My sister has been trying to become a Dom like me; I have talked about it here in several posts. She has not found a suitable male/sub yet but She will someday.

She has asked me several times if I could teach Her some things and I have. I have talked to Her many times at length about what I do to him and what I get out of it.

She found it hard to believe at first, She like me, like in the beginning, had no idea about it or that men would be interested in being fully submissive to a Woman.

She asked again if She could borrow him for some training, training for Her to see what it would be like to have a man do things to Her and not have to reciprocate at all to him.

I thought about it and talked to my husband about it, he had no problem at all doing something or really anything I demanded him to do. I asked him if he was willing to service her feet, to let her make him kiss and lick them and suck on her toes like I make him do, He said he would if I desired it.

I called Her and let Her know I was willing to let Her try a very small sample, to let Her see if She likes it, so She drove over from the coast last weekend. It was a day everyone was gone and I wasn’t doing any babysitting.

We were in the living room and I let her take control of him. I told Her he would have on Woman’s panties under his shorts, so if She wanted he could remove them while he services Her so She could see them and if he got aroused She could see that too. I also told Her he could shave Her legs, massage her legs and feet, paint Her toenails, and use his lips and tongue on Her feet for as long as She wanted. This was now Her choice, anything in that defined item list but that was it.

She smiled and told him to come over and kneel down in front of Her. She told him to remove Her shoes and socks so he did. She stood up and had him unbutton her pants and remove them. She had on a pair of panties so it wasn’t a problem, then She sat back down and told him to remove his shorts so She could See a man in panties. She had him begin with a full leg and foot massage, then we started talking like we always do, after a few minutes She was closing her eyes relaxing while he worked his magic on Her with his strong hands and arms on Her legs and feet.

Then just like a champ while he moved down to rub Her feet She lifted the other and pushed it in his mouth. She ordered him to suck her toes, to lick every inch of her sexy feet, which he did. We both noticed his penis was rock hard in his panties and had a good laugh over it. Laughed because She does not have to worry about it as a Dom

Before She was thru she also had him remove Her old nail polish and apply new to each of Her toes.

She did real well, the only thing She said was She was super horny afterward and wanted to use his tongue in Her womanhood. That was out of the question.

He made dinner while we talked about the experience; he was still only in his panties this whole time. He served us wine and our dinner out on the couches while we enjoyed the evening talking about him and other things.

She has called every day since then just to talk, my husband is doing well, he said he was very horny servicing Her for me. The night he serviced Her, when we went to bed I used his vibrator on him and made him cum directly into his mouth for his reward. He was very full of semen; he pumped out several nice long squirts for himself. He is a very good husband.


Sisters Feet
We talked while She had him kiss Her feet
Him in pink
He loves to wear his panties, sometimes I let him. An older picture of him with same panties that day




18 thoughts on “He Serviced my Sisters Feet

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for reading my post.
      well She has been talking about it for a few months and I finally agreed. Even know I know he wants me I was a bit worried that maybe he would want Her or think of me differently. This is why I waited so long. No I was not aroused because of what I just said. Now She is very close to me, She calls and texts daily, it really effected Her. My husband seems normal and I am OK about it too.

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    1. H Dixie, thank you for reading my post.
      I have wanted to have him service me in front of others but never really thought about me watching him do someone else. I was OK with it, he followed her orders perfectly. She really wanted him to go down on Her I could tell. That is only for me. I actually did think I would love to make him do that just not on Her because She wanted him years ago.. I want him for my own..

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      1. Perhaps next time (if there is a next time) you could have him service you in front of her.

        I completely understand having those boundaries. He is yours, not hers, it would not be good if she forgot that.

        I have given some thought as to whether I would share my subs tongue, and I am not sure. I guess it would depend on who it was and the situation. I’d be more likely to let someone else use his bottom…. yep, that would definitely be doable.

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        1. Wow Dixie you just gave me a wonderful thought. I am only thinking out loud but for her to use my strapon in him while his face is buried between my legs. I can see it in my mind and I like it. She will need to learn to tame Her man with one if She will be successful in Domination. I have not fucked him in awhile but right now I am feeling the urgency.. I think some of my enjoyment comes from making him put it on me and forcing him to suck and deep throat it before he applies the lube on it just before penetration. I just so love how his eyes open so big when I first enter and stretch him open, It is the Dom in me.

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          1. Yes!!! That is the exact thought I had when I wrote the comment. I have also had the fantasy of sitting back and watching. Have him face me so I can see his face while she uses him, and use my vibrator. Both ways turn me on… a lot.

            I had not thought about having him put the strapon on me. That is a wonderful idea!

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            1. I also like the idea of using my vibrator while watching him get used, i have the old school harness and dildo that attaches to the front on like a big peg. I feel it helps him wonder what I’m going to do to him and it is empowering for my mental state to demand he sets up and makes me ready violate him. And he is on his knees while doing it so when it is all in place I can pull his hair and face over to suck me. This big strong man on his knees in front of me while I push my 8 or 10 inch all the way down his throat. That is half of the intoxication is having him swallow all of it. Like all of his training this took time for him to learn to relax his throat and take it all. Each time I do it I am so wet I feel it run out down my leg a little. I think you will do good at training your man to do the same

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  1. I’m glad you set firm limits and were there the whole time. It would be easy (in the moment) to get carried away. As I read you going down this path I jump ahead and worry it will happen too fast. (Guess I’m old fashioned) Once some things are done it’s hard going back. It sounds like you are thinking this through well before proceeding.
    Maybe that small sample will help her get busy finding her own sub 🙂 — Seems like you could control her as well – in the sense that you have something she wants – you could set goals for her and when they are achieved she gets a session with your husband… just a thought.

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    1. Hi Herwish: Thanks for replying.
      I know what you mean, I hope it was the right thing to do for Her and to him. He is my sub and will do anything I ask. This is a lot of power and I need to be and am very careful with it, seriously.
      I dont mind him submitting to her feet but dont think I will ever let Her take him sexually, I have to draw the line somewhere lol.

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      1. Glad to hear your take on it. I think you are right. Sharing may be hot as a fantasy but reality has a lot of baggage.
        Plus, you can use her desire for more to push her in the right direction of finding her own submissive partner.

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  2. How delightfully arousing for him to be exposed to his sister in law while wearing pretty panties, then to have his arousal be very apparent for all to see! What a great way to spread the good word about the benefits of loving female dominance and male submission.
    I am sure that serving another woman in this way is a major fantasy of many submissive men.

    While I enjoy wearing panties everyday, my wife has little interest and does not “let” me do so. My own fantasy would be that she “made” me wear them, but I will have to suffice with being self pantied.

    I love the way you rewarded him for his service too!

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    1. Hi Mr Bill: Thanks for commenting.
      Its funny but I dont get anything from him wearing panties ether. In this case I wanted to make him feel like he is my sub and hoped it would make him feel less then a man.
      When she started making him kiss her feet and while he did her toenails he was hard as any man gets, I did enjoy seeing that..


  3. Dear Dorinda, you are very generous in allowing your sister a teaser of what she can expect if she finds the right partner. If I were you, I may allow her to experience fucking hubby with a strap on but no more. I would not allow my hubby to tongue her to pleasure. You may consider allowing her to watch him worship your ass and drink your nectar as to possibilities she can look forward to.
    The ass fucking for hubby is for him to know that you own him and total obedience is his only duty.
    In my own case, my hubby has serviced HIS younger sister. She is my close friend and while growing up he used to sometimes bully her. I allow her to experience a role reversal by making him serve her. To reinforce his new status as her sub, I do allow her to pee in his mouth and enjoy his tongue deep in her ass. I know that she will never betray our relationship to others and still loves her Subbie brother. I do encourage her to find her own partner who she can train, she has promised to return my favour.


    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for your feedback on this topic.
      It took me a while to let Her play with him, I very much enjoyed her leadership to him, She did very good. I was a little taken back that he got a hard-on while She had him lick, kiss, and suck her feet and toes.
      I have and am considering letting her use my strap-on on him while I use my vibrator while he gets fucked and watches me cum. But at this time I still need to think this thru. I have discussed it with my Sister and She wants very much to participate, She has never fucked anyone before. She understands that She needs to learn to control her man with a strap-on as a Dom.


    2. Hi Sara, love how you incorporate ass worship into the relationship. Love how she will return the favor when she finds her own sub. Just curious, which do you like better, the psychological turn-on of having your ass worshiped or the physical sensation of feeling the tongue up your ass?


  4. Hi D, you and your hubby live such an exciting life!!!! he is such a lucky guy to be used by you to teach your sis about femdom. Its the ultimate form of objectification of the sub as a property.


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