real intimate moment between us. Let’s face it he’s trusting me with a razor and his cock, together at the same time, he shaves me when he’s available, usually I try myself, but I struggle to shave around my piercings. Xx


  6. We have shaved each other in the past, but in general it is just easier to do our own. My wife has a very full bush, but occasionally trims it back so I can get easier access with my tongue. Sometimes she shaves the labia too, but has only done a completely bare shave a few times.
    I do love to shave her, but she prefers to do her own legs.
    I keep my cock and balls shaved at all times and she gives me permission to shave my legs during the winter. Personally, I love to be completely hairless, which is easier since I have no chest hair other than a few around the nipples, which my wife plucked this winter.

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  7. Just an addition to the above. I do apply lotion to my wife’s legs when she wants it. I would do it everyday, but she is just not into being pampered.

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  8. Like Dave, we shave each other’s hard to see areas… but now I am in the middle of laser hair removal. This is going well and I can see the results.

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    1. Hi Herwish: I have been reading your blog about the hair removal process you are going through.. OUCH.
      I love your submissive position for your Queen, how you take care of Her demands, and especially how you clean up your semen mess when she allows you to squirt.
      Your description of your sub life is interesting to read. As you know his (my Husband) sub life is different but none the less you are both submissive men to your Women.

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      1. Thanks D.
        We usually repeat lines of her dominance while she is working me up and teasing me. Yesterday she told me how I would be cuming in my mouth the next time I get to. I replied yes, you will be making me eat my cum all year. (which was our discussed plan Jan 1st) to which she said – I dont see why we should stop there. I think you will be eating you cum and cleaning us up forever since you will be trained at that point. – That was so hot to hear.


  9. We each shave ourselves. I did shave her once or twice but the consensus was it was better and much quicker if she did it herself. She does trim my “bush” though. As she likes to see some hair above the penis, but not a lot, she deals with it.

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    1. Hi Michael: Thanks for the comment..
      I just love the pampering so I have him do it. I also have him keep hair on me, just clean up around my slit and back hole so When I twist on a chair it does not pull. He also like you has hair above his but does keep his cock and balls cleanly shaven for me..

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  10. My Wife does Her legs and armpits Herself. Every so often I offer to do it for Her, I would love it to become my regular task, but She only let me shave Her pits a few times. I do shave Her privates more often, but far from regularly. I used to prefer the bald look down there, not anymore. She has a very dense bush, I just trim it a bit and carefully shave Her labia and sometimes around Her anus, according to Her preference (always followed by oral service). I love to burry my face in her full bush, the fragrance retained by Her pubes is intoxicating. Different and not quite as strong as pussy smell, but powerful enough to drive me crazy with lust quickly, especially if it’s been a while since She showered and when I know that is all I will be getting (no pussy for me – as a play or punishment).
    I shave my penis, balls, sometimes perineum and around my anus, every two weeks. I would like to keep my entire crotch area completely shaved, but my Wife doesn’t like the looks so I do as She says.


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