I have been extremely horny lately.

The last week or so I have put his tongue to use on me for very long periods of time. I am trying to relax enough to have orgasms with just the very tip of his tongue flicking just the tip of my clitoris. I have been able to get there twice so far this week. It takes him working on me for at least 40 minutes to get off.  I have vibrator clit so normally after I use his tongue for a while I switch it up and have him make love to me with it while I use the vibrator on myself.  I can and do orgasm many times, very quickly, this way.

Just for the heck of it I am having him work on me this way so he feels he is servicing me, he has been very busy for me so I am rewarding him by letting him have his face where he can smell my womanhood for a long time.

It is so sexy to look down between my legs and see his blue eyes and handsome tan face looking back up at me.


his tongue in me
When I cant stand waiting I use my vibrator with his tongue in and out of me

5 thoughts on “Keeping his tongue busy lately

  1. D,
    If i’m reading this right, It take you about 40 minutes with his tongue on you before you cum? If so, does it ever get boring or sore from overuse?

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    1. Hi Herwish.
      Yes it does kind of, I generally loose patients and have to use my vibrator. I have been using his tongue very slowly with little flicks then faster etc but very very lightly to prolong my pleasure. Its not his oral ability he can bring me to orgasm with hard pressure and fingers inside somewhat quickly, I have trained him to be an expert. With my vibrator on my clit and his tongue deeply inside is the best for me..
      So boredom no but on my part impatience yes. I am multi-orgasmic and I like to get them started..
      I hope this makes sense.

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  2. Yes, Thanks.
    My wife has a lower level of stimulation. sometimes, after a few minutes of me caressing her (tongue or fingers) she calls it off saying it isn’t doing anything for her. Other times she has that feeling but I continue anyway and 10 minutes later she cums hard. I have found it is always best to start light and build very slowly.


  3. One of the best places for a subs tongue is your pussy or ass imo! Hi I’m Karen. My sissy wife Stephie told me of your blog. We do things a little different with our subs but it’s all good. I’m multi orgasmic also, after a few it can take a bit but Stephie has been trained well with my toys, her fingers, tongue. Always very eager to please. I keep that little clitty of hers in chastiy😊 I like to look down and see her working her tongue, maybe a bullet also working on my clit too, I love seeing her long wig, pretty nails nicely painted feel her smoothness, the power I feel having trained married my sissy Sub is arousing in its self😊


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